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Diana3271 06-30-21 08:21 PM

July 2021 ~ Walk On & On ~ New Check-In Buddies Are Always Welcome!
What started as a Leslie walk challenge has morphed into a wide variety of workouts and lots of support and encouragement! Join us, if you're looking for a friendly check-in, that's not limited to one type of exercise!

Diana3271 07-01-21 09:26 AM

Good Morning, Everyone!

Steps for yesterday: 5,049
This Morning: Oxycise

Have a Blessed day and stay safe and healthy!

monterey vidiot 07-01-21 12:20 PM

Diana, thanks for starting our month.

Back later.

lynnf 07-01-21 04:41 PM

barre 3 30 minutes and my stretches. Then PT, which turned out the by Physical Torture. I had made progress diligently doing my stretches 5X a day. Then the therapist started pushing on my shoulder making it hurt like hell for 15 minutes. He got the arm to bend in ways it hadn't for a long time, but it sure did not feel good. He was happy about it though. I never want to go back. I have to go back two times next week.

monterey vidiot 07-01-21 08:51 PM

Lynn, I'm so sorry the PT hurts. (((hugs)))

I did Brett day 3 today and was relieved to see that tomorrow is a rest day. I still might do my KB swings, but haven't gotten around to them.

lynnf 07-01-21 09:30 PM

The therapist said it was just like exercise, you have to push yourself to make progress. I told him I would rather be exercising. He thought this was funny. We did do exercises for the second half of the session, which was fine. I actually think it is working, but I am sure not looking forward to the next round.

Diana3271 07-01-21 09:48 PM

Hi Everyone!

Lynn Ouch, that sounds rough.

Check-In: 75 minute outdoor walk and CS 823 Stretch & Strengthen the Lower Body

Have a Blessed evening!

Diana3271 07-02-21 08:02 AM

Good Morning, Everyone! Happy Friday!

So observation for me. I have found if I go to bed to late I don't sleep well and I end up waking too early. Last night I went to bed around 11:30. I woke at 5:30 and decided to go to the restroom. I didn't feel like I would go back to sleep so I took some low dose melatonin. I dozed back off and then DH got up. So here I am sleepy and tired from not enough sleep AND the melatonin. I think I need extra coffee today. I really need to make sure I am in bed by 10 PM.

I have been keeping track of my steps since getting a smart phone. My goal has always been to have at least 10,000 steps for my monthly average. June was the first time I was able to hit that goal!

Steps for yesterday: 15,440
This Morning: Oxycise

Have a Blessed day and stay safe and healthy!

monterey vidiot 07-02-21 03:49 PM

Diana, yes sleep is important, and the timing can be tricky. After DD got her shots and waited a week or 2, she didn't want me driving her to work anymore. Yay. Now I don't have to set an alarm or worry about getting back to sleep if I wake up too early.

Today is a rest day in the Brett program, which is a relief. I swam laps and did KB swings.

I'm going to have company for the first time since shelter in place. My best dancing friend is going for a vacation (no cost to her; her boss family has a vacation home in Big Sur and they're giving her a treat of staying there for a few days) and I invited her to break up the drive & stay a night in my guest room. She'll be here next Friday.

lynnf 07-02-21 08:37 PM

barre 3 and more stretching. I am trying to make the stretches as intense as I can in the hopes that I will gain more range of motion and the therapist won't have to push my muscles as far next time and it won't be as painful. Of course that makes it more painful now.

Diana, melatonin never worked well for me.

Cynthia, enjoy your visitor.

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