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KateTT 01-04-21 11:03 AM

FitChicks - Welcome all in 2021 - BE FIERCE
Finally getting us started on a new thread. Sorry for the delay. I literally have not turned on my computer since Thursday.

Today I started something new...Beachbody's Muscle Burns Fat. I've had this on my pending to-do list for a while..time to dig in!

I'm also doing the rotation my way so today was Day 3 Upper + Day 1 Lower Body Burn.
These are 30 min workouts so I decided to put two together each day. I also am doing them slightly out of order. I wanted to do Upper first while my arms were still strong. LOVE the isolation work...working just one side at a time. Also slower pace = heavier lifting. I lifted much heavier than Megan Davies. She is a fine instructor. I have never done any of her workouts before.

Lower was very good too and again I used much heavier weights to get the challenge I need/want. I really like the slightly slower pace.

In between each set is jumproping with the BOD ropes. Don't have those so did air ropes. ;)

Happy 2021. How fierce will you be this year? :sun:

Mickey12 01-04-21 01:38 PM

Jules Jillian Michaels workouts kill me every time I do them so I can understand why you're sore! I don't know what it is about her because her workouts aren't crazy long. Although, I haven't done a Jillian workout in over a year according to my 2020 logs. I was doing a lot more Cathe last year so maybe I should try a Jillian now to see how it feels.

I never tried cross country skiing but I think I would really like that.

Kate thanks for starting the 2021 thread. I was hoping things were ok with you. I hope you were busy with fun things and that's why you didn't turn on your computer for so long. :heart:

I did a sample workout of Muscle Burns Fat with Megan back in the summer when her program first came out. It was ok to me. I'm sort of tired of drill based cardio and would love to see more choreographed stuff in the future. I've got plenty of older workouts to fill that need though. I know you will have fun with it!

Malinda 01-04-21 02:18 PM

Happy New Year, FitChicks!!!
Hi girls!

I am so sorry for being MIA. I have a hard time with the holidays because my routines are disrupted. I hate being such a creature of habit, but that is how I keep myself mentally healthy. This year there was minimal holiday disruption, but just enough to get me a bit off-balance when coupled with DH's surgeries and my own bulging disc in my back deciding to act up.

DH's shoulder is recovering unbelievably well. He's been walking for cardio, and started riding his road bike again (set up on a trainer in the workout room). He thinks he'll be ready to run again very soon. We are so thankful!

I had some injections last week to try to settle my back down, and they helped a lot. I think I aggravated it doing a move in 6 Weeks of the Work -- I'm afraid that the clean and press is a move I should skip from now on.

I decided to put all of my workouts in a spreadsheet instead of keeping the paper calendars I have. I started logging in February 2009. It has been a fun trip down memory lane to be going through the logs.

Funny you guys should mention Jillian, because I decided to do a modified Ripped in 30 rotation for January! I started with Level 1 this morning.

I keep meaning to check out the MBF workouts on BBOD. I hope you enjoy them, Kate!

I hope to be much more faithful about posting in the new year. I've been reading everyone's posts, and I certainly appreciate you guys asking about me and DH.

Happy 2021!

Malinda 01-04-21 02:21 PM

I meant to ask you guys...

Cathe is having a 25% off sale on her bundles. I am eyeing Ripped with HIIT and ICE. If you had to choose, which one would you select?

I may get both. Or neither. But I consider y'all experts on Cathe workouts!

Mickey12 01-04-21 08:07 PM


Originally Posted by Malinda (Post 2906044)
I meant to ask you guys...

Cathe is having a 25% off sale on her bundles. I am eyeing Ripped with HIIT and ICE. If you had to choose, which one would you select?

I may get both. Or neither. But I consider y'all experts on Cathe workouts!

Malinda I would post that question in the General Discussion section. You'll get a lot more varied opinions. I have just about every Cathe workout she ever put out (excluding the Lives) but I'm not really an expert because I don't do them a lot, relatively speaking. I would just end up telling you to get both if you can afford it. :p

fanofladyvols 01-04-21 09:52 PM

Malinda glad to hear all is well! And those two sets are different from my limited experience as I only have a few of each. What are you hoping the sets will provide?

If you have the LITE set and want something different, get Ripped. If you are wanting something similar to LITE, then get ICE.

