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Dena 09-15-21 08:09 AM

Dog Sitting
My sister got a Labradoodle puppy about three months ago and has asked me to dog sit next week because she has to go out of town for a business conference. As much as I love dogs, I am anal with a big dash of OCD when it comes to the cleanliness of my house. Just to give you an idea, I don't allow shoes in my house and make my boyfriend change his clothes before entering if he has been working or doing any other activity that may get his clothes dirty.

My house is small (860 sq feet) and over half is carpeted. Although my sister's dog is a house dog, it obviously needs to go outside to go to the bathroom and get exercise. For those who have dogs, how do you keep them from tracking dirt in the house? Cleaning her paws before entering the house is going to be difficult and become a hassle real quick. I've thought of just putting her crate in the garage and housing her there but that seems like it would be a bit cruel, even though it is a nice garage. I also have a FT job so she would be alone most of the time; I don't even go home for lunch.

Any tips / ideas would be appreciated.

sherry7899 09-15-21 08:22 AM

I am a cat person, but I think a puppy would be really unhappy in a crate or just being alone for that long each day. Is there any type of doggy daycare in your area you can use so the puppy has attention, exercise and can play while you are at work? Or could you hire a pet sitter to come a few times a day to feed and walk the puppy?

laurajhawk 09-15-21 08:32 AM

Sherry, I don't see the point in the OP hiring a pet sitter to take care of the puppy she's pet sitting. Also, I have dogs - including a puppy - and I frankly can't imagine trying to maintain the level of cleanliness you (OP) want in your house. I think you should use your job as a reason NOT to pet sit for your friend... she can find someone who at least can come home at lunch, OR she can use a professional pet sitter (who would come to her house several times a day) or boarding facility. That would be better for the pup (and for you).

sherry7899 09-15-21 08:52 AM

Laura, I have never had a dog, so I am clueless! I just worried about the dog being alone all day.

BigBadBetty 09-15-21 09:08 AM

Can you dog sit at her house? That seems like the best solution.

Vantreesta 09-15-21 09:18 AM

I agree, that level of cleanliness is not really possible with a dog but especially a puppy, and leaving the puppy crated alone in the garage is unfair. Crating in the house while you're gone is one thing but the typical expectation for a puppy's bladder is, I believe, about an hour for each month they've been alive (only puppies, not for adult dogs) so a 4 month old puppy would be roughly 4 hours (someone please correct me if I have that wrong). I think everyone would be happier if your sister could find someone else to watch her sweet pup or as Betty said, if you could watch the dog at her house. You know what your lifestyle and personality are, and they don't really fit with having a dog even temporarily. It's good that you are aware of this! :)

JackieB 09-15-21 10:16 AM

I agree that puppysitting probably isn't a great job for you! I know when our dog was a puppy, we had to hire a neighbor kid to check in if we were gone for more than a couple hours.

wlorrie 09-15-21 10:44 AM

I've done my share of dog sitting, and it's going to be impossible for you to maintain that level of cleanliness. Can you stay at your sister's house while she is away, or are you close enough to stop by to let the dog out?

leigh1673 09-15-21 11:09 AM

Puppies really can't stay in their crate all day without getting let out--their bladders don't last that long. It would actually be bordering on cruel to do that.

Between having to leave the puppy home alone all day (and possibly keeping it in a crate in your garage even when you are home?) combined with the fact that you are OCD about your home's cleanliness, my tip is to tell your sister to look into boarding her puppy at a facility or finding somebody else to dogsit.

Gams 09-15-21 12:49 PM

Does her veterinarian offer boarding? That might be a good option and she’d also know her dog would get treatment if it became ill while she was gone.

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