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bzar 05-17-14 02:28 AM

Hi Bob - Quick Callanetics Legs and Quick Callanetics Hips & Behind. each are 20 minutes apiece, and you can buy all 3 QC's on 1 disc. (the 3rd workout is Stomach - useful for when you shift your focus to hip hugger abs:cool:).

& skipping rope. i never see professional boxers with pear bottoms!

AsSweetAsSugar 05-17-14 03:33 AM

Hi Bob,

My mom has the same issue, she also wears the pants on that area because of the friction. And I have noticed that when I get some extra weight I have the same problem. I've had succes with differents approach in the past.

First one:
A lot of bicycle, 1 to 3 hours a day, at the time I was living by myself and was mostly doing outdoor bicycle because I was bored at home, as a result I lose all the extra weight and my leg looked amazing, I'd just stop at the park for some BW exercises: squats, lunges, push ups, dips and crunches 3 round of 15 reps each and that was it.

Second one:
Because of life changes and more responsabilities, I got some extra weight back. I also didn't have the time to ride bicycle as before, so I got some free weights and started to exercise at home. My best results were with split routines (Lower/Upper Body workouts) 4 times a week (two each). With some skipping rope at the end for cardio. For the lower body workout I'd go as heavy as I could with good form. I also was mostly doing online workouts, like these ones:

From the second link as she has upper/lower routines I'd pick the most appealing to me, they are very challenging, at around 30-45 minutes, and gave me great results.

As a runner, maybe you'd like to try something like this: (I don't have this one myself, but I love Pilates and would like to get this one as it has several lower body focused workouts).

I hope you'll find something that will work for you. Best of luck and please keep us posted!

cristinalatina 05-17-14 04:25 AM

T-Tapp! I am a girl who's a pear, and Hoe Downs and Balance work wonders for the inner thighs! Just try this exercise my friend and see whether you feel it helps.

topfitmama 05-17-14 06:40 AM


Originally Posted by pumptmuscle (Post 2401866)

Geez, this discussion totally makes me feel like I'm "one of the girls." haha What will my next post be... "Do these jeans make my butt look big??" :D

:D Bring it on!

poohpeggy 05-17-14 07:09 AM

Karen Voight's Great Weighted Workout has a killer floor leg segment. It still gets me every time.

starbelly 05-17-14 07:31 AM

Karen Voight's Pilates Ring workout has a lot of dedicated inner thigh work. It has been repackaged under a bunch of different names. I have it with two workouts on one DVD. Mary sells it as a single named Total Body Training

Yelly 05-17-14 08:49 AM

I used to not believe in spot reducing - until I started working out with Tracy Anderson. My problem is my big butt, and everytime I do her Meta rotation she shrinks it like no other! Her workouts do not add more muscle - they have a slimming effect on me.

I'm not sure if you'd click with her (people either love her or hate her), but I'd be happy to lend you her Omni Meta system. I'm into Cathe at the moment, so I won't be needing it for several months. Pm me if you're interested - I'd be happy to loan it to you! :)

Judith L 05-18-14 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by pumptmuscle (Post 2401866)
I've thought of pilates, too. I was also thinking of a ballet workout. I wonder how those would do.

Just turning out your legs a bit from your hips (Remember, turn outs are done from the hip!) in various exercises hits the inner thighs and glutes more and quads less. So, for example, do plie/sumo squats rather than regular ones.

suzannaerin 05-18-14 01:07 PM

Bob--You've gotten a lot of great recommendations here, and I wish you luck.

If it's any consolation, you are not alone. My husband isn't a pear---he's more of a block--but he has the same issue with his thighs. Invariably, his thigh "rub" wears out his expensive suit pants, leaving the blazers w/no matching bottoms. He is a runner, too (clydesdale), but has always been "husky." My many efforts to get him interested in weight training have been unsuccessful ("it hurts too much"). haha! :sun:

Please let us know how things progress for you. Some sort of endurance training might help, as well. Long walks/hikes, if you have the time, or long bike rides.

SuzieC 05-18-14 03:31 PM

I'm not sure if anyone has recommended Tonique, but whenever I ask for workouts for my legs and esp. my thighs (i have stubborn inner thighs too), people always recommend Tonique. I think Tonique Premier is the one people recommend most for slimming the legs.

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