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KateTT 03-03-21 01:42 PM

Good stuff today! MetaShred Extreme MetaPocalypse Lower. Partially band work, partially weights, some bodyweight. These always get me and I'm currently using some pretty heavy bands but leaving room to grow.
I had notes in my log that these give me some serious DOMS and I am certainly feeling my legs now. And butt.

So glad to see you are all powering through. Well done!!
Just about ready to hop onto PowerYoga site for a little BK.

KateTT 03-04-21 12:17 PM

I tackled Imax3 again. So glad I did as I just about nailed everything. Still flubbed a couple moves but I'm getting better. But my butt! I have a stand up desk that I work from and even standing is sore. But I'm proud of myself for trying this one again.
Note: a couple times I kept the blasts a little lower impact. I probably wouldn't be able to walk up my stairs if I did. Heehee.

I always get some soreness from BJ's workouts and yesterday's lower workout was not any different. I could absolutely feel my legs last night. Must just be from the repetition. Each set is 30 seconds but you are asked to do at least 10 reps of whatever exercise. Sets repeated 3 times then the Metaset (quick cardio burst).

So between Cathe and BJ, my lower body is toast right now. I am rethinking tomorrows total body strength workout to just be upper body. Or maybe all core? Pondering my options.

So some Yin this afternoon for my Yoga as I really need to stretch!

Have a great day all! Almost the weekend already. :eek:

Malinda 03-04-21 01:01 PM

Happy Almost-Friday!

Kim - You do such a nice variety of workouts and instructors.

Kate - You are a beast!

Linda - How'd that squat challenge go? What exactly was it - I might have missed you describing it.

Jules - I love Crossfire! I rarely do the entire thing, but I need to sometime.


Wed - MBFA Day 3 - Upper Body
Thur - MBFA Day 4 - Cardio Core Circuit

Still loving these workouts! Megan definitely took it up a notch with the Advanced program - especially the core circuits. She upped the AMRAP from 4 minutes to 6 minutes, which I appreciate. I had taken to repeating them while doing MBF.

Good grief, my kittens are ripping back and forth through the house like lunatics right now! I'd better go see what they are up to. Have a great day, everyone!

Mickey12 03-04-21 03:25 PM

Malinda OMG!!! I cracked up at the last part of your post about the cats! :D:heart: I love cats so much!!! They're the greatest!!

My cat Finley is a year now and he's got so much energy it's nuts. My other cat Rudy, is 10 so he pretty much likes to sleep and eat treats. :) Finley's new trick is to burrow under the throw rug, crumple it up, and send it skidding across the room. :heart: He's such a goof.

Have a great day everyone.

Malinda 03-04-21 04:08 PM

Kim, I love cats too. I've had them my whole life - it all started with Minnie Poo, who used to check on me for my mom when I was a baby.

My husband was standing outside our house with our contractor one afternoon a year and a half ago on a very hot summer day. These two itty bitty kittens came wandering up to them, crying and panting. Sigh... Over the course of our marriage, we usually had four cats at a time, but we had finally dwindled down to one older kitty. We did not have any interest in adopting two kittens, but they instantly captured our hearts, and I couldn't bear to take them to the shelter. I put up flyers but no one claimed them. So, BT (short for Boy Toy, since our older kitty initially liked him) and Emmie got us back up to three cats. But we had always adopted older cats, so we had no idea what we were in for, with two 8-week old kittens. I hadn't had a kitten since I was a kid. They are wild! But so much fun. When we had to send the older kitty over Rainbow Bridge last April, we were so grateful for those two little love bugs.

Ah, I could talk about cats all day!

Mickey12 03-04-21 06:41 PM

Malinda I also could talk about cats all day! Thatís true for a lot of us here on VF - many, many cat lovers here.

So very kind of you to keep those wee kittens. So sad and cute!

When I was dating my husband, who is a cat tolerater, I told him I come with 4 cats. If he was serious about our relationship he needed to know I wasnít going to get rid of the cats. Over the past 30 years he has grown accustomed to them, but isnít a true cat lover. He is a lot happier with two cats instead of four. :p If he liked them I would have a few more for sure. :D

Oh, also if you check out my photo albums in my profile you can see some pictures of Rudy and Finley if youíre interested. :love:

fanofladyvols 03-05-21 06:25 AM

Malinda I love these furfriend stories :love: My husband is a cat tolerator, too (GREAT name, Kim). And my kitty FREQUENTLY gets called Minnie Poo. I finished my squat challenge yesterday and it went great! Went up in weight and my squat form is so much better. I feel so so much confident doing squats now..esp. goblet squats. I took 43 days to do a 21 day challenge though, lol.

Kim I know this may sound odd but I have held back doing the new Cathe's Perfect pump and HIIT in case there is a holdup from the next Cathe release. I figured they would make me feel like a new release. I also have several others that are new to me that I haven't tried yet. So slowly introducing those.

Kate I wanted to thank you for your thoughts on the Katami set. You managed to talk me out of it! Congrats on kicking your own butt with imax3!

