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kittybug 12-31-20 08:38 PM

Watulan Fierce Deities of 2021! All are welcome!!
This is a spin-off of the Cathe Chronological Rotation thread from here, just for history: But alas, we decided it's time for us to start a new thread to check in with, and we Watulans like new friends! All are welcome here for sharing support and motivation. Oh, and enabling. :love:

So how fierce will you be in 2021? Let's do this! :heart:

ChelePA 01-01-21 09:00 AM

Happy New Year!!! We stayed pretty quiet this year too. My daughter made an ice cream cake and we had some homemade nachos while watching Dick Clarkís Rockin NYE. We did do a drive-by birthday celebration at midnight for my nephew who turned 16. Horns, pots and pans and all. Iím sure the neighbors loved us :)

I just have to say for those who have husbands that can buy them clothes, Lucky you! Itís become a running little side joke between my daughter and I of what my husband will pick out for me every year. My husband and I have been together 23 years, but he definitely does not buy to my taste. My daughter will usually try to steer him in the right direction. Every once in a while sheíll whisper that I didnít have anything to do with this. Ha ha. I feel terrible but itís stuff I will never wear. Usually I tell him it doesnít fit right. Itís pretty funny because I seriously dress so basic. Tees, sweatshirts, leggings, jeans, etc. and mostly from Target or Walmart. Occasionally Kohlís or Amazon. Itís the thought that counts.:heart:

As for workouts, the end of the year was pretty light. I had several doctors appointments. Not to get into too many details but I was having some symptoms that were concerning. Thankfully my colonoscopy came back negative. I also caught up on my other yearly appointments with my gyn and thyroid doctors. Fun stuff, but glad itís done.

I did finish the year with Yvette Bachmanís Holiday Hiit Workout. This time I mixed things up and did it on my mini trampoline.

I may join others with Viper if thatís the Fun Friday workout. It would be a good start to the new year. I can do a longer workout today since my family is off to entertain Winston.

Good for those who do not have a dread factor with CCC. I find that one tough stuff!

Any resolutions? I need to get back to healthy choices. Iím usually pretty good but not since COVID. Definitely stress eating. My main goal for this year is more mindfulness. I will probably download an app to get started. Recommendations???

Looking forward to 2021 with you ladies. You are all very inspirational!

fanofladyvols 01-01-21 12:02 PM

kittybug Thanks for the new thread! I hope even more folks decide that they wanna join in :)

ChelePA I am happy to read you are ok. Good to see you! As far as resolutions, I don't do them! Instead I do a word for the year that helps me guide my goals, habits and lifestyle. This year my word is Resilience. If you wanted to adopt one, I'd suggest mindfulness...from your own post ;)

Started the year low key but fun! JS total stretch deep stretch and Beach pilates plus tai chi with Carol; then JS high energy walk. Thanks Kim for my workout today :D

Happy New Year Morning to all!!

ETA: love the word choices kittybug and manley. Manley, you should add yours to your sig like me and kittybug so you won't forget! :D

kittybug 01-01-21 12:22 PM

Yay, Happy New Year!!

ChelePA, also glad to see you and know all is well!!

FOLV, I love your word of the year concept!! I choose 'tenacity' and am going to update my signature with that. Thanks for the awesome suggestion!!

I'll be coming back later today after completing Mess 2 Week 4 Back and Biceps for my cowbells with FN2!! :sun::love:

Mickey12 01-01-21 01:02 PM

Glad you see everyone in our new location. :)

ChelePA that drive-by midnight birthday celebration sounds crazy. You're right, the neighbors may have been cursing you! Hopefully everyone was up anyway given it was New Year's Eve. I'm very glad to hear your colonoscopy was ok. I hope your symptoms resolve too. I'm not sure what you're dealing with but several years ago I had some issues that lasted for almost a year although my colonoscopy and all other tests were negative. It was a relief to know my tests were negative, but I just had to adjust my lifestyle to deal with the symptoms. It was a pain in the butt (hahaha, no pun intended) but gradually it went away on its own.

My workout for today was Charlene Prickett A Firm Commitment. It's moderate weight work and it's an oldie but goodie from 1991. I'm currently doing a project of dubbing some Charlene Prickett VHS to DVD for another VFer so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and actually do some of the workouts as they record to DVD. :music:

I don't do resolutions either but I generally think more about my food choices as I typically overindulge during the holidays and start to feel guilty and gross. :(

Have a great day everyone!

bee 01-01-21 01:20 PM

Happy New Year, Watulans!!

Chele, I agree.... your evening sounded very fun and festive (given lockdown). That's funny about your husband's gift choices and your daughter. And I'm glad to know you had negative test results at the doctor! Hope you are feeling better.

I also don't really do resolutions. We have an "accomplishments jar" in our family -- started when the boys were little. It's a big jar and all year long whenever anyone accomplishes something (easier to fill that jar with young kids!) we put it on a post it in the jar. On New Year's Day we read them aloud and then I put them in an envelope for that person with the year written on the envelope. Those envelopes came in handy when they were doing college apps. At any rate, we keep up the tradition, but certainly in 2020 it's a light jar. I have a 2020 calendar I thought we could burn as part of the reading of the jar. A symbolic ending to 2020.

That said, I tend to clean up my eating at the start of every year -- mostly because I'm really done with over indulging. I'm definitely game to get back on that train today.

For my Fun Friday I did Step Blast -- I think this is my all time favorite Cathe cardio. It was my first step workout so it's got a special place in my heart.

