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Donna D 12-01-19 07:20 AM

Santa is coming to the Fitness Cafe - December 2019
Santa is coming to the Fitness Café on Saturday, December 14, 2019! Bring your kids and grandkids to visit Santa. Perhaps you have a wish list also!

cdayley 12-02-19 09:49 PM

Hi, ladies. I flew back home yesterday, and DH flies back home tomorrow. By the time he decided to go on this trip, it was twice as much to get a Sunday plane ticket as I paid! He's flying on Tues, which is cheaper. He got to stay with the girls today while their mommy checked out a preschool for Piper. He survived! I came home with a terrible cold - a going away present from the grandgirlies. It's no good to get home to no food in the house, and no NyQuil. I left the house this evening to get my nails done and run to the grocery store for cold medicine.
Donna, thanks for getting us started!
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
Chrys Dayley

sbh 12-03-19 08:44 AM

I am late posting last weeks attempts. Seems like I have been a day behind for a few

daily 3 mile dog walk
M-disc golf
T-MR Beauty to the Bone Upper Body 1
W-holiday cleaning
F-KCM Lift 2B Fit - Full Body Premix

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. :D

superfit41 12-03-19 10:41 AM

Hi all, today was:
Leslie Sansone~ Miracle Miles: 2 miles
TBL~ Lengthen, Strengthen & Stretch

During Black Friday I ordered Leslie's new Walk 15 set from QVC, and a few workouts from Essentrics that I traded away several months ago :o Oh well...
I have almost finished my Christmas shopping so that is good.

Donna D- Thanks for starting us off for the month!

Sherri- Nice week of workouts!

Chrys- Flying over the holidays can be crazy :eek: Sorry to hear about the cold. My allergies have been acting up.

Sherry :)

ealakey 12-05-19 08:19 PM

Donna D, thanks so much for starting us off. :)

I've been super busy at work so no workouts for me!

This week I'm working on creating my own Christmas garlands for the banister and door.

I did not order anything over the weekend, a first for me!


superfit41 12-06-19 09:48 AM

Hi all, today was:
be360~ Intro to Bounce at Clarke House
MR Unplugged~ 1912
Essentrics The Ultimate Stretch Workouts~ Muscle Release Workout

I tried to do Robin's short workout for today but I can't log into the website. I sent them a message, hopefully it will be resolved today.
I had my dog spayed on Wednesday, so I have been babysitting her. She is a very active little dog, and it has been hard to keep her calm. She is doing well, though :heart:

Beth- It's is a busy season, hard to keep up with everything :eek: I bet your garlands will be beautiful!

Happy Friday!
Sherry :)

sbh 12-06-19 11:05 AM

Hello everybody. I may just do another week of light weights and body weight workouts like this past week. I really enjoyed the workouts.

Can you guys recommend some yoga that is like Jessica Smith's yoga? Without chanting, mantras, and sanskrit, etc. YouTube is ok.

M-JS Feel Good Fusion - Fusion Strength
T-Janice Lennard Pilates
W-JS WS3 Tone & Flow
T-JS WS3 Pilates & Yoga
F-Ballet 24 Classical Christmas Full Ballet Class

Chrys - I hope you are feeling better

Sherry - I didn't order any workout related items, but I did order some really nice shirts for my DH at carbon2cobalt. They are sooooo soft!!! The only workout I really want is Janice Lennards Yoga.

Waves to Beth and Donna!!!

cdayley 12-07-19 08:50 PM

Hi, ladies. DH leaves tomorrow for 2 weeks of training in VA for his new job, which starts Monday. He says his retirement seemed pretty short LOL I've been doing laundry and getting steps in today; I think I can get on the treadmill tomorrow and hopefully not have a coughing fit. I'm making pj pants for Katie and Piper because they are going on a Polar Express - hopefully I will get those done tomorrow. I'll be decorating my mini tree tomorrow. It's the only tree we'll have this year, because DH is gone until the 20th, and leaves again on Jan 6 for more training.
Sherri, I like the Firm yoga workouts.
Beth, I bet the garlands are beautiful!
Sherry, I hope your little dog is healing well :heart:

Chrys Dayley

ealakey 12-08-19 11:14 PM

Hi everyone,

I've finally gotten most of my Christmas shopping and planning finished. I love all of your workouts you've been doing and hope to get back to mine tomorrow!

Chrys, I like the idea of your mini tree! I've often thought about doing that as well.

Sherri, the Classical Christmas ballet class sounds lovely.

Sherry, I hope your little dog is recovering well.


cdayley 12-09-19 10:16 PM

Hi, ladies. 2 mile treadmill walk for me tonight. I walked around the house last night to get 2 miles in.
Beth, good job getting the shopping/planning done. That's a huge task!

Chrys Dayley

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