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T2B 07-27-21 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by cdayley (Post 2934755)
I'm at the airport, heading home. My goal is not to worry about DS 24 hours a day. He's heading to his deployment destination.

Chrys Dayley

I hope your son is not being deployed to a hotspot. How long will your son be deployed? Praying that itís easy and heís back home quick. Safe flight.

T2B 07-27-21 07:10 PM

AnMrsDe - Happy Anniversary!!! 37 years! Wow! Hope you had a great evening! Come back and tell us what you ate! Any goodies? Didnít your hubby buy you a car last anniversary? :D

AsSweet - your bicep curl while in superman comment made me laugh. What the? :D

Pat - I hope your eye surgery was a success!

It was so hot today! Supposed to be like that for the next couple of days. Hope everyone is staying cool.

AsSweetAsSugar 07-27-21 07:54 PM

AMD, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :music: Have fun!

T2B, I still can't get past the 15 min. mark with TCS2! :eek:


Originally Posted by T2B (Post 2934851)
I hope your son is not being deployed to a hotspot. How long will your son be deployed? Praying that itís easy and heís back home quick. Safe flight.


AnMrsDe 07-28-21 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by T2B (Post 2934851)
Chrys, I hope your son is not being deployed to a hotspot. How long will your son be deployed? Praying that it’s easy and he’s back home quick. Safe flight.

+3! That's so scary! // Best of luck on your upcoming school year....some schools around here have made it mandatory to wear masks and some haven't.

ASAS, Thank you!//Your comment about the bicep/superman move also made me go :confused: Strange!

T2B, Thank you! That is SO HILARIOUS that you would ask if I got a car for my anniversary!!! 'Cause, sure enough, DH handed me keys when he got home and said "Happy Anniversary!" There in the driveway, sat a shiny, red '05 Miata convertible (like new) with only $40,000 miles with the top down! :D :D Hahahaha!

So we drove it to dinner, which was nothing fancy, just my usual order of Gulf Shrimp in garlic butter/baked potato....I was good (no bread, of course).... until dessert which consisted of Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with fresh strawberries which DH & I shared. :yummy: Including my workout calories for the day, I still had 135 left over that I didn't use. :D (I don't usually count them for my daily totals, but yesterday I thought I could). ;) And, FYI, it's 36 years....doesn't seem possible! It was so much fun...went with our good friends and they helped us celebrate (DH a little too much as I had to drive home)! But I didn't mind. ;) I plan to just tool around town in it when I have short errands that include not accumulating lots of packages or chauffeuring the parents around! :p

T2B 07-28-21 03:27 PM

AnMrsDe - Sorry, 36 years! :) Wonderful milestone for sure! Sounded like a lovely evening! I can see you tooling around in your red Miata! :) (Too hot for the next couple of days though). I also didnít know that you had your own personal hook-up for cars, lol.

Glad you got to celebrate with your friends, too. Dinner sounded divine. Shrimp, yum! Cheesecake, yum! Strawberries, yum! You should have added some ice cream to burn those last 135 cals. :)

AsSweet - I think Christi used to cue her steps 4 to 8 beats ahead of the move. Itís been so long since I did her step. So Iím going to fire up the brain cells and try to work on TCS2 5 minutes at a time. Maybe Iíll do it on the floor and of course, stick to the basic moves until I figure it out. :D

AsSweetAsSugar 07-28-21 07:24 PM

AMD, it sounds like you had a super celebration day!! I everything you ate... :yummy: and congrats on the new acquisition!

T2B, it sounds like a good plan! I am sure you can do it!

AnMrsDe 07-29-21 11:02 AM

Thanks, ladies! :sun:

August thread:

cdayley 07-30-21 10:27 AM

I was on a 3 week roadtrip with our daughter in law and grandgirls. She didn't want to stay home this summer after DS deployed; too hard on her and the kids, so I went to help. We had a blast, and it was good for all of us. I managed to get 18,000 steps one day and 25,000 another day! I think I have finally beat the covid fatigue!
We can't know specifics of where he is, just that he is in the Middle East. He will serve as the doctor on a base, so that is a bit of comfort.
I'm going to figure out a workout to do today, probably mostly cardio still because my shoulders are sore from having shots. Our kids and my parents are all coming for Thanksgiving, so I'm meeting a lady from marketplace to get some toys the girls will like. Other than that, its more laundry and weeding today.
AMD, happy anniversary and congrats on the new car!
T2B, I did a Christi hilo/step a couple of days ago, and was on the wrong leg half the time :D
ASAS, it's always fun to find good workouts :p
Cher, it sounds great to not have to wear glasses or contacts. I only wear one contact, so one eye can see distance and the other can see closeup.
Chrys Dayley

AsSweetAsSugar 07-30-21 09:21 PM

Chrys, I am so glad you all had lot of fun!! Loving the new pic in your avatar! And Wow on those steps, you got a lot! I hope everything goes well for your DS and that he will come back home pretty soon. // I heard you with Christi's workouts, there is one step combo I am still on the wrong food and wondering how come they are on the other side of the step, lol.

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