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fanofladyvols 08-09-21 03:25 PM

Kim I love farmers markets! Today I have made a salad out of lots of veggies we have been getting from a friend. Excited for it! Did you snag the box of VHS on STW? If so, I can't wait to hear your adventures with it :D

Jules I am glad your knee is ok enough to still exercise. Wishing you continued healing. It took me about a year to really get my knee back but there are still some things I won't try.

This Saturday is my hike! So I going to keep pushing until Thursday. Then only do very low key stuff Thursday/Friday.

Today was Sandry Yoga pilates band strengthening and 21DF lower and pilates fix. I really have enjoyed these 21DF workouts. There's a guy in lower fix, Antonio, he's so smiley happy I wish I could work out with him in person. He looks like he's having as much fun as I am ...what a workout party that would be! :music:

Happy Monday Malinda and Kate!

Mickey12 08-10-21 12:18 PM

Linda I didn't get to the box of VHS on Share the Wealth in time. Someone was ahead of me. Bummer. She sent me a list of what she had and I really did have the vast majority of them already, but there were a few that I would have liked to try. I was willing to take the entire lot (even though I had most already) to help her out since she is moving, but apparently the other person also was taking everything.

I ordered some really old Leslie Sansone workouts from Amazon after reading another thread on the general discussion page and one of those came yesterday. I was trying to figure out what workout to do, I went to get the mail and there it was, so it was very serendipitous. BUT, when I looked at my Leslie collection, I realized I already had that particular DVD. :mad: I should have checked my stash before I ordered. :o I did the workout and enjoyed it though. Not sure if you're a Leslie fan, but it had more varied moves than her more recent workouts and I appreciated that.

Can't wait to hear about your hike. :D

I was going to go out for a walk at lunch but it's raining.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Malinda 08-10-21 01:58 PM

Hi everyone!

Now it’s my turn to apologize for being MIA. We met up with a group of friends in Taos, New Mexico last week. Each couple had their own house on the same street; everyone did their own thing during the day (sometimes together, sometimes apart) and then met up in the evenings. It was a lot of fun!

Kate - I am so sorry that your son is having so many health problems. I hope he can get stronger quickly so that he can get on with his surgery. On a different note, yay for new shoes!

Jules - I hope you are enjoying all that company. I’m afraid I would lose my mind, even with family that I love visiting for more than a couple of days. I am such a loner and my home is my safe space. I sure hope your knee continues to improve.

Linda - I hope you have an awesome hike! You’ll have to let us know all about it!

Kim - Your bounty from the Farmer’s Market sounds fabulous.

I managed to get a couple of workouts in while in Taos:

Thursday - 5.5 mile walk along the rim of a valley that was just breathtaking - both physically & visually!
Friday - Instructor(s) #20 & 21 - BurpeeGirl and Caroline Girvan - DH had edited together a combination of moves from a Low Impact Steady State workout by BurpeeGirl and a Steady State workout by Caroline Girvan to make a 45-minute LISS workout. It turned out to be a really good workout that I will definitely do again!

I was really draggy on Sunday and Monday after a 14 hour drive Saturday. Workouts after returning home:

Sunday - #MBF Day 2 Core Circuit
Monday - Core de Force MMA Mashup

So I managed to complete the 20 instructors challenge (though certainly not in 20 days). Now I’m itching for a rotation. I haven’t had time to figure out what I want to do next, but I’m considering another round of #MBF/#MBFA. In light of that:

Today - #MBF, Day 1 - Lower Body Burn

Apparently DH has overtrained his hips, so the pain during yoga was probably a strain of the hamstring at the insertion point into the glute. He has been doing a lot of hip rehab, plus he started doing swings and increased weight and reps WAY too fast (IMHO), plus he had added in several more plyo workouts to his monthly regimen. Like I said, he is a “turn it up to 11” kind of guy. So he is having to dial it back to a 3-4 for a while!

Have a great week, everyone!

fanofladyvols 08-10-21 11:04 PM

Kim awww, I was really hoping you were able to snag those! I don't know how anyone keeps the Leslie walks straight...they all look the same to me when I see the covers.

Malinda I hope your husband gives that hip all the time it needs to heal. (Trying to get my husband to do more mobility so he can lift without additional pain is a trial to say the least. )

Today was kettlebells cardio and ab work. Then I followed that with PIYO Drench. Boy is that workout a woman maker! Very long and tough on for me.

Wonderful Wednesday wishes to all!!

Mickey12 08-11-21 06:42 AM

Malinda that vacation in Taos sounds heavenly, well except for the 14 hour drive. Wow, that's a LONG time. Did you guys take turns? Question: were any of the other friends with you into fitness like you and your husband? My experience is that it's really hard to find other people who enjoy exercise.

Linda I noticed the time of your post. Are you normally awake at that time? :eek:

I'm hoping for a walk today at lunch since I have things to do after work and won't be able to exercise tonight.

Hello to Kate and Jules :sun:

fanofladyvols 08-11-21 08:29 AM


Originally Posted by Mickey12 (Post 2936898)
Linda I noticed the time of your post. Are you normally awake at that time? :eek:

Sometimes, yes \_(ツ)_/

fanofladyvols 08-11-21 07:23 PM

Today put on my camouflage leggings and did CIA 2904 kickbox surge premix plus fusion segment. So much fun!!

Mickey12 08-11-21 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by fanofladyvols (Post 2936995)
Today put on my camouflage leggings and did CIA 2904 kickbox surge premix plus fusion segment. So much fun!!

Is that the one with Kimberly Spreen?

fanofladyvols 08-11-21 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by Mickey12 (Post 2937001)
Is that the one with Kimberly Spreen?

Yes ma'am!

Malinda 08-13-21 11:19 AM

Hi Chicks! Happy Friday!

Linda - Have an AWESOME time on your hike! You are gonna kick a$$! Oh, and camouflage leggings? How cute!!

Kim - The group in Taos consisted of one couple with whom everyone is friends, and three other couples who know each other casually through that main couple. We really bonded with one of those couples on this trip - we found we had a lot in common with them. The woman runs, so we talked a lot about exercise, and how it keeps us sane, with her. She took a run one day on the route that we walked. I don't think anyone else that was there is into exercise like we are.

Hi Jules & Kate!

I had to take my boy kitty to the vet this morning; I think he has another UTI. I ended up having to leave him there for the day so they can get a urine sample. Poor baby. His sister is driving me nuts -- I think she misses him.

From the looks of my workouts, I am definitely going to do another round of #MBF. My legs are still super-sore from the lower body workout on Tuesday.

Wed - MBF Day 2, Core Circuit
Thurs - MBF Day 3, Upper Body Burn
Fri - MBF Day 4, Core Circuit

I really like these workouts. Short, to the point, a mixture of cardio, strength, and core, and I like the trainer so much. I will add my pull-up/push-up/swing work to the workouts a few days a week. The cardio portions get a little boring, but they are only 30 second intervals, and I just sub in something else when I get bored - butt kicks, burpees, whatever.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting up with a former co-worker and a current co-worker to walk around the Lake in Austin. It will be so good to see them!

DH leaves on a business trip Sunday, so it'll just be me and the kittens and chickens for a week. He does all of the cooking and kitchen cleaning, so I'll be busier than normal while he's gone. And our dishwasher crapped out on us a couple of days ago, so it's handwashing time! I don't mind that, though -- I find it soothing.

Okay, FitChicks, y'all have an awesome weekend! I can't wait to hear about your hike, Linda -- enjoy it!

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