NOW, If you just need something new, and can afford both..Get Both :D

Kate thanks for starting us off! Good luck on your new MBF adventure!

Kim and Jules I am scared of Jillian. Even had a set of hers and as soon as she started yelling/talking, I had to stop. I'm so sensitive to vocal tones. Which is WEIRD since I'm tone deaf!! :p

Jules 01-04-21 11:07 PM

Made it thru Monday - I will sleep well tonight! I did BodyShred: Launch yesterday followed by Yoga 30 for 30: Gentle. This morning I did BodyShred: Rise and then did Ultimate Yogi: Flexibility after work. BodyShred follows Jillian's 3-2-1 method (3 minutes resistance, 2 minutes cardio, 1 minute core). Each week features a push circuit, a pull circuit and a cardio day done twice each with 1 rest day. Her cardio days are similar to Insanity. I am thinking I will do whatever cardio I feel like on those days. :p

Kate: I checked out the preview of Muscle Burns Fat and it looks awesome! I like all the kettlebell-inspired moves. She seems great! Those BOD ropes look like fun too - I am going to put them on my fitness wish list. :D

Kim: I am not sure what it is about Jillian either but she is tough. Kind of like Insanity Lite.

Malinda: Sorry to hear about your back. :( Hopefully the pain stays far away. I looked up Ripped in 30 and it is very similar to BodyShred, but 30 days instead of 60.

I LOVE Ripped with HiiT. Definitely one of Cathe's best series IMO. It is advanced and the weight work is intense. I also have ICE and it is great, but it is intermediate. You can up the intensity by lifting heavier and doing the Blizzard Blasts. If I could only purchase one it would be Ripped with HiiT.

Linda: You made me LOL with your Jillian comments. She does tend to yell nonstop but it motivates me. She pokes fun at the cast and I feel like we are all suffering together, but in a good way. :)

KateTT 01-05-21 01:10 PM

Mickey: Since I work from home on a computer, there are times during the weekends when I don't even check emails. I just need to unplug.

Malinda: I can SO relate. If my routine gets too messed up I feel out of sorts. I'm glad the holidays are behind us and back to a regular work schedule.
I vote for Ripped with HiiT. ICE was good too but I much prefer RwH. So many options/mixes.

Linda: Although Jillian's workouts are good, I just can't handle her. Too rude, needs to pull up her pants. We just don't click.

Jules: I kind of like the look of those BOD ropes too. I can't use real jump ropes because my ceilings are low and I suck at jumproping. Maybe....

Today I did Xtrain All Out Low Impact HIIT Extreme Mix 16. That mix adds on the floor cardio again before the stretch. Wish she had a mix that repeated all the cardio sets but I guess I could just do that myself. Hard to stay low impact...I kept wanting to jump so I did a little.

Really good to see everyone! Got any goals this year? That could be the QOTD.

Jules 01-05-21 07:08 PM

Just checking in quick to say I did BodyCombat 66 this morning. I am having a cup of coffee and then I plan to do Flexibility & Beyond: Spine.

QOTD: My fitness goals for this year are to stay healthy and strong and lose about 15 pounds. I am definitely going to keep practicing yoga since it is helping my tendonitis.

KateTT 01-06-21 10:38 AM

Good morning!! Amped up and ready for my day! Workouts really keep me going!

Today I did MBF Day 2 Core Circuit + Day 4 Core Circuit. Both the same format..three rounds of cardio and three rounds of core. Really pretty good. None of the cardio was killer but still got my HR way up and sweat pouring. The core work was excellent. Nothing out of the ordinary but I love working my core so probably why I liked it so much.
These two are perfect to put together!

I think my goal for this year is to keep up with my fasting. I got WAY out of whack with the holidays, eating a lot of sugar too. Now I'm back to no carbs and one meal a day. I feel better already! More mentally alert and plenty of energy.


Mickey12 01-06-21 07:54 PM

QOTD my goals for this year: at first I was going to say I donít have any goals. But after thinking about it, I guess I do. I want to continue to be consistent with my workouts and try to break my goal of 306 workouts which is how many I did for 2020. I havenít always kept track, but 306 was my highest in the last three years.