Yesterday, I finished the squat challenge, continued with the single leg deadlift, turkish get up and followed it with mobility. I have 6 'days' left of the single leg deadlift challenge but will take me longer. I'm not sure what I will do after I progress past these slightly more advanced kettlebell workouts. I don't want to lose momentum in the skill set but I am not sure how to keep it in the mix enough AND do other things. It's a nice dilemma to have :D

Happy weekend wishes! Waves to Jules!

KateTT 03-05-21 12:33 PM

TGIF!! Friday came up fast!

Malinda: I had an outside farm cat that would race around like that and run right up trees. It was because I have wild catnip growing all over my yard.

Kim: Just thinking about all those cats make me sneeze. I'm pretty allergic to cats so can't have any in the house. (itchy)

Linda: I think you will like those 2 Perfect 30s. I really like the HiiT one and putting them both together is awesome. Nice going on your challenges!!!!

Big change in workout plans today since my legs and butt were so sore last night!! I decided on a long Yoga practice. For two give my body a bit of a break and because I have to take my son to an appointment this afternoon so would miss my usual Yoga time. I also missed my Yoga on Tues helping hubby with an appointment also, so felt like I wanted more.

So I went over to and picked out Rudy Mettia's Pause for the Cause practice. It is 80 minutes and although there was still some leg cooking, it was a nice slow flow. I liked the longer holds so I still got plenty of strength work. I also did not modify and went as deep into the pose as I was able calmly.

A few times in just some simple stretches, my legs were shaking. I can still feel my legs and butt, that's for sure. And I chalk that up to the MetaShred Extreme workout. I think that means I'm shaking things up.

Have a great weekend everyone! :sun:

Jules 03-05-21 07:09 PM

Whew! This week went fast!

Tuesday: Cathe's Party Rockin' Step 2 + Yoga 30 for 30: Intention. After work I did a 55 minute Straight Up Spin from Studio Sweat.
Wednesday: ICE Metabolic Total + Short & Sweet Yoga #2. After work I did a 35 minute power spin from Studio Sweat.
Thursday: Ski Day! It was a bluebird day and the snow was perfect! We did get stuck on the chairlift for about 30 minutes so I am glad the sun was shining! :sun: I got sunburned on my face.
Today: This morning my knees were a little sore so I did BodyPump 102 + Flexibility & Beyond: Short & Sweet. I am still going to ride my spin bike for a bit.

I am adding in some extra spin bike sessions in the afternoon now as I am close to my goal weight and trying to hit it by Easter. The extra cardio allows me to bump my calories a little higher and gives me energy. I would take the dog for a walk, but the roads are super muddy and I don't have the patience to give her a daily bath, LOL.

Good News! Montana is not allowing school employees to be vaccinated yet, but thanks to the new vaccine directive issued by the federal government, we are cleared to get vaccinated through participating pharmacies starting next week. Our school nurse is on top of it and is setting up appointments for staff so we don't all go at once. Fingers crossed I will get my shot soon - sounds like it will be the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Covid cases have gone down in our county, but the new more contagious variant is now here, so I expect cases will start to rise again.

Kate: So glad to hear you are having fun with Metashred! I do wonder if I would get bored doing the Katami set? That is why I haven't caved on it yet. Nice work doing Imax 3! It is definitely the toughest Imax - plyometrics galore. :heart: I always feel very accomplished after that one.

Linda: Congrats on finishing the squat challenge! I understand what you mean about not wanting to lose progress but also wanting to do other workouts. I like to have a main focus that changes every couple of months (i.e. strength, endurance, flexibility, cardio gains.) Sometimes I will do a generic rotation that incorporates a little of everything, but I find I get my best "results" when I stick to one main goal at a time. I guess that is why rotations, systems and challenges are a good thing even tho it can be tempting to just throw caution to the wind and do whatever I feel like each day.Looking forward to hearing what you decide to do next! :p

Kim and Malinda: Keep the cat stories coming! I wish I could have a cat, but my husband cannot stand the smell of kitty litter. We can't have an outdoor cat because the mountain lions around here kill them. :eek: I am a huge dog lover and so is he and we adore our collie.

Mickey12 03-05-21 07:42 PM

Kate your story of the barn cat racing up trees really made me laugh! I can just picture it. :D

Jules such fantastic news about being able to get the vaccine. I'm very happy for you. And glad you had a great day skiing in the sunshine. :sun: Oh, and I'm a lover of all animals, not just cats. Collies are so beautiful. I used to babysit for a family that had one. I'm glad you don't have any outside cats. Yikes!! We have coyotes in our area and they can sometimes get small animals; I've heard stories of people losing cats.

Yesterday I did my first Ingrid Romero Edge Booty workout. Yikes, my quads are sore today! My legs were quivering while walking down the steps last night after the workout was done.

Today I did Christie Taylor's Still Steppin' Just for Fun. FUN, FUN, FUN!!! :love: I should do her workouts more often. Christie is so darn cute and motivating and I love it when she sings her instructions. :music:

Have a good day everyone!

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