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KateTT 12-17-21 01:44 PM

Hi all..quick checkin..the week got away from me. Again.

Mon: Live 25 Strong Upper Body with Core. I had actually done this way back when I had subscribed before. Super good, excellent core and lots of heavy weights.

Tues: Live 5 Cardio Leg Blast with High Step. Kick butt...literally. High step from 1 and 2 risers for the cardio, to 3, 4, and 5 for the strength work. Legs get burned out from every direction and plenty of cardio effect. Little floor work, little core, lots of butt ache.

Wed: Justin's Dr appointment...chemo "juice" numbers still going down to 74. Normal is 35. I did get in a little Yoga.

Thurs: Live 31 High Low Hiit and 207 Cardio Fusion. Both excellent together. 31 does use a 10lb weight to boost the cardio. Nice high and low and a bit of core work at the end. 207 was a great mix of boxing, old school cardio and HiiT. Most excellent together.

Today: Change of pace..Michelle Dozois Your Best Body Circuit. I just got this in a trade and first time doing it. Really nice. I love her Peak 10 workouts and this was just a tad easier but I also went heavier than Peak 10 and am feeling it. Circuits of cardio and strength and a little core.

Malinda 12-18-21 12:05 PM

Hi y'all!

It has been a super-busy year-end push at work, plus all the holiday goings-on. I'm still doing LIIFT4 but subbing in some #MBF for the lower-body workouts because I really don't care for some of the LIIFT4 LB stuff. I've been fighting vertigo for about 10 days and I'm about sick of it. I've done the Epley maneuver without much success. I'm trying to figure out what is causing it, because some days it's worse than others. Seems like even one glass of wine the night before results in a bad spell of it the next morning. :(

Kate, I'm glad Justin's numbers are going down.

Jules, I hope you enjoy your visit with your in-laws.

Hi Kim and Linda!

We've had icky warm, humid weather since Thanksgiving, but a cold front is blowing in right now so hopefully it will make it feel more "Christmasey".

Y'all take care! :heart:

Mickey12 12-21-21 01:01 PM

Malinda so sorry you're dealing with vertigo. I have had it (luckily it didn't last very long) and I wonder if it's somehow related to stress. It seemed to come on for me during very hectic times. I wish you the best with it.

I've been sort of slacking with workouts. I was on vacation for 11 days in Walt Disney World in the beginning of December and I'm still getting back into a routine. We did tons of walking daily - averaged 6 to 7 miles per day, so I feel like that should count as exercise. Now that I've been back home, I'm trying to get in a groove again but this time of year is tough with so much other stuff to do for Christmas.

Last night I did synergistics from P90X3. The workouts are formatted similarly to P90X but they are only 30 minutes. I like that a lot! :p

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

KateTT 12-22-21 02:58 PM

Hey girls!! Good workouts for you guys!!

Malinda: Oooh that vertigo sounds nasty. I get motion sickness which is an inner ear thing so I can sympathize. I hope you get over it soon.
I really liked those LiiFT workouts.

Mickey: Disney sounded fun! 11 days of vacation!! I wouldn't know what to do with myself!

Detoured from Cathe Live this week and hitting it with THE BEAST! LOL

Monday was Body Beast Bulk Arms and also Bulk Shoulders. Both about half hour each and heavy heavy lifting. It surprises me when I life heavier than the guys (except Sagi - he IS a beast).

Yesterday I did a new-to-me Chalene's Turbo Kick Best of #2. That was fun!! Not as hard as Turbo Fire but fun stuff and pretty much the same format.

Today Beast Build Legs + Bulk Legs. YOW! Pure wickedness! When Sagi brought out two 50lb dumbells for squats, I about choked! But I'd love to see how many reps I could do with 100lbs!!
My Yoga today was mostly all side and leg stretches. Ahhh.

Closing in on Christmas quickly. Making a run into town to get last minute groceries as I know the stores will all be nuts tomorrow and Friday.

HUGS you girls! Take care!

Jules 12-23-21 11:54 AM

Glad to hear that the FitChicks are still hanging in there though this busy holiday season.

Today is my daughter's b-day and we are picking up my in-laws at the airport. I have not worked out since Friday, but have been very active cleaning the house. Unfortunately, I hurt my knee again. I was shoveling the deck and it was extremely icy. I slid awkwardly and now my knee is talking to me again. I guess I probably do have a small cartilage tear in my inner knee somewhere. It was healing nicely before I slipped, so I going to keep my focus on doing strength and yoga (and make my son do all the shoveling!)

Malinda: I sure hope your vertigo issues have settled down. I had similar issues in the past and it makes it incredibly difficult to read, watch tv or converse with other people for very long. :( In my case, the dizziness was caused by temporomandibular joint anterior disc displacement without reduction. I have since figured out how to manipulate my jaw to get the disc to pop back into place which has helped 90% with the vertigo. I only really notice it if I am in a store with lots of narrow aisles.

Kim: All that walking at Disney definitely counts as exercise! I have always wanted to try P90X 2 and 3 - only have the original.

Kate: Congrats on out-lifting the Body Beast guys. Didn't you compete in bodybuilding back in the day? You are Fierce!

Hi Linda!

Merry Christmas to All! :love:

KateTT 12-23-21 03:12 PM

Jules: I didn't actually compete in body building, just started the training. I love lifting heavy. I can NOT outlift Sagi though...not even close. Today he used TWO 70s! for squats. :o
Hope your knee gets better!

Today I did Beast Bulk Chest and Bulk Back. Holy !@#!. I am sore but I felt so strong today. I still struggle with pullups but there were only a few. I had all my heavy weights out. Good stuff.

Not sure what I'll do tomorrow. We have a big garage cleaning project to do and I have the day off so maybe just some Yoga.

Have a wonderful happy loving Christmas everyone!!

Malinda 12-25-21 12:07 PM

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas FitChicks!

I hope each of you has a wonderful, blessed day!


KateTT 12-28-21 01:49 PM

Hey girls...still hanging in there? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. PLEASE let 2022 be a better year than the past 2.

Soooo...Xmas Eve was the 4 hours of garage cleaning. Yes it was that bad! I had bags and bags of garbage and junk.

Christmas was lovely! For the first time in many years, I was with BOTH my boys on Christmas Day. We've celebrated other days in the past so this was super nice. Grandkids were amazing as always! I didn't want to go home.

This week has been kind of a Tony Horton One on One rotation.
Mon I did Vol 3 Disk 10 Upper Body X plus half of ARX2. Lots of pushups, some weighted work, some band work. Goofy Tony.

Today I did Vol 2 Disk 11 On One Leg 4 Legs plus Vol 2 Disk 5 Butt & Belly I Dare you! Ohhhhh myyyyy! That was about 80 minutes of unweighted balancing leg work plus some core. Ow my butt! Amazing how no weights at all can really blast your legs and butt. The balancing was a huge factor. Burn!! Good stuff.

Tomorrow is a chemo day so I'll be gone all day. And the first CT scan since chemo started. Saying lots of prayers!

Take care all!

Jules 12-28-21 05:54 PM

Hey Gals! I just posted this question on GD - have any of you tried Travis' new PY 108 yet? I am trying to decide if I want to sign up for Inner Dimension TV before the rate goes up.

My in-laws are here for a couple more days so I have not really been working out much, but I did get in a BodyPump and one yoga session.

Today I signed up for a free year of Apple Fitness Plus and Peloton through my heath insurance. My knee is feeling better this week - hopefully I will be able to spin soon.

Kate - I hear you! Looking forward to 2022 being better! I am so glad you had a good time with the grandkids. Praying for Justin. :heart:

Mickey12 12-30-21 12:14 PM

Hey everyone,

Jules what features/benefits does the Apple Fitness Plus offer? I never heard of it. And did I understand that your health insurance pays for a Peloton subscription too? Wow, that's excellent! I have Inner Dimensions and I have to admit that I haven't even used it in the last 6 months or so. I have not tried the new PY 108 program. Sorry I can't be of any assistance.

Kate sounds like an epic garage cleaning! I like those Tony Horton One on One DVDs. I only have a few of them though. I did get some used ones through Mary that I haven't tried yet. I think they're in a format similar to his 10 Minute Trainer series so they're short.

Hey Malinda! Hope you had a very merry Christmas.

My workouts have been sporadic and not very interesting. I have been walking, and doing some new DVDs I got for Christmas. I need to get into a good rhythm with consistency. Last night I did a new one - 10 Minute Solutions 5 Day Fit Mix with Amy Bento. It was fun, lots of variety and moderate work.

We don't have any New Years plans except for dinner at my sister in law's house. We typically don't do any real celebrating for New Years and I am usually asleep before midnight.

Happy New Year!

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