Iím going to do some yin tonight. Oh, I guess thatís another goal for this year. I want to do more yoga. :heart:

Jules 01-07-21 09:45 PM

Quickie Post

Yesterday I did BodyShred: Launch + Yoga 30 for 30: Even Flow
Today I did BodyShred: Rise + Level Up: Upper Body Yin
Tomorrow will be my cardio day. I might do a spin session.

Looking forward to the weekend - just one more day to go.

Stay Strong!

KateTT 01-08-21 12:22 PM

Kim: You know, I have never actually counted how many workouts in a year. I just exercise M-F without fail - or at least with very few exceptions. Weekends are for work around the house, errands, gardening, and more Yoga. I should count them up for 2020 and see what I get.
Good goals!

Jules: You seem to really like Travis' practices. Got any favorites? He really does have some of the most magic Yin practices.

Yesterday was Cathe Great Glutes Extreme mix. Just a bit over an hour and includes ALL the leg work, floor, weighted, barre, stability ball. Cooked my butt! And definitely feeling it now. However, later in the day I did Rudy's Functional Hamstrings Yoga from Udaya and it felt SO much better. I'm not as sore today as I thought I would be.

Today I did MBF Day 5 Full Body Burn + Day 6 Power Ignite. Again both 30 min workouts and actually fairly similar in how they work the body.
Full Body was a little heavier lifting but starting to incorporate some kettlebell inspired moves which keeps the HR up more. Megan went pretty heavy so I stayed with her on some, heavier on others.
Power Ignite was lighter weight, body weight and more metabolic.
So both workouts really worked my whole body quite well. The only thing I'll do is not schedule a Cathe leg day and one of these back to back.

Yoga pending but probably another Rudy practice.

Have a wonderful weekend! :sun:

Malinda 01-09-21 02:17 PM

Hi FitChicks!

Y'all are killing it for 2021 so far!

I have thus far resisted hitting the Buy key for any new Cathe workouts, but if I do, it will be Ripped with HIIT. I was already leaning towards that one, since I do love lifting and HIIT, and hearing from y'all, I feel pretty good about that decision. A friend let me try the ICE Metabolic workout and I really liked it, so I will try to get that one on a Deal of the Day sometime.

I looked into Body Shred, but I don't think the DVDs are available anymore. I think maybe downloads are available, but I haven't looked into it thoroughly. I like Jillian's 3-2-1 format, but I am already tired of Level 1 of Ripped in 30 after only doing it twice! My plan was to do L1 on M-W-F for one week, then move to L2 on M-W-F of the next week, and so on, but yesterday I simply could not face L1 again, so I did L2. Perhaps I should do L1 on Monday, L2 on Wed, and L3 on Fri for a few weeks instead. I recall disliking Level 4 when I did these workouts before, but I will give it a shot when I can't stand the other levels anymore.

Workouts for the week:

Mon - Ripped L1
Tues - Turbo Fire HIIT 30
Wed - Ripped L1
Thurs - Walked 5.5 miles - and listened to my favorite fun podcast, The Office Ladies - it was just what I needed!
Fri - Ripped L2
Sat - 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jules 01-11-21 07:37 PM

Not much to report here. I took the weekend off from working out because I felt like I was fighting off a cold. Feeling much better this morning, I did BodyShred: Launch and followed it up with Travis' Short & Sweet #1. I might do some yin yoga tonight or just a few stretches on my own.

Malinda: You had a great week! Of all the ICE workouts, the Metabolic one is my favorite. For me it is the toughest workout in that series. The Blizzard Blast is very challenging! I like your idea of mixing up the different level workouts of Ripped in 30 to keep you motivated!

Kate: Travis is far and away my favorite yoga instructor; I just feel so darn good when I follow his practices! I really like Bryan Kest as well, but not his swearing. I agree that Travis' yin practices are pure gold. What are you up to this week - more MBF?

Waves to Linda and Kim and everyone else out there :)

Mickey12 01-12-21 01:20 PM

Jules I have Jillian's Body Revolution but not Body Shred. I think Revolution came out before Shred and it's a little easier? Am I just making that up? Truth be told, I never finished Body Revolution and I'm not sure I did very many of the workouts. I also have all of Jillian's single DVDs. According to my logs, I didn't do a single Jillian workout in 2021. :eek:

Malinda good luck with the Ripped in 30 rotation. I'm very rotationally challenged. I'm so willy nilly all over the place with my workouts. I just do what I feel like on any given day. :p Do you have other Jillian workouts that you could substitute in for the Ripped in 30 ones?

