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Elsie 06-30-21 03:00 AM


6. Lively Ladies Walking with Weights; DB shrugs add-on
7. Lively Ladies Energetic w-o; side planks add-on
8. Lively Ladies 1 Mile walk + Arm toning; incline chest presses add-on
9. Lively Ladies Aerobics workout; Pilates grasshoppers add-on; a little mobility work.
10. Lively Ladies low impact cardio
11. L Ladies 2500 steps walk w-o; core work; ball rolling
12. Jennifer Eash QiGong flow; Leg stretching and mobility
13. Sfera Fitness Pilates for strong back; Jessica Smith 10 min interval Walk
14. L Ladies low impact full body; quick standing core
15. L Ladies fun cardio walk (completed 65% before I just pooped out, very fatigued); dumbbell pullovers
16. Just some lower body floor work and stretching
17. Rhoda Sommer high-rep PHA workout
18. Lively Ladies energetic Cardio
19. L Ladies Happy total body walk; quick obliques add-on
20. Sick/Rest
21. L Ladies gentle Walk; plank moves
22. Rhoda Sommer compound supersets
23. Liz Hilliard method weights w-o (did about 40%, but moved far too fast for me. Felt I didn't get to concentrate on the muscles or my alignment. Might come back a later time); Lively Ladies fun cardio-weights w-o
24. Growwithjo Fast walk; quick floor legs add-on with tubing
25. Restorative Yoga
26. Lively Ladies no repeat full body
27. Rhoda Sommer PHA w-o; KB dead snatch finisher
28. Rhoda Sommer LI Cardio; quick standing yoga practice
29. Too HOT
30. Too bloody Hot
31. Just some step-ups + shoulder press

Cher 06-30-21 06:23 AM


1. No workout - had to grocery shop early.

2. Perfect Pump Total Body Expess Premix.

3. Up north at the cabin.

4. Cabin

5. Drove home but nothing other than unpacking.

6. Perfect Pump Total Body Mish Mosh #1 premix. This one alternates upper body sections with lower body sections. I liked this one.

7. About 20 minutes of Cathe’s Lower Impact Step and Cathe’s PLB Stability Ball section and cool-down.

8. Jenny Ford’s Walk Across America Michigan and Inner Dimension TV Flexibility and Beyond Short & Sweet.

9. PHA 2 premix #3

10. 30 minute walk that got interrupted so went for a 30 minute bike ride later.

11. Normally I don’t workout on Sunday but I have my appointment tomorrow morning with the retinal specialist so I know I won’t workout tomorrow so this morning I did SJP Warm-up and step combos and Push Pull Lower Body exercises and stretch.

12. Eye Appointment in the AM so no workout but I did go for about a 30 minute walk later in the afternoon.

13. Step Sync warm-up and bonus combos and ICE Bootcamp upper body premix.

14. 30 minute bike ride later in the afternoon.

Tammie M 06-30-21 10:16 AM


4 - Gilad Total Body Sculpt Plus: Peak Performance - Workout 2
5 - Amy Bento Advanced Step Challenge 3 - combo 4, combo 3, combos 3&4 combined
6 - Shape Bikini Body Camp: Redefining - Circuit Training & Upper Body Mini Workout
7 - Amy Dixon Kickin' Strength
8 - Gilad Total Body Sculpt Plus: Functional Fitness - Workout 2
11- Patrick Goudeau Hard Work Conditioning - 30 Minute Workout + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1223
13- Patrick Goudeau Hard Work Conditioning - 40 Minute Workout + Classical Stretch Season 12: 1208
14 - Amy Bento Advanced Step Challenge 4 - combo 1, combo 2, combos 1&2 combined, powerups
15 - Minna Lessig One Minute Workout - Level 1 Total Body 48 Minutes
18 - Beach Pilates: Pilates
19 - Amy Dixon Breathless Body Vol 4 Going Strong
20 - Shape Bikini Body Camp: Transforming - Workout 1
21 - Shape Bikini Body Camp: Transforming - Workouts 2&3
23 - Minna Lessig One Minute Workout - Level 2 Total Body 48 Minutes
24 - Billy Blanks Tae Bo: Total Body Fat Blaster
25 - Ellen Barrett Yogini
26 - Brett Hoebel 20 Minute Body: 30 Hi 30 Lo + Stephanie Herman Ballet Fitness - Body Flow Stretch
29 - Minna Lessig One Minute Workout - Level 1 Lower Body 18 Minutes + Jessica Bass Dance Fitness with Jessica Vol. 2 - routines 1-10,19
30 - Minna Lessig One Minute Workout - Level 1 Upper Body 24 Minutes + Jessica Bass Dance Fitness with Jessica Vol. 2 - routines 11-19, bonus
31 - Minna Lessig One Minute Workout - Level 1 Abs 20 Minutes + Sarah Ivanhoe Yoga on the Ball

T2B 06-30-21 05:48 PM

28 - 29. rest days
30. Yv2: WISI. T.V. Alert: Finished Mare of Easttown. Love!

july 2021Ö

1. (S) RKS#1 aka Spank That Booty. This looked really good on my upgraded 32 inch tv. :) Itís still been hard to exercise first thing in the morning and I keep telling myself NO CHOICE but itís still not working. AsSweet - glad you like WW Ultimate Dance Party too! Itís a great set. I have tried to use those 1# sticks with it but I hate when my hands are sweaty so I donít last long using the sticks! P.M. Yv2: SS
2. Started working out and realized that I just didnít feel like doing anything. Iím going to take a few days off. I feel like I need a recovery week. Iím very sore too. rest dayÖ
3. LH QI GONG 30DC - Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3 + TRACEY MALLET: F.I.T. Total Body Burn, 33minutes. I felt really good after doing Qi Gong, decided do do TM because the description on the DVD said that Total Burn was 25 minutes but it is actually 33 minutes. i really enjoyed it. I remember doing this workout once when I first bought it but not sure why I havenít done it since. Good music, too. Speaking of music, :) I can actually hear the waves during Qi Gong now. Blu-ray Bluetooth connection is awesome!
4. LH QI GONG - Day 4 + ZUMBA: Dance, Dance, Dance
5. LH QI GONG - Day 5 + ZUMBA: Letís Dance. Lazy day today, read a book for a few hours. Back to being extremely hot. No rain in the forecast.
6. rest dayÖ

7. A.M. LH QI GONG: Day 6 & Day 7. P.M. 4DS: Legs. Did my own warm-up Ďcause a 14 minute warm-up was out of the question. Iím pausing my rotation for a bit. Iím going to play it by ear for awhile because Iím still not very motivated. Iíll say it again, this time of year zaps all of my energy. I pulled out my Scorcher Series today, popped one in to see if I could handle Dasha and I definitely will have to play my own music because Dasha talks way too much. Not sure what Iíll be doing other than hanging with Lee Holden.
8. ZUMBA: 20 Minute Express Workout
9. LH QI GONG: Day 8 & Day 9 + WW ULTIMATE DANCE PARTY: Easy Grooves.. I used the toning sticks today and AsSweet, the grip part is kind of sticky, and definitely breathable. My hands were not sweaty. :). Getting lots of ďserver is too busy at the momentĒ messages today. I wish Wendy would address the issue.
10. 21 DAY FIX: Plyo Fix.
11. LH QI GONG: Day 10, Day 11, & Day 12
12. Yv2: WISI
13. rest dayÖ.

14. HIP HOP ABS: Fat Burning Cardio. Shaun T made me smile when he got so excited when Ďhis songĒ started playing. Tonya has been hanging with Shaun T for a very long time. Seems like sheís been there from the beginning of his BB journey.
15. Si6: Start It Up. Loved this even though itís only 25 minutes. Same set as Slim Series. I may use 3# to 8# weights going forward but today it was perfect as is. Loved the 2 minute abs too (short, my favorite type). I felt a little spark in my heart for a 2nd day. :)
16. LH QI GONG: Day 13, Day 14, Day 15, Day 16 P.M. HHA: Ab Sculpt. Shaun Tís enthusiasm makes these workouts fun. I looked at Shaunís Secrets to Great Abs and Iím embarrassed to think about how often I donít engage my abs, lol. TG I have naturally flat abs. Another little spark in my cold, cold, heart. :)
17. Si6: Ramp It Up. This was interesting. The first 20 minutes are the same as Start It Up. Looks like Burn It Up contains the exercises from SIU, RIP + a few more to make it a 60 minute workout. Ok. So my choice as far as which workout to do will be based on my energy level & time commitment. The format is kind of weird if I do say so. Lol. I guess this was before premixes and timesavers. Iím also taking back my comment yesterday about engaging my abs. I paid attention today and I do engage my abs more than I thought, it is automatic, not something I focus on. Great that HHA made me think about this. Nice to have reminders.
18. LITE: PHA 2 + LH QI GONG: Day 17 & Day 18 + Yv2: MYB. Used light weights (6, 8ís) during PHA. Iím burnt out on heavy weights. Still was a sweatfest. P.M. Yv2: WISI.
19. Si6: Burn It Up. I should have done RIU but I wanted to see how BIU differs from RIU. Same exercises, a set of jumping jacks, some punches/upper cuts and Debbie does 2 sets of exercises instead of 1. Not sure I like doing 2 sets of floor work & core so may just stick with RIU for now. Music is terrible but I didnít want to stop and choose the music off option. These workouts are fine but I would rather do Slim Series. I may move on to Slim Series.
20. Yeah me, another morning workout. PERFECT 30: Low Impact Hiit

21. LITE: Metabolic Blast + LH QI GONG: Day 19 & Day 20. P.M. Yv2: SS
22. SLIM SERIES: Tone It Up. Skipped the abs and did my own stretch. Ran out of time. Arms were on fire.
23. ZUMBA: Zumba Max 1 + BLISSFUL BARRE: Barre Basics. Blissful Barre showed up on my Amazon feed and I kept debating if I wanted to purchase it for a month or more. I couldnít find anything about it on VF. Iím glad I bought it. Iíll post breakdowns after I do all the workouts. 8 workouts, 2 discs, approx 3 hours of content. Good music so far. My knees have been talking to me since doing SS/Si6. Mostly my fault, pliť squats with knees out (3 & 9 position) are problematic for me. I donít turn my knees out (knees stay at 2 & 10) when doing pliť squats but I lost my mind for a bit and was following Debbie, ha. My knees felt better immediately after doing Barre Basics. Cathe barre routines have always made my knees feel stronger so I think itís barre type moves that help. These are going to be great add on-workouts. I like the instructor too. These move quickly. During a morning break, I did LH QI GONG: Day 21 & Day 22. P.M. Yv2: RIO. I get to sleep in tomorrow. Part of getting back on track was going back to early a.m. workouts.
24. So much for sleeping in - those dang birds were having a big party this morning. Sounded like they were fighting and flying into my windows. I donít know which is worse, chirping/singing at the crack of dawn or fighting. RWH: HiiT Circuit Upper Body + BLISSFUL BARRE: Treasure Chest + LH QI GONG: Day 23 + Day 24. Treasure Chest is another winner. Used 2 pounds and my arms were smoking.
25. RWH: HiiT Circuit Lower Body + LH QI GONG: Day 25 + BLISSFUL BARRE: Long Lean Legs. I donít recall doing Hiit Lower Body Circuit before. If I did, it wasnít often enough to remember anything about it. I donít recall using a step with this workout. It was good to see Deazie though! Long Lean Legs felt like an extended lower body warm-up. :)
P.M. AsSweet inspired me to take the wrap off Totally Cool Step 2. I did about 15 minutes. Required more thinking than I wanted to do today. Next I moved on to Rob Glickís Amazing Step Styles - did about 20 minutes of this, stopped when I had to put my thinking cap on. Next was a Tracy Anderson TAVA workout. Tracy doesnít even lead the workout. Itís choreographed and lead by Tony Alvarez (?), Tracy is a dancer like the other 10 dancers in this workout except she says a few words here and there. Weird. First Tony goes through the dance routine 1x without music, then he does a round with music and then another round with pizazz. Then you move onto the next dance. I think thereís a total of 6 Cardio Dance routines. i think Iíll like this but the format is weird. Iím not impressed with Tracyís dancing skills either. Good music though.
26. CL: Warrior Kickboxing, 29mins + LH QI GONG - Day 26

27. rest dayÖ
28. JM Body Rev: Cardio 1 + Yv2: SS. P.M. Totally Hot Step 2. Did the whole thing this time, no step, and followed the modifiers. The only thing that threw me off was the lunge tap with my back facing the tv. I managed to stay on the right foot but next time Iíll pause when this section starts and work on it. I looked at the Move Master but it didnít work for me with Christi doing the moves with with her back turned towards the tv. Also Christi has different names for some moves when Iím used to Catheís names for these same moves.
29. CL: Metabolic Meltdown. Love this workout, always a sweaty mess afterwards. P.M. KS: March to Fitness
30. SS: MIx It Up P.M. ZUMBA: Rush
31. Cathe: Cardio Kicks

cdayley 06-30-21 10:33 PM

July :sun::sun:
7/1: 2 mile walk and gardening
7/3: 2.5 mile dogvwalk and gardening
7/4: 2 mile dog walk
7/5: 3 mile treadmill walk and gardening

Dancing Queen 07-01-21 05:59 AM

Joyful in July!
Cardio Total: 25.5 min/day (last month 36.5 min/day; PR = 55.4 May '20)
Strength Total: 5.7 min/day (last month 9.9 min/day; PR = 17.2 Aug '20)
Yoga/Meditation Total: 19.5 min/day (last month 8.9 min/day; PR = 47.7 Mar '20)

Word for the Year: Flourish

1 Shaun T. Rockin' Body (Mark, Move, and Groove), Disco Abs (Bodies on Fire), Do More Pilates Mat (Core Strength and Balance), 10 min PT, 9 min meditation
2 31 min water aerobics, 8 min outdoor walking, 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
3 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Minnesota), 4 min PT, 15 min meditation
4 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
5 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Oregon), 4 min PT, 11 min meditation, Yoga Zone Yoga for Abs (Practice 1)
6 Doonya Bollywood Abs, Glutes, and Cardio (Warmup Cardio Express), Cathe LITE Pyramid Pump (Lower Body - Pyramid Up), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
7 5 min dance party, Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Kansas), 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
8 Gina B. Power Walk Through the 00s (Warmup, Walk 1, Cool Down), Do More Pilates Mat (Slow Ab Burn), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation
9 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (West Virginia), 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
10 34 min water aerobics, 8 min outdoor walking, 4 min PT, 18 min meditation
11 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
12 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Nevada), 10 min PT, 11 min meditation, Yoga Zone Yoga for Abs (Practice 2)
13 Kukuwa Dance (30-Minute Workout), Cathe LITE Upper Body Stacked Sets (Pyramid Pump Lower Body), 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
14 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Nebraska), 10 min PT, 11 min meditation, Cathe Perfect 30 Flow (Strength and Flexibility)
15 Body Groove Fit (Workouts 1 and 2), 10 min PT, 12 min meditation, Rodney Yee Abs Yoga for Beginners
16 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
17 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Colorado), 4 min PT, 18 min meditation
18 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
19 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (North Dakota), 4 min PT, 12 min meditation, Cathe Perfect 30 Flow (Mobility Basics)
20 Body Groove Fit (Workout 3), Cathe LITE Metabolic Blast (Calorie Crush, Main Workout), 4 min PT, 12 min meditation
21 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (South Dakota), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation, Cathe LITE Metabolic Blast (Extended Stretch #2)
22 Body Groove Fit (Workouts 4 and 5), Cathe LITE Metabolic Blast (Pyramid Pump Back, 6-Pack Abs #2), 10 min PT, 10 min meditation
23 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Montana), 10 min PT, 11 min meditation, Yoga Zone Yoga for a Strong and Healthy Back (Practice 1)
24 4 min PT, 19 min meditation
25 4 min PT, 8 min meditation
26 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Washington), 10 min PT, 9 min meditation, Yoga Zone Yoga for a Strong and Healthy Back (Practice 2)
27 Body Groove Dance Your Heart Out (Relax and Restore), 10 min PT, 8 min meditation
28 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
29 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Idaho), 4 min PT, 9 min meditation, Body Groove Dance Your Heart Out (Self-Care Session)
30 Jenny Ford Walk Across America (Wyoming), 12 min outdoor walking, 37 min water aerobics, 10 min PT, 11 min meditation, Yoga Zone Gentle Yoga for Beginners (Practice 1)
31 4 min PT, 23 min meditation

donnamp 07-01-21 09:07 AM

:sun: July :sun:

1 - Pahla B - Fun Walking Cardio Party (July Playlist Day 1); Jessica Valent - Stretching for Tight Hips

2- Pahla B - Sweaty Strength for Fast Weight Loss (July Playlist 2); Jessica Valent - Herniated Disc routine

3 - Pahla B- Get in Shape Fast (July Playlist Day 3), Jessica Valent - Hip Pain Routine, Yoga w/ Bird 10 Min Full Body Yoga Stretch; outdoor walk

4 - Pahla B - Cardio Weight Loss Workout (July Playlist Day 4), Yoga w/ Bird - Pilates Core Workout, Pilates Inner Thigh, Pilates Arms, 5 Min Yoga Stretch; outdoor walk

5 - Pahla B - Firming Weight Loss over 50 (July Playlist Day 5), Megan McCarthy - Somatic Low Back and Psoas Release, short outdoor walk

6 - Pahla B - Walking & Balance Challenge (July Playlist Day 6), Yoga w/ Bird 5 Min Standing Full Body Flow & Full Body Yoga Stretch to feel Refreshed; Lucy Wyndham Read 1,000 step workout, 15 min walking workout

7 - Pahla B - One Mile Boosted Walk w/ Light Weights (July Playlist Day 7), Trifecta Pilates - Core Connection, mall walk

8- Jessica Valent - Full Body Pilates Toning Workout (45 min)

9 - Pahla B - Weight Training for Weight Loss (February Playlist Day 1), Jessica Valent - Pilates for Scoliosis

10 - Outdoor walk, Jessica Valent - Lower Body Blast

11 - Pahla B - Fun Cardio for Weight Loss (February Playlist Day 2), Jessica Valent - Gentle Pilates for Beginners; Ellen Yoga Tone

12 - Ellen/Michelle - Dance Party; Blessful Body - Love Your Core - Day 1 (TA)

13 - Ellen - Power Fusion; Jessica Valent - PT for SI joint pain

14 - Lively Ladies - 20 Min Low Impact Energizing Cardio Workout; Jessica Valent - Quick Arms & Core Workout; PT for SI Joint

15 - Ellen - Fat Burning Fusion 2; Jessica Valent - PT for SI Joint, routine for neck pain

16 - Ellen - Gentle Barre

17- Off - Travel

18 - Off- Travel

19 - Ellen - Fat Burning Fusion

20 - Off- Travel

21 - Caroline Sandry - Pilates in Motion - Upper Body; Caroline Sandry Chair Pilates - Upper Body

22 - Outdoor walk/hike, Caroline Sandry - Chair Pilates - Total Body

23 - Caroline Sandry - Pilates in Motion - Lower Body; Caroline Sandry - Pilates for Beginners - Introductory Practice

24 - Nadia Narian - Yoga For Everyone Series - Strengthening Flow

25 - Jenny Ford - March Across America - Utah; Jane Adams - Yoga for Beginners - Complete Floor Practice

26 - CocoLime - 25 Min Full Body Stretch

27 - CocoLime - 20 Min Iso Tone Workout; 15 min relaxing stretch (MITFIT 90)

28 - Caroline Jordan - Daily Weight Loss Workout, CocoLime - Beginner Hip Hop Workout; Caroline Jordan -Neck stretches for Neck Pain Relief

29 - CocoLime - Tone & Stretch # 1

30 - Lively Ladies - 20 Min Energizing Low Impact Cardio, Jessica Valent - Gentle Full Body Stretch

31 - Jane Adams - Morning Routine

T2B 07-05-21 05:19 PM

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!

AsSweet - congrats on finishing your rotation. Cardio Club (?) is my favorite of the 3 workouts, perfect timesaver length & music. I have Zumba Sticks. The WW sticks seem better for holding, a little more texture.

AsSweetAsSugar 07-06-21 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by T2B (Post 2932159)
Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!

AsSweet - congrats on finishing your rotation. Cardio Club (?) is my favorite of the 3 workouts, perfect timesaver length & music. I have Zumba Sticks. The WW sticks seem better for holding, a little more texture.

Thank you! :heart: Yes, Cardio Club! Great music and lot of fun. Hope you had a great weekend yourself! I also need a recovery week.

I keep getting a database error tonight, I had to look for our check-in via tag to be able to post.

AnMrsDe 07-08-21 10:44 AM

How is everyone doing?

Great to see you back this month, Math Teacher! :heart: What kind of hip ailments are you having? I noticed you've been doing a lot of Jessica Valant hip workouts and need to know if I should check these out, LOL!

Jane, good luck with your Heat workouts this month! Is it me or does Yvette seem to be posting more "doable" workouts lately? Maybe the summer heat is zapping her energy too! ;) I'm sure it gets mighty hot out there by her pool. I'm thrilled I can find some that are sustainable for me right now with all my arthritis issues. :heart:

T2B, and speaking of the heat zapping energy, LOL, go with the flow and do what feels good for you right now. Sometimes I have workouts specified for the week and then that day comes and I don't feel like doing what I have listed! I think last month I constantly changed things around (due to the heat and my limitations). I've been finding Olivia Lawson perfect for my selections lately and can be done barefoot! :sun:

ASAS/Bex, congrats on finishing your rotations! Bex, I know you will do that last #50 workout, so I'm not worried! ;) Great job, ladies! :cool:

To all: great job on the workouts this month! Stay cool & motivated, everyone!

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