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Sue B 08-23-21 03:59 PM

The pandemic's effect on your pelvic floor
This Wash. Post article about the pelvic floor muscles should be free to non-subscribers as a "gift" article - if it doesn't work please let me know!

Lori_Michigan 08-23-21 04:21 PM

Such good info!

TMI alert, but I've been suffering on/off with urinary incontinence when I sneeze and constipation (and also a thrombosed hemorroid and then just regular hemorroids!) since May. Funsie.

Well, long story short, I only recently switched to a squatty potty (love it!) and a high fiber diet (also long story but I wasn't able to have fiberous foods after I had my gallbladder taken out two years ago, but my hormones recently dropped quite rapidly I think [perimenopause] and it's wrecked havoc on my entire digestive system). I also now am doing pelvic floor exercises daily.

My favorite youtubes for pelvic floor are Michelle Kenway, Dr. Jo, and Pahla B's prolapse video (I think it's the best).

Hoping that starting these now will help me later on when my body ever decides to transition to full menopause. It feels like I've been on the peri rollercoaster for much longer than just 3 years.....

Leonana 08-23-21 08:30 PM

Thanks for the article, it had helpful information. I have a slight bladder prolapse, which is why I no longer do high impact. It causes some pain. My doctor said to do kegels three times a day. Although now I’m wondering if my kegels are making it worse, if I’m not doing them correctly. I tend to forget to do them, but I remember during a workout. I’ll have to check out the videos mentioned.

Vintage VFer 08-27-21 11:06 AM

Sue B - Thanks for the link! I've had pelvic floor issues since I was a teen. I had Endometriosis and too many surgeries to mention This led to a lot of scar tissue in my pelvic area and nerve pain issues.

Lori_Michigan - I really like Michelle Kenaway. I have her e-book and video.

Leonana - Too many PTs think that Kegels are the answer to every female pelvic problem. In my case, Kegels would make things much worse!

Another good resource is Amy Stein, M.P.T. She has a book, "Heal Pelvic Pain" and a video with exercises.

I just checked Amazon and her DVD is no longer available. :confused: :confused:

Leonana 08-27-21 03:30 PM

VF, thanks for the book recommendation. Iíll look it up. I have to admit, I havenít noticed kegels making a difference.

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