Oh, and I checked on Amazon and Body Shred is available on DVD. Not that I'm enabling or anything. ;)

Hope everyone is enjoying a good week. I only had a half day of work yesterday because the building didn't have heat. At first I was disgusted that they closed the office, but once I got home it was such a nice, unexpected afternoon of relaxing. It was very, very nice. :heart:

KateTT 01-12-21 01:43 PM

Malinda: I'd go for RwH too. Such a versatile and FUN set! One of my favorite Cathe sets. And what a GREAT mix of exercises for you!

Jules: Glad you're feeling better. Thought you might like to see this since you're into Yin Yoga.
I have only tried one of her practices but I really liked it.

Mickey! Enjoy your day at home. I love being able to work from home!!

So this week.
Yesterday was MBF Day 10 Upper + Day 8 Lower Body Burn. I really like putting two together. Half hour just isn't enough for me. Basically the same format but some new exercises and you're supposed to increase your weight a little. Some of the upper body stuff got challenging as I was using a 25lb dumbell.
Yoga was a new practice on Power Yoga from Steve Jones called V3 - working your way into Warrior 3. Only half hour but really sweet.
I noticed PY has a bunch of new classes so I'll be going there for my Yoga fix this week.

Today I did Cathe Strong & Sweaty Cardio Slam Mix 1. That includes all the cardio plus the core work. I had only done Cardio Slam one time way back in 2016 so this was a nice surprise. Floor cardio, then floor cardio around your mat and floor cardio on and around step top. Really basic but good moves. Some higher impact but not too bad. I noticed there is the same mix but with modifications. Might have to check that out.

Yoga will be from Power Yoga as I said. Not sure what yet.
HI all!!

Malinda 01-12-21 04:06 PM

Workouts so far this week:

Sun - Yoga with Adriene Low Back & Hips
Mon - Shaun Week, Day 1
Tues - Shaun Week, Day 2

Jules - Could there be any two more different instructors than Jillian and Travis? ;) What a fun combination!

Kim - I have Extreme Shed & Shred and 30 Day Shred - oh, and Yoga Meltdown. XS&S is a favorite of mine. It's a totally different format and she is a little more lowkey in it. I don't know how I missed Body Shred on Amazon!

Kate - I looked at MBF this weekend, and immediately went on Amazon and bought a cordless jump rope - it looks like so much fun!

DH was browsing BBOD this weekend to find some new workouts for himself. I never really get the chance to preview programs, so it was fun to sit on the couch with a cocktail and check things out! I decided to abandon my Jillian rotation and try Shaun Week. Today was Day 2 - Pure Cardio. Fun!!! If I'm not sick of Shaun T by the end of the week (not really, I love him), I might even try T25 again - I never made it past the Alpha phase. But then there is MBF out there, too... decisions, decisions.

Have a great evening everyone!

Mickey12 01-13-21 10:15 AM

I posted this in the Watulan check in, but I thought I'd ask here too. How many yoga mats do you guys have? I have 4 and I keep wanting to buy more. I love all the colors and patterns but I don't have any place to store them. Am I odd that I have more than one? :p

KateTT 01-13-21 11:58 AM

Malinda: Shaun week is excellent! There are SO many good workouts on BBOD. I'm hooked on 80 Day Obsession if you haven't checked that one out. Lots of room to grow!

Kim: I have 3 Yoga mats. One is too thin and just plain purple so I don't use that one as much. I have two very brightly colored/patterned mats from Gaia that have nice thickness too.

Today I did one I had not done in ages!! In fact the whole Strong & Sweaty set has been gathering dust for a long time. Strong & Sweaty Total Body Giant Sets was a blast and I went as heavy as I could and felt a great challenge. Legs are worked a lot but upper body gets a fair turn too. I feel great today!

Yesterday's yoga was a superb practice on Power Yoga from Steve Jones called From the Ground Up. Fantastic stretches literally from toes to fingers. Very mellow, super nice. A new fav.

Still checking out all the new practices on PY site so more from there later today.

HUGS! :sun:

Jules 01-13-21 10:29 PM

Wacky Wednesday! This morning was my cardio day and I did Les Mills The Trip #20. Definitely my new fave! This one is intense and has lots of standing hill climbs, speed work and jumps. I really like the music and futuristic scenery - reminds me of Blade Runner. I followed it up with Travis' Short & Sweet #2 ... Total Sweat Fest!

Yesterday I did BodyShred: Rise + Flexibility & Beyond Short & Sweet. This was the last BodyShred workout in Level 1. Tomorrow I will start doing the Level 2 workouts.

Kim: Great question! I have 2 yoga mats. One is a thinner Gaiam mat that I prefer to use for fast-paced practices. The second one is a mat that I found at Costco around Christmas.Ž-yoga-mat...100704547.html It is cushioned and I like using this one when I do yin yoga. It had a very strong odor at first but smells ok now. Of course I am tempted to buy one of those round mats!

Malinda: Shaun Week sounds like fun! I love him too. It is so nice to relax with Travis after Jillian yells at me, LOL.

Kate: Thanks for the link! Looks like she has some shorter practices which is what I am doing right now. I will have to give her a try. :) My Strong & Sweaty workouts have been gathering dust too. I like them so I don't know why I don't do them more often? I esp. like PHA Training and Cardio Slam.

KateTT 01-14-21 11:47 AM

Thursday already and MN is in the bullseye for a blizzard again. Just started snowing a little here and supposedly we're only supposed to get 1-2 inches in the next couple of days but really high winds. I grabbed some groceries yesterday so don't have to go anywhere. But you know what that means? Shovel Max.

Jules: I really have meant to check out some of the spinning workouts on LMOD but haven't. I would do them on my elliptical.

Today I did BOD MBF Day 9 Core Circuit + Day 11 Core Circuit. So although I am enjoying MBF, these workouts are getting a bit repetitive with the same exercises. I don't mind repeating things in the different rounds, but each workout really needs to be a bit more different. But I like these and the core work is good.

Yesterday I found a great 30 min practice on PowerYoga by Bryan Kest called Indulge or Discard. Mellow with just a wee bit of strength and lots of good stretches.
More Power Yoga later today!

Take care!!

Mickey12 01-14-21 12:24 PM

Jules I am SOOOOO tempted to buy a round mat. The thing that stops me is I really don't have any place to store it. I work out in my living room. As it is now I have my yoga mats rolled up and tucked under the couch and loveseat. There is just no place to store a large round mat.

Kate great idea to do spinning workouts on your elliptical. I do Cathe's spin workouts on the treadmill. It's not exactly the same, but I can get a good workout and God forbid I don't own every.single.Cathe.DVD ever created! :D

Our weather here in Pennsylvania has been really mild for January. Kate good thing you got your groceries ahead of time. I can tell you're very equipped to handle the Minnesota weather.

Hope everyone has a great day. :sun:

KateTT 01-15-21 11:40 AM

TGIF my friends!!!

Kim: I have easily been able to adapt spin workouts to my elliptical. Like all the Cardio Coach workouts.
Our weather has been extremely mild too. Only ONE day below zero and we should have had several by now. I can like it! :D

And the storm mostly missed me in the west central part of the state. In towards Twin Cities they got slammed. Only minimal Shovel Max for me.

Today I did MBF Day 12 Full Body Burn + Day 13 Power Ignite. These are two really good full body workouts. Similar to week 1, they use weights and bodyweight with a fair amount of kettlebell influenced moves. I love that Megan usually goes heavier! Although a couple of times when she used 5s or 8s, I used 10s and 15s.

So far, no dread with Muscle Burns Fat. Next week is the last week of the "regular" workouts then three weeks of MBF Advanced.
And I'm still going to mix with Cathe.

I also just got Paul Katami's 4x4 set in trade so after MBF/A I'll add those in to my rotation.

QOTD: What is the worst workout you've ever done? Like a "Joni-O" type workout?
That's a hard one. Right off the top of my head, I never cared for the RevAbs workouts.

Have a great weekend all!

Mickey12 01-15-21 12:35 PM

QOTD The worst workout I have ever done. Wow, unlike Kate I can think of tons of terrible workouts I've done. I recall a Heather Locklear VHS workout (remember back in the day when all the celebrities were putting out workout tapes?) I got at a flea market or very cheaply on Ebay or somewhere. One of my biggest pet peeves is when the aerobic moves are not on beat with the music and this workout was COMPLETELY off beat to the music. I just couldn't do it. It was truly awful for me.

I also bought a 10 DVD compilation of workouts that were from the early 1990's and repackaged. They were basically no-name instructors with really, really bad production. There was not one single workout in that set that was good for anything. Truly terrible. At least I didn't pay a lot for it.

I acquired an old Leslie Sansone VHS workout after reading here how much people loved Leslie. It was just her alone in a room that looked like a living room. I was dumfounded how anyone could find her workouts enjoyable given that she did only 4 different moves for an entire workout. After about 15 minutes I couldn't stand it anymore. Now since then, I bought a lot more of her workouts with background exercisers, various sets, etc. and I sincerely LOVE Leslie Sansone now. Actually, I wish I still had that old VHS workout because I can't figure out where it was filmed and I would like to see it again. :p

Jules 01-16-21 11:48 AM

Good Morning! I'm sipping coffee at my computer before I start my day. We got a little snow last night, but not enough for Shovel Max.

I started doing the Level 2 BodyShred workouts and I have to modify some of the moves now. These workouts are intense! On Thursday I did Amplify + Flexibilty & Beyond: Foundations. Yesterday I did Escalate + Yoga 30 for 30: Chi Flow. Today is my cardio day. I have not picked what to do yet.

QOTD: Tough question! I usually research my workout purchases in advance and only buy what I like. I do own some workouts that I rarely do because of the dread factor: Dream Body, Horizontal Conditioning & Tonique. I also have the Striptease workouts by Carmen Electra. Can't bring myself to do them. :p

Mickey12 01-16-21 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by Jules (Post 2907928)
Good Morning! I'm sipping coffee at my computer before I start my day. We got a little snow last night, but not enough for Shovel Max.

I started doing the Level 2 BodyShred workouts and I have to modify some of the moves now. These workouts are intense! On Thursday I did Amplify + Flexibilty & Beyond: Foundations. Yesterday I did Escalate + Yoga 30 for 30: Chi Flow. Today is my cardio day. I have not picked what to do yet.

QOTD: Tough question! I usually research my workout purchases in advance and only buy what I like. I do own some workouts that I rarely do because of the dread factor: Dream Body, Horizontal Conditioning & Tonique. I also have the Striptease workouts by Carmen Electra. Can't bring myself to do them. :p

We were watching an old episode of Monk this morning and Carmen Electra was in it. Funny how you brought up her workouts and I just saw her in a tv show.

Oh, and those Body Shred workouts look like that are seriously HARD! Good on you, Jules!

KateTT 01-18-21 01:23 PM

Kim: I've actually had more "bad" workouts but I couldn't seem to bring any single workouts to mind. I can't handle anything Jane Fonda.

Jules: I did Shovel Max on Saturday but we only got a couple inches of snow so I pushed it all out of the driveway with my push shovel. :D

Today I started Week 3 of MBF. MBF Day 17 Upper + Day 15 Lower Body Burn together again. Slight increases in weights and some similar moves but nice slower pace so you can go heavier.
I read the GD thread about MBF and MBFA - Kathy has enabled me before. I'm hoping that the Advanced workouts will still be fun even though Kathy said there was some dread.

Yoga will be from PY site again. Lots of new practices. :love:

Hope you all have a great week!

Jules 01-18-21 06:49 PM

Hi Gals! Today I did BodyShred: Amplify + Yoga 30 for 30: Flow & Stretch. Amplify felt a tad easier today than last week. Yesterday was Flexibility & Beyond: Hips. On Saturday I did BodyCombat 77.

Kim: I love Monk too! It's my go-to comfort show. :p

Kate: I had to do about an hour of Shovel Max yesterday too. Just a couple of inches but it was the heavy, wet kind. Do you plan to jump right into MBFA?

Malinda 01-19-21 09:36 AM

Happy Tuesday!

It is warm and muggy here in Central Texas today; we had snow one day last week - like, a couple of inches - it was so exciting! I'm sure you ShovelMax experts are rolling your eyes!

Catching up on workouts:

Wed. - Shaun Week, Day 3 - Weights
Thurs. - 5.75 mile walk
Fri. - Shaun Week, Day 4 - Abs
Sat. - Off
Sun. - Body Project's Cardio Starter with DH
Mon. - Shaun Week, Day 5 - Riptensity - wow

Today I will do Shaun Week, Day 6, which I think is Speed. I've enjoyed these workouts.

Kim - I only have one yoga mat, and I rarely drag it out now that we have puzzle mats on the entire workout room floor.

Kate - I have eyed 80 Day Obsession but never taken the leap. I've done the Cardio Flow workout from A Little More Obsessed a couple of times, and I liked it.

Jules - Great job on sticking with your rotation! I used to be so good at that...

QOTD, worst workout? I bought a boxing workout at Half Price Books way back when I first started working out to videos, and it was quite dreadful. I have no idea who the instructor was, but it was in a boxing ring and very dark and just not what I was looking for. That's the only one I can think of. As I've said before, the few Firm workouts I tried didn't thrill me, but they weren't bad - just not for me.

I hope this is a great week for everyone!

Jules 01-19-21 06:56 PM

Checking in today with BodyShred: Escalate + Yoga 30 for 30: Twists. I'll probably hit the spin bike tomorrow.

Malinda: I bet you don't see snow too often in Texas! Did you build a snowman? Shaun Week sounds like fun. Maybe some day I will subscribe to BBOD now that there is a lot of new content. I'm also tempted to resubscribe to Cathe Live. So many awesome workout choices these days - we are lucky. :sun:

Mickey12 01-20-21 12:43 PM

Jules we never watched Monk when it aired originally. I came upon repeats recently and I've been taping them. I love Tony Shahloub and I love the theme song by Randy Newman. The show is such fun nonsense!

Malinda When I was a kid my aunt/uncle and cousins lived in Texas. It was a big deal when they got snow and I recall they had pictures of a snowman they made in the front yard one time. Fun memories!

KateTT 01-20-21 02:15 PM

I'm here...busy days. Catching up!

Yesterday I stumbled through Cathe's Cardio Fusion. Not the intensity that threw me, but the choreography. But a good, sweaty workout for sure.
Yoga from PY - Bryan Awkward & Unique. A very different flow but really good.

Today I kicked my own butt with Cathe Strong & Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body + LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets Lower. Oh my! The S&S was really excellent! I hadn't done this set for a while and it was great to revisit. Going heavy and I'm sure feeling it.

LITE Lower was superb. This was brand new to me and I was thrilled with another great Cathe lower body workout! Good variety of weights and I loved all the different types of moves. Feeling it everywhere! Top to bottom..great workout day!

Just getting ready for yoga - PY Dan Don’t Need to Go That Far.

I'll be back!

KateTT 01-21-21 10:53 AM

Hello my friends. I feel SO much better today! New President. WOMAN Vice President. Kindness and good morals are back in charge. Lifted a great negativity off this country. Just sayin'.

Today I did BOD MBF Day 16 Core Circuit + Day 18 Core Circuit. Not so thrilled with these as both of these workouts just seemed too repetitive even though there were a couple new moves. I just wasn't feeling the love. I pushed through but I'm glad this is the last week of MBF. Hoping MBF Advanced is a lot better.


Malinda 01-21-21 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by KateTT (Post 2908576)
Hello my friends. I feel SO much better today! New President. WOMAN Vice President. Kindness and good morals are back in charge. Lifted a great negativity off this country. Just sayin'.HUGS!

A huge +1!

Jules and Kim - We rarely get snow here, especially snow that actually sticks. I think it was only enough for a miniature snowman, but I didn't try! It was funny seeing the chickens' tracks in it - they really weren't phased by it at all, but their tracks were cute.


Tues - Shaun Week Day 6 - Speed 4.0 - this was a tough one!
Wed - Body Project Cardio Starter with DH again
Thurs - Shaun Week Day 7 - Dig Deeper - another toughie

So I made it through Shaun Week - It took me 11 days, but that is totally typical of me! I enjoyed all of the workouts, and will revisit some of them as stand-alones. Next up, I'll try MBF - I can't wait to try out my new cordless jump rope.

DH thinks he is ready to try Breathless Body again. We usually do it twice a month, but we haven't done it since his shoulder surgery. His recovery has just been awesome!

It's almost the weekend! Woo-hoo!

Jules 01-21-21 06:26 PM


Hello my friends. I feel SO much better today! New President. WOMAN Vice President. Kindness and good morals are back in charge. Lifted a great negativity off this country. Just sayin'.
+2 :music:

Every morning I have to find the willpower to work out, but after I am done I feel so accomplished! I am dieting so my energy isn't all there, but that's ok. I am slimming down.

Today I did BodyShred: Amplify + Travis' Short & Sweet #3. Yesterday I did a 35 minute power ride from Studio Sweat + Yoga 30 for 30: Gentle.

Malinda: You and Kate can work out virtually together to MBF! Please let us know what you think of the cordless jump rope.

Waves to All!

fanofladyvols 01-21-21 09:21 PM

Jules sorry to hear about your lower energy and dieting. Maybe you can switch up some of those macros to boost your energy back?

QOTD Goals...well it has to do with logging more. I used to count workout days but no I am wanting to increase my Prehab, and pilates workouts so I'm counting workouts (part of my ultimate resilience goal) Still pushing strength... really want to do a pull-up.
QOTD worst Workout...I have had two I remember...Yoga Booty ballet and Bizzie Gold ..I think it was Soul Sweat..could have been Shakti sweat. Either way, both of those I couldn't even do a minute..just... not! And I already told you all my fear of Jillian!

kim I have two ORANGE Nike mat and a purple super thick may that I use for cushioning. If I buy another mat, it will be a round one I think. I'm ALWAYS tempted by orange though ☺️

Kate I'm so jealous of your Katami acquisition! I'm going to end up buying it soon. Looks so good! Please share your thoughts!

Malinda I have a couple RWH workouts that I'm going to try. I feel like I need to get stronger to do them though. I'm sure you'll enjoy them . How's your husband?

I have been doing kettlebells, CS, and pilates. Feeling good doing it. Today was Yogalink Hip helpers. Will follow up with some pilates plus :-)

Have a good week all!

Jules 01-25-21 12:51 PM

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We enjoyed watching the NFL playoffs yesterday. My son and I have a short week coming up due to parent/teacher conferences and we are thinking about going skiing on Friday, but there hasn't been much new snow lately. Also, my daughter is an alternate for the speech & debate state competition this weekend, so we shall see. I may just use the extra 2 days off to catch up on house cleaning.

Friday: BodyShred: Escalate + Yoga 30 for 30: Yin
Saturday: 60 minute SpinCore from Studio Sweat
Sunday: Flexibility & Beyond: Splits
Today: BodyShred: Amplify + Yoga 30 for 30: Victory

Linda: I hate dieting! I will probably start adding in a maintenance day once per week to get my energy levels back up. :D Nice mix of workouts you've got going!

Malinda 01-25-21 01:25 PM

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

I started MBF yesterday. I think I am going to like them. I've toyed with doing two per day like Kate, but I only had time for one yesterday and today.

The cordless jump rope is fun! I can't twirl them quite as fast as everyone on MFB, but today I was better at it than yesterday, so I think it's a skill I can acquire.

Jules - I'm impressed that you are able to do those workouts when you're feeling low on energy.

Linda - Nice to see you! My DH is doing fantastic; thanks for asking. We couldn't have asked for a better recovery.

Kate - I am so sore from the MBF lower body workout yesterday! And I only used 8 lb. weights! I haven't done any weighted lower body work in quite a while. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of MBF Advanced.

Kim - Hi! I hope all is well with you!

fanofladyvols 01-25-21 05:39 PM

Malinda good to see you and isn't it funny how quickly the body gets accustomed to using to lower weights? I'm a little worried all this bodyweight stuff I have been doing may have me whipped when I return to pushing myself with weights again.

Jules I like all the options...well maybe not the cleaning..haha!

I am doing an abbreviated version of the Lauren Brooks squat and single deadlift challenge. I am combining days but doing them with bands this first go around so I can concentrate on form. I really like how she imbeds mobility in between sets. I plan to do CS and the MA60 workouts in between for cardio. I think it will work well.

Cheers for a Happy Monday to you all including Kim and Kate!!

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