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fanofladyvols 03-07-21 04:09 PM

Kim and Kate I hope you two recover from kicking your own booties with your workouts! :p And I'm sure I'll like Cathe's Perfect 30 workouts. I was pleased with the Perfect Flow one. I'm just saving the other two for a rainy day :sun:

Jules congrats on being close to your goal weight. I have never been successful with goal weight endeavors and have just given that up years ago. My husband said I was setting them too low. But all those charts said different. I totally agree on focusing on goals using different approaches and challenges. I am really enjoying doing that. I started with Cathe's 100 rep challenges and have just gone from there. I bounce around with my workouts so much that sometimes it's hard to tell if I'm getting stronger. A challenge really helps see measurable improvement and fine tune form.

Today was more work on get ups, single leg deadlift and XFST #7. That was a tough one. I actually took the full rest breaks and took an extra 30 seconds for bird dogs before the final round. I plan to take a rest day tomorrow.

Waves to Malinda and happy Monday wishes to all!

Malinda 03-09-21 04:00 PM

My goodness, how did it get to be Tuesday already?

Kim - Your kitties are adorable! I hope you enjoy your Edge Booty workouts!

Linda - 43 days to do a 21 challenge sounds EXACTLY like me. There are just too many things I like to do, so I just have to sprinkle them in throughout a rotation.

Jules - I'm so glad you are getting the vaccine soon! I love collies, too -- I used to walk our neighbor's collie when I was a kid. And my brother had two border collies that were just the BEST dogs ever.

Kate - Great job with Metashred and Imax3! Cathe's email this week had a blurb about a DVD, I think it said it was one of her first, with three step workouts. I watched the clips and was totally lost - what choreography! It was fun to see Cathe and Cedie way back when.


Friday - MBFA Day 5 - Total Body
Saturday - MFBA Day 6 - Power Ignite
Sunday - Core de Force MMA Shred 2.0
Monday - MBFA Day 8 - Lower Body
Tuesday - Triple Wave Pyramid with DH

I can't believe how sore my upper body is from doing Core de Force on Sunday. It serves as a reminder of how good boxing is for my back, shoulders, and core -- I need to sneak them and Combat into my MBFA rotation.

Triple Wave Pyramid was a beast today. I keep thinking it's going to get easier the more we do it, but I think instead, I just keep jumping higher! Good stuff!

Have a great evening!

Jules 03-09-21 05:16 PM

Terrific Tuesday! Got in some good workouts the past few days:

Saturday: Bodycombat 68
Sunday: Tabatacise + Travis Short & Sweet #3
Monday: Les Mills The Trip #10 + Flexibility & Beyond: Splits
Today: Cathe's Hardcore Extreme Interval Circuit + Core

I plan to do some yoga after work!

Malinda: What do you think of Core de Force overall? I read that they don't work each side evenly so I haven't tried it. I remember liking Jericho when she taught BodyPump.

Nice workouts Kim and Linda! Hope you are still having a blast with Metashred, Kate!

fanofladyvols 03-09-21 07:24 PM

Malinda I started the single leg deadlift challenge after the squat challenge and weighed how I felt with the squat challenge. Some days I did both, some not. I made great gains so I am very happy with my approach. I will pick up Lauren's kettlebutt challenge next. You are making me want to add Core de force into my week. I have only previewed them but they look great to me.

Jules those are some serious sweat seshes you do. Very inspiring!! :)

Kim I have several Cathes I have yet to try. Do you know I still haven't learned IMAX 2? I'm so hopeless Ż\_(ツ)_/Ż

Kate I had originally planned to do a rotation with BJ before kettlebells took over my workout life. I still plan to eventually. I love reading your Metashred posts. :cool:

So I as much as I LOVE kettlebells, I am missing my other workouts. :( Plus I'd like to see how kettlebells translate to other kinds of strength.

So my plan is to do kettlebells twice a week, then do a full body strength workout from some other trainer. I'd like to squeeze in some running on my elliptical, step aerobics, kickboxing or an Ellen fusion workout at some point. Does this sound too ambitious or too scatterbrained? Lol, maybe. :D

Finished my Single leg deadlift challenge today..took 44 days to do a 28 day challenge. Did some more TGU practice and followed with a kettