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BeckyG 09-20-19 12:42 AM

VHS Videos
I have about 80 VHS videos I'm about to take to Goodwill. Is there anyone who would want VHS videos?

Firm Classics/Parts/etc - 25 (including the original classics in clamshells)
Kari Anderson - 12
CIA - 9
Assorted other - GForce, Cathe, Gin Miller, Franny Bendetto, Keli Roberts, Andre Houle, Lynne Brick, Karen Voight......... 09-20-19 04:51 AM

Can you PM or email me regarding this?

Paula N 09-20-19 07:05 AM

Hi Becky,

I am always on the lookout for old CiAs on VHS, if you have any left.

If you don't mind, could you PM or email me?


maitai 09-20-19 08:07 AM

Please, post the list.
My Philip Grey Cardio Cuts died.
May want Andre also.

Kitten 09-20-19 08:08 AM

I still do vhs.
I may be interested in the Kari Anderson's.

Edit: and the Keli Roberts'

Garrie A. 09-20-19 09:43 AM

Me! I'm especially looking for CIA 9802 with Faith Scaranzi (sp?). Please let me know what you have.

Also looking for GForce and vintage Cathe

Joni O 09-20-19 10:52 AM

Iím looking for Body Art with Marianne Nicolosi, of you have that one.

sugar rose 09-20-19 01:13 PM

I’ve been looking for old CIA vhs tapes and would be very interested! Also Kari Anderson and Franny Benedetto, please pm or email me. Thanks!

adawn 09-20-19 01:36 PM

I'm also looking for old VHS. My collection is mostly complete but I'd be interested in which Kari Anderson, CIAs, Philip Gray, Andre Houle's, etc. you have left.

I need a better copy of CIA 2K04 Kicked Up Step for sure.

PM me if you have any VHS remaining.

cailleach 09-20-19 04:58 PM

And I, too look out for old CIA tapes and would love to know what CIA VHS tapes you have along with Kari.

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