Kittybug, thanks for a great start to our new check in location!! Waves to all.

manleym 01-01-21 04:05 PM

Happy New Year All!

As expected, we were in bed by 10:00 last night. I had been dozing on the couch for at least 30 minutes or longer, as usual. :D

Kim funny about your 2nd breakfast! There are SO MANY good sayings from the LOTR trilogy! It is so classic and timeless. I typically don't like that type of movie (sci-fi?) but I LOVE all 3 movies. There is just so much symbolism in them. I think that's why I like them so much.

ChelePA hilarious about your husband's attempt to buy you clothes and your daughter wanting nothing to do with it! Hubby buys me clothes, usually for Christmas. Sometimes he gets it right, sometimes he doesn't. This year he didn't, so it was returned. And the "it doesn't fit" is a great reason. I'm glad everything is ok with your health. Years ago I had some major digestive issues and remember the struggle and how hard it all was. But I'm through it all and back to full health. I really think perimenopause triggered alot of my digestive issues. I hope you get all of this behind you soon and I'm glad there weren't issues. Sounds like ya'll had a fun NYE. :)

FOLV I've heard of others choosing a word for the year, like you. I think it's a great idea, and think I may have tried it once, but forgot the word! I've never made New Year's Resolutions either. I love your idea and think I'll choose Faithful for 2021. That was the first word that came to mind. I hope I can remember it. ETA: I'm already changing my word. I'm choosing Steadfast as my word for 2021.

KB thanks for getting us started over here. I think "tenacity" is the PERFECT word for you this year! You are tenacious and don't give up easily. :)

Bee I love your family's "accomplishments jar". That is a great idea! Love that it's a tradition started when your boys were young and ya'll are still doing it. What a great way to remember and reflect on the previous year (except 2020). I bet your boys will continue the tradition when they start their families. :)

This is the only year I can remember NOT overindulging during the holidays. I'm usually trying to detox this time of year, but since we didn't see family or friends during the holidays, and there were no company parties, I was able to pretty much stick with my eating lifestyle. Not feeling nearly as gross as previous years.

To start the New Year, I chose a Cathe. Partly because I've done Cathe all week, and partly is I usually choose a Cathe on New Year's Day. Last year it was the cardio premix from 4 Day Split.

Today I did Cathe's Viper, followed by Cathe's Total Body Stretching working 1. Then I remembered that Tracie has a great 15 minute mobility section at the beginning of Signature Series 1, so I did that as well.

Ok - The Viper - is was a TOUGH, GREAT workout! It seemed harder than The Gauntlet. Is is just me or is it harder? Maybe I was tired? I have to say I LOVE the Gauntlet and Viper! :love: I haven't done IMax Extreme yet, but these two are great! Thanks Bee (and others who've done them and posted) for motivating me to tear off the shrinkwrap and do them!

Oh, and a funny. Hubby is watching a move (a Marvel, I think) and I just heard the "Pina Colada" song. I just turned to him and said, "That was on the Cathe workout I did this morning!" The Marvel he's watching has some GREAT 80's music so I'm loving listening to it. :love:

I hope everyone is having a good day. We're about to start watching some college football playoff games. Hubby's team was beaten BADLY (embarrassingly) the other night, losing their bowl game. We really like watching college playoff games (football, basketball, etc.) Hoping for some good games today.

Hugs and waves to all! :heart:

horusosiris 01-01-21 06:58 PM

Here is to a healthy, joyful, prosperous year for planet earth and all of her inhabitants.

Kitty- Thanks for moving the group to the check in forum.

My resolution each new year is to make no resolutions.

My workout today was CL 203-Lower Body Confusion and BB Transform 20 Faster- phase 3. I will do the Viper tomorrow. I wasn't sure I had the energy for The Viper today since we stayed up until the early hours of the morning watching TV episodes and having our zoom new year bash.

Chel- I am glad that all is well. The drive by birthday was so thoughtful. I hope your nephew was surprised.

Bee- I love you family tradition of the accomplishment jar. How did it come into being?

Manley and Mickey - all of my family members love The Lord of the Rings. I read all of the books and have seen all of the movies. I have had a friendship group for 30 years and we call ourselves The Fellowship of the Ring. Much like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, we have a large group of rings that we periodically exchange with one another.

Mickey12 01-01-21 08:58 PM

Bee I love your accomplishment jar idea! Wow, that's so cool!! :D

And Horusosirus your friend group with the exchange of rings is just amazing! OMG!! The things you do simply amaze me!! :love: I wish I had a tenth of the creativity and inventiveness you have! :heart:

Ok guys, maybe, just maybe I will try The Viper tomorrow. I know I chickened out of The Gauntlet a few weeks ago so I guess I better suck it up and just do it.

kittybug 01-01-21 10:25 PM

Quick check-in, Watulans, as dinner is a cookin' but I'm LOVING all of your posts, your traditions, your holiday celebrations, and your workouts!! So much good stuff here!

Today was the FINAL Mess 2 workout, Week 4 Back and Biceps, WOOHOOO!!!! Now we get a much-needed recovery week! I also joined Bee because that did sound fun and I did a shorter Step Blast premix, one that did combo 2, combo 3, and the challenge, so not much shorter but a tad. I was short on time today!

I totally wanna join you all on the Viper this weekend but nope, just can't lift anything over 8 pounds, I really can't, not until STS is over! Enjoy it for me, would you? I LOVE the Terminator DVD!

Okay, gotta run but will catch up with each of you more tomorrow. Happy 2021, and stay FIERCE!!

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