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RachelW 07-27-15 08:16 AM

Best place to sell videos?
I would like to sell some of the systems that I'm not using. Where is the best place to do that? TIA for any suggestions!

bubbles76 07-27-15 08:19 AM

VF Roost or YaYas. I have had success buying from both places. I also had success selling at YaYas some years ago. You can also sell to our very own Roleez, who has an online store.

RachelW 07-27-15 08:31 AM

Where can I locate Roleez's store? Do you have the web address?

Juliepie 07-27-15 08:40 AM


Originally Posted by RachelW (Post 2552575)
Where can I locate Roleez's store? Do you have the web address?

She's also on...



Suzan66 07-27-15 08:41 AM

Rachel it's I've sold mine to Becky for years. :)

JackieB 07-27-15 08:56 AM

Someone should make a "sticky" for where to sell dvds. This thread comes up fairly often.

RachelW 07-27-15 09:17 AM

Thank you so much!

Juliepie 07-27-15 09:20 AM

These sites are for *buying* her videos, of course. :D

In my experience with Becky, she prefers trading DVDs over buying them. You should try VF Roost if you really just want to sell your DVDs.

laurajhawk 07-27-15 11:21 AM

VF Roost is a Facebook group for VF'ers only. It's primarily for buying and selling workouts.

TinaT 07-28-15 09:56 PM

I just tried the link above and it's not working. :confused:

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