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Tugger31 04-29-21 06:33 AM

Success Stories with Low Impact and light weights??
I'd love to hear any success stories! I'm struggling with fat loss/ weight loss (and menopause). Due to health issues I can't do high impact nor can I lift heavy. Maybe my goals are just not achievable at this point??

txhsmom 04-29-21 07:29 AM

What would "success" be for you?


laurajhawk 04-29-21 08:35 AM

You mentioned fat loss/weight loss, and menopause. During perimeno I gained a lot of weight (who doesn't? rhetorical question, I know you're out there and I don't want to hear about it :D ). When I got serious about losing, my fastest loss was with Slim in 6, yoga, and walking. I didn't follow the rotation as written, I think maybe I alternated Si6 workouts with yoga, and added in dog walks (not real long). I was able to keep that up for quite a while before I got bored, because I was seeing results.

The thing with low impact and light weights, in my opinion, is - you're not gonna get good results in 30 minutes a day. The Sin6 workouts are long and they need to be. You're working at a lower intensity so you need more duration. And honestly, through my years of working out, that formula has been more effective for weight loss than anything else. I really love heavy weights and they make me stronger and shapelier, but for weight loss, I gotta go light and give it more time every day.

star117 04-29-21 09:36 AM

the other advantage is that it is less stress on the body and you do not get as hungry.

adrien_73 04-29-21 10:18 AM

I was always an intensity junkie. Now that I am 48, my joints won't allow me to do what I used to do. I am not 100% certain that I am periomenopausal, but given my age and some body changes I have experienced I assume I am...

I've switched from heavy strength and running / high impact cardio to mostly walking workouts, kickboxing and much lighter strength training. As others mentioned, my appetite has decreased substantially and I have lost about 7 lbs in a year.

I do exercise ("formally") around 90 minutes a day and try to add on as many outdoor walks as possible, even if only for 5-10 minutes. Since I have a job that requires me to sit for 10-16 hours a day, and I find that I get the best results if I move as much as possible...even if it is not intense.

ETA: Using a fitness tracker to track my caloric expenditure vs. calorie intake is an important part of the equation for me as well.

Demeris 04-29-21 10:20 AM

Without talking diet, which is HUGE for recovering from that peri/menopausal weight gain, one of the big culprits in that weight gain is cortisol. Do everything you can to manage your stress.

I've found prayer and journaling to be most helpful, along with knitting, crochet, embroidery. Anything that focuses your mind and allows you to relax, even simply enjoying being out in nature.

Several rounds of diaphragmatic breathing several times during the day will also shift your body from fight/flight to rest/digest.

Deep stretching also helps, so anything like Classical Stretch is powerful.

kat999 04-29-21 10:25 AM

I think sometimes that HIIT gets a lot of love because it's quick and supposedly "efficient," but steady-state for a longer period of time (like Si6 and similar) is easier on the body and yes, you don't get as hungry. I have had good results when I'm actively training myself to work up to a 10K of intervals of walking, light jogging, and sprinting outdoors in the warmer months and keep my at-home workouts in the AWT/steady state/long realm, maybe mixed with some yoga and barre. Right now my weight sizes are just 5, 6, and 7 lbs. when I do stuff like old FIRMs and Jari Love. But I try to jog literally as many days of the week that the weather cooperates (some weeks it's 6 days, some it's only 3) and for around 1-2 hours at a pop. I know that's not logistically feasible for everyone, but several times I've lost a lot of weight with that regime.

laurajhawk 04-29-21 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by Demeris (Post 2923647)
Without talking diet, which is HUGE for recovering from that peri/menopausal weight gain, one of the big culprits in that weight gain is cortisol. Do everything you can to manage your stress.

True, and that includes getting enough sleep. Shorting yourself on sleep to do longer workouts is NOT a good tradeoff (either for weight control or for general health).

Adrien mentioned tracking calories in/out and I also did that when I was making a big push to lose weight.

Jane P. 04-29-21 12:26 PM

I am not super lean, nor was I before perimenopause, but I began exercising prior to perimenopause and had no weight gain. My eating was pretty much the same. Exercise made the difference for me. I mostly did Firms at that time.

All I can say is that if your perimenopause is just beginning, work out consistently. It will help.

Lori_Michigan 04-29-21 01:23 PM

I have gained 30+ pounds since starting perimenopause, all while consistently working out with higher impact cardio, lifting weights, and doing CS. Usually an hour a day for the past 10 years. And the weight has just consistently crept up.

I'm 47 and all of this started at age 44, so it's been nearly 3 years of trying to lose this weight. I'm still cycling regularly so my hormones are still very much all over the place. I've quite literally tried everything to lose this weight (literally all in my boobs and stomach), but nothing has worked for me. It's like a freight train that I'm completely unable to stop.

But for 3 months now, I've had to cut out working out entirely because I tore my meniscus and have been reduced to just walking about 30 mins a day and CS a few times a week. My body decided for me that is was finally time to switch to lower impact and light weights. I have also been monitoring my calories via My Fitness Pal and water intake. I listen to Pahla B.'s podcast and do her weight loss youtube series.

No weight loss yet though. But I haven't net gained any either (I always gain a few pounds each month when my body tries to ovulate and then lose it after my period, so my weight fluctuates quite regularly), which is huge for me since I've been gaining weight for nearly 3 years. So for now, I'll take NOT gaining as a win.

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