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cyana 10-23-21 07:50 PM

Mandala Yoga - Closed
The Mandala Yoga Mat people have closed their business and the inventory is sold out. They are maintaining a mailing list, should things change in the future. So happy I have a Mandala Mat!

BunnyHop 10-23-21 08:09 PM

I love my round mat. So much better than the cheapo one I had before.

Hope things turn around somehow.

fanofladyvols 10-23-21 09:06 PM

This is sad!

cambet 10-24-21 08:39 AM

Oh no, what disappointing news! :( I had decided that I was going to splurge and get myself a round 6 ft Mandala mat for Black Friday/Christmas since I'm hoping to get back into pilates and yoga. Rats! I guess that's what I get for waiting. Thanks for the update, though, and please let us know if things change. :)

DD546 10-24-21 11:41 AM

I'm so sorry to see this. I don't know the circumstances, but I fear we are going to see more small American businesses shutting their doors in the upcoming months. I'm buying American, buying local, and supporting small businesses whenever I can even though it may sometimes cost a little more.

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