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KateTT 05-19-21 12:44 PM

Hello again. :sun:

Today was Skogg Kettlebell At Home Phase 1 Strength 1 workout. There are actually 6 workouts on this DVD. Two strength, two conditioning, two power. All about 40-60 minutes long. I have not done these since about 2014 and am really happy to revisit!!

Strength 1 was about 45 min long so I added on a couple extra sets. Nice warmup and cooldown/stretch! I always feel so well worked with kbells and I can even lift heavier (sometimes).

More Eoin yoga here shortly. Just finishing work then it's time for Zen. :love:

KateTT 05-20-21 12:03 PM

It's the Me, Myself, and I show!! :D

Today I did Cathe's To the Max. YOWIE! I had done this once and according to my notes, I raved. I'm still raving. But tough stuff, especially with a step with three risers! This has more impact than Crossfire and I was drenched with sweat!

I just used 5lb dumbells for everything as I really just wanted this to be more cardio.
I also just had to stop sometimes during the HiiT rounds. But I kept up pretty good! I did the Extreme Mix which has all the bonuses included.

Hugs to all!

Jules 05-20-21 06:08 PM

Sorry to leave you hanging here by yourself Kate! Congrats on doing both Crossfire and To The Max this week! I love Crossfire but have to get myself psyched up for To The Max b/c it is so hard.

I am still babying my knee so I am choosing workouts that are very doable these days:

Mon: 4 Day Split: Higher Intensity Cardio (no weight work) + Travis S&S #2
Tues: Cathe's Muscle Endurance
Wed: 1st 30 minutes of Rockout Knockout + Travis S&S #3
Today: LITE Body Weight & Bands + 30 for 30 Yin

Brrrrr! It is super cold and windy here and it is supposed to snow in parts of the state tonight. My daughter has her big track meet tomorrow so the weather is a bummer. I hope the petunias that I just planted will be ok - they are hardy.

Waves to Kim, Linda , Malinda and everyone else!

Malinda 05-20-21 06:50 PM

Hi y'all!

I'm still here, it's just been really busy -- having to go into the office for a few weeks and it's really disrupted my chi.

I'm still reading posts and doing the RWH rotation.

I'll post more soon, hopefully!

Go Team FitChicks!

Jules 05-26-21 09:40 AM

Hey Gals! Unfortunately, I have been sick with digestive problems since Sunday. I have had issues in the past, so I made an appointment with a gastroenterologist. They are so busy I can't get in until August, but I am definitely going to ask for a colonoscopy since I will be turning 51 this summer. I had an emergency CT scan 2 years ago and everything looked ok at that time.

I am feeling a little better today and am going to do some yin yoga. Hopefully I will be back on track by this weekend. Next week I am chaperoning an overnight field trip for 3 days so I won't be working out unless I can sneak in some yoga during free time.

Hope everyone is rocking it - summer is almost here!:music:

fanofladyvols 05-26-21 12:29 PM

Jules if I had tummy issues no way could I do an overnight chaperone're a trooper! Hope you get to feeling better soon :heart:

Folks, I will try to catch up soon but I have neglected all my check-ins but am still exercising and doing lots of yardwork. The yardwork is about to normalize and I will finish up my rock bottoms rotation on Sunday. I haven't made up my mind on what I will do next....I can't make up my mind, lol.

Healthy wishes and hugs to each of you!! :love:

KateTT 05-28-21 11:21 AM

Oh dear...a whole week has gone by since I last posted. Just so darned busy as you will see below. So glad to see you guys!!

I started out on Monday with Cathe Live 245 Upper Body Core Crush. I bought this download and it's a great strength workout! Full class (before covid). I think that same smiling girl is there. Heehee.

Yoga was Eoin Finn's Blissology Thursday. Yes I do them out of order. ;)

Tuesday was Cathe Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp Legs Glutes. Got my cardio and my leg work in. I've been looking at some of the premixes in Fit Split and carried on with that.

I didn't get any Yoga in as my day was interrupted with my oldest son having a medical emergency. He's on blood thinners because he has some artificial heart valves. That's so they don't get clots or clogs. Well for a couple of days he had been getting tons of bruises all over his body but he hadn't hurt himself. Had a home health nurse come in and do a blood test and his blood thinner reading was off the charts high. So I drove the hour to his town and took him to urgent care. Was there for 5 hours getting other tests, they had to consult with his cardiologist in Minneapolis. Sigh....long day but in the end they got the blood levels better and he goes in for another blood test today to see what his new med dose should be. Whew.

Anyway, back to Wed and Skogg at Home Level 1 Power 1 + 2. Awesome kbell workout and you are prompted to go WAY heavy as sometimes there are only 3 reps. Man I was slinging some heavy bells...surprised myself. Love Skogg's kettlebell workouts. I used to subscribe to his streaming site too but had to drop it.

Yoga was a free Eoin practice on Vimeo called Yoga Honey. Just very basic but great. Eoin is a site to watch!

Yesterday was Cathe Fit Split Mixed Impact Cardio Double Mixed Cardio mix (say that 5 times fast - I could barely type it). That was really good!! Just go though all the cardio and then repeat.
Yoga was Yin Yoga on Gaia from Bernie No Place Like Aum.

Today I finished out the week with Cathe Fit Split Pull Day + Push Day Mix. Hey that was good stuff!!!! I really like what Cathe does for many of her premixes!

So continuing on next week with Cathe and Skogg and whatever...I'm leaving a day open for "on a whim" workouts. ;-)

Waves to all..
Hope everyone stays well and has a most wonderful Memorial Weekend!! Start of Summer baby!! :sun:

fanofladyvols 06-03-21 10:34 PM

Kate I agree on the Fitsplit premixes...well Cathe's premixes in general! But the Fitsplit are some of her best since she incorporates all of the strength with different options of cardio. I think the only cardio in that set I don't like is the Shred Cardio. Not sure why. And I always forget what a great full body the push AND pull would be someday. Thanks for the reminder :D

So this month I started with the Cathe June rotation but am switching to the Cathe March rotation in order to coincide with another VFer. I'm sure mine will still be a bit different since I don't have all Cathe's workouts (hard to believe, I know, lol). I will also plug in kettlebells and pilates/yoga/CS.

Anywho...Monday was a trail hike, Tuesday was CS and MMA Fusion, Wednesday was Barreamped bootCamp warmup, arms , stretch CTX Upper body split and today was Cathe Xtrain all out low impact HIIT and CS.

Jules hope your tummy is better!

Malinda how is RWH going?

Kim I noticed your kinetic Flix post...any other goodies you bought lately?

Mickey12 06-04-21 06:25 AM

Linda the kineticflix website is difficult to navigate (maybe if you're a member it allows you to search differently?) because you can't search by workout type or by instructor name or by workout name. And there are thousands of DVDs, so it takes a very long time to see what's available. But, I found a lot of really good DVDs and I could spend a lot of money if I wanted. Now, that's assuming the ones I want are not purchased by someone else, of course. I sent the owner an email with two definite requests and some possible additional others (the Tony Horton One on One workouts are there and I'm not sure I want to spend the money for all of them). It seems like a cumbersome way to sell off the DVDs, so I'm not sure when I will get a response from the owner.

Anyway, it was fun looking at all of them. :)

Jules 06-04-21 10:06 PM

TGIF! I survived the field trip with 5th and 6th graders - Hallelujah!

We got back yesterday afternoon. I was worried about not getting enough exercise but we walked several miles in the woods each day. It was almost 90 degrees on Wednesday and the kids were getting pretty grumpy. We tried to hang out in the shade whenever possible. I bunked with the 5th grade girls and they were fun, silly and very boy crazy. :p One girl had never slept away from home before and was nervous, but we all helped her work thru her anxiety on the first night. The second night she conked out 1st and was last one up in the morning, LOL.

I thought I would be ready to work out hard today, but I was feeling pretty drained this morning. I took the dog for a walk and did some Short & Sweet yoga. Then I had to go into town to sign all the paperwork on our refi. After that my husband and I celebrated by going out for lunch. I came home and took a luxurious and much-needed nap. :love:

I think I will do a Cathe ICE rotation for the next week or two. Tuesday is the final day of school and we are super excited for summer vacay!:music:

Kate: I hope your son is feeling better now that his meds have been adjusted.

Kim: Sad to hear Kineticflix is shutting down. They were originally a Montana company. I hope you find some good deals.

Linda & Kate: I have Fit Split but have only done the series once. I don't know why? Gotta try them out again soon!

Hi Malinda!

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