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fanofladyvols 04-30-21 07:47 PM

Jules YES I am planning on preordering. I'm kind of hoping on either one of the strong and sweaty I'm missing or the RWH legs will show up in daily deals first. But I might just give up and order because waiting is KILLING me haha.

I'm sorry to hear your band broke..I look mine over all the time and I have a couple that I will purge once I get these from Cathe.

The shipping cost is a bummer but I also have been noticing how expensive things are to ship lately so I'm not surprised. The equipment I have from her has been great quality so I don't think I will be disappointed.

I need to remember your advice about Low impact circuit.

Today was yard maintenance but I managed to get my workout done first. I did mobility, get up practice and push pull swing challenge day #11.

Wishing you all a sunny Saturday!! :love::sun:

Mickey12 05-01-21 08:22 AM

Jules, I already preordered Catheís new set with the bands. I agree with Linda, shipping costs seem to have gotten so expensive, I can understand why she didnít offer the free shipping on these. I believe there was a post that Cathe pretty much said the same thing - costs were just too high to ship the bands for her to offer the shipping for free. Iím ok with it. I am so excited to get new workouts and fitness equipment that it wasnít even a hesitation for me.

Malinda how was the bachelorette party? Iím really curious to know what you guys did. How many ladies were there?

Yesterday I did a couple of short practices from 30 Day Yoga Retreat. I was somewhat sore from doing Catheís Ramped Up Upper Body the day before so I was happy to do something not too strenuous. I have to get back to Inner Dimensions too. I subscribed in March and was using it fairly regularly and then I sort of forgot about it. :eek:

Hope everyone has a great weekend. :heart:

Malinda 05-04-21 03:33 PM

Whoo, boy, what a weekend! I'm just now starting to feel recovered!

The bachelorette party was very fun. There were seven of us in attendance, four very close friends of the bride, plus the bride's daughter and her daughter's best friend. We went to a speakeasy - we had a private room where we could unmask if we chose to. It was ridiculously pretentious and I would never consider going there again, but it was fun. Then we went back to the condo (that had FIVE BEDROOMS - it was crazy huge) and ate and drank some more and danced and visited. The bachelorette was in bed by 9:30! Everyone else, except the girls, went to bed by 10:30. The youngins stayed up and watched Magic Mike - and I guess there is a sequel that they watched as well? I have no idea - I am hopelessly out of touch with pop culture anymore!

It was a busy weekend, with dinner Friday night, the wedding Saturday evening, and brunch Sunday. The wedding was in their backyard. The groom's sister DJ'ed and we all danced and had a blast. DH and I made brunch but served it at the bride & groom's house. It was a small group of close friends and relatives all weekend. Everyone was vaccinated, so we could relax and just enjoy being together.


Fri - Turbo Jam Cardio Party Live
Sat - Body Project Cardio Starter
Sun - Off
Mon - Triple Wave Pyramid w/ DH
Tue - Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3

I feel like I need to do a lot of cardio to burn off all the food and alcohol I consumed from Thursday - Sunday!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Jules 05-05-21 11:45 AM

Malinda - Sounds like a great time was had by all! :sun: I am sure you will burn off those extra calories in no time.

Kim & Linda - I haven't ordered yet, but I will before the pre-sale ends. I really want the round mat too, but my husband would not be impressed if it just showed up... I can't hide that, LOL. Maybe for my summer b-day.

Hi Kate!

Since May is very busy for me, I am just trying to work out when I can. I am putting the daily yoga sessions somewhat on hold, but I will get back to them once school is out.

Monday: Step, Jump & Pump
Tuesday: High Step Challenge + walk
Wednesday: Kick, Punch & Crunch

Mickey12 05-06-21 06:14 AM

Malinda your wedding weekend sounds great. I know what you mean about needing time to recover though. I find, even more as I get older, that I need down time on the weekends to feel refreshed for the upcoming week. If my weekend is too jam packed with activity (no matter how fun), I donít feel like I got a break from work. I envy those who can just go, go, go.

Linda I never got into Tracie Long. I previewed her workouts numerous times after reading raves on VF, but she never lit a spark for me. Part of it is no background exercisers and her music always seemed low. I had the Firms ballroom workouts, I think she did those, and I couldnít even finish them. I found them just dreadful in every aspect. Iím glad you enjoy her workouts as she has a lot of them.

Jules I am always afraid when a band breaks that it will snap me in the face. I have not had them break often and thankfully none ever hit my face. I guess we should be replacing them regularly.

Kate your P90X workouts make me want to get them out. I never did a rotation of them, but I like them. Actually I really like the newer P90X3 which is a similar format but with 30 minute workouts.

Iím worried about a 500 error. I will finish in another post.

