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BeckyG 03-16-03 12:44 AM

Anyone going to SF CardioMania?
Hi -- Is anyone going to the SF Cardio Mania? I see there is a Staff Assistant program. I would love to do this as I have the spare time (I am currently unemployed). BUT... I am NOT in the fitness industry, just a home video enthusiast (and I may be too old at 40!). I have never attended a fitness conference, so I have no idea what it's like. Would I be completely out of place? I am in pretty good shape, I would be able to make it through at least one workout :)

Any advice???? Anyone else going????

Caroline Kim 03-16-03 01:53 AM

Hi Becky - Do you mean Cardio Classic next weekend? Look under VFer News and Events - some Bay Area VFers are planning to attend so you might want to meet up with them.

I went to the last 2 and took 5 classes in one day. It's tough but most classes included a lecture before the actual workout. I really enjoyed it and it was so cool to take live classes from my favorite video instructors. Even if you don't attend the classes, the expo itself is free and some people go just for that.

Celia M 03-16-03 11:51 AM

Of course you can
Becky, I hope you will go to Cardio Classic. There are at least a few of us doing classes, plus others who'll be at the Expo. Which reminds me, I have to post about our "get together" on Saturday (stay tuned).

Also, I just got another e-mail from SaraCity that they still need staff assistants, and you certainly qualify. My experience has been that my fellow VFers are in as good or better shape than many of the fitness professional attendees, so don't be at all intimidated! I think they'd love to have the help.

And if you're concerned about being too old for this crowd at 40, then I'm in big trouble since I'm 43. Seriously, lots of people our age will be there.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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