Mickey12 05-06-21 06:18 AM

Ok, that posted. Yikes. Anyway, I am a juror this week and part of next week on a federal criminal case. My schedule is mixed up so I am working out in the morning instead of the afternoon. Yesterday I did Catheís Ripped with Hiit Low Impact Hiit one. Only 30 minutes and not too terribly brutal.

Today I might do Cathe but I have to look at my other Watulan checkin for some inspiration.

Hope everyone has a great day!

fanofladyvols 05-06-21 09:17 AM

Malinda the party sounded very fun. I was relieved you didn't mention middle age male dancers!

Jules I just picked up HST and you have both? Is one easier in intensity and /or choreography than the other?

Kim haha so how do you feel about Tracie Long??:p How great is it that we all can use different trainers? I wouldn't exercise if my only options were Michelle, Christi, and Mindy...I'd be in the back of the class sitting by the wall pouting!! (How I spent PE growing up mad that I couldn't read a book!)

Yesterday I decided to combine the Rock hard rotation lunges and BBW into one workout and chase it with some CS. I did warmups from Tracie and Lauren and broke up the lunges in sets of 50 by sandwiching mobility. I was a sweaty mess. I can't imagine doing these after another workout. I foam rolled before bed and feel ready to rock :music:

Kate hope you're well ! I'm sure you're still slinging those weights :D

KateTT 05-06-21 11:41 AM

HI girls!! So sorry to be so MIA! Work and life has just kept me so busy lately! Spring has arrived in MN and I spend as much spare time as I can outside in my gardens. Having 4 yards of good garden dirt delivered today. :D

So quick catch up!
Mon: I felt very sick to my stomach early Mon morning. I'll spare you the gory details, but it was enough that I didn't feel like working out. I did work though.
I also did some Udaya Yoga with Anna Orbison, Detox & Destress. I was looking for a detoxing practice since my tummy had some kind of bug in it. I felt much better by evening.

Tues: P90x Shoulders & Arms. As Tony says, the glamour muscles. And my favorite to work. As my usual, I went as heavy as I could and did 12-15 reps. These are fun. Not killer hard and even entertaining.
More Udaya Yoga and Jeff Beaudoin's Zyre Phat Habit. Got tough. Dr Jeff is one of my favs but his practices can also get pretty tough.

Wed: P90 Masters Plyo Legs. This is the oldest Tony workout I have (from the Masters Series) but it is fantastic! Totally bodyweight only but fries the legs anyway. And fun again. Tony is a hoot.
Yoga was from my Power Yoga Teacher Training. We have to learn and memorize what Bryan calls the Brahma Flow. So I also actually did the WHOLE !@#! 90 minutes of it!! Whew! Actually very basic but of course Bryan loves to cook the legs and butt.

Today I did both P90x Kenpo X + P90x CardioX. These are definitely not very hard even with weighted gloves and increasing the intensity. So that's why I did both. Still fun though.

Jules: I preordered! Decent price and I love the look of the bands and loops. I've broken a few of my old bands so nice to get some more.

Linda: Some of the X workouts are tough, especially if you go heavy enough. The cardio is lacking although I love Plyometrics.

Kim: Yes the shipping was high. But for Cathe, I'll pay that. And if costs are so high, I don't mind paying to support her.

Waves and hugs to everyone else. Gotta get back to it.

FYI: Power Yoga Teacher Training is going well. Just into Week 2 so far.


Mickey12 05-06-21 03:39 PM

Kate the yoga training with Bryan sounds so interesting. I would love to hear more as you go through it.

KateTT 05-07-21 12:33 PM

Kim, so far I'm just in Week 2 which includes watching some videos, reading some lessons and we are supposed to practice Yoga at least 3 days a week. Easy for me as I usually do 5.

Ended out the week with P90x Chest & Back & Ab Ripper X. I have only done Chest & Back twice and the last time was Feb 2010!!! That's because it's ALL pushups and pullups with the exception of 3 back exercises with weights and it really had some dread for me. However, that has changed. Still a good fun workout but tough.
My whole upper body is sore and I totally had to drop to my knees for the pushups. I lost count after so many sets but there had to be at least 100 reps of pushups. YOW!

Getting a bit better with pullups still using my Pullup Assist band. That does help and I can get a wee bit more range of motion.

I'm thinking of continuing with Tony with the P90X Plus workouts next week. I'm also expecting to get some Sarah Lurie kettlebell workouts too so maybe???

Has anyone done these? Comments:
Sarah Lurie Kettlebells the Iron Core Way 1
Kettlebells the Iron Core Way 2
Kettlebells the Iron Core Warrior
Lurie Kettlebells the Iron Core Boot Camp

Have a great weekend! :sun: :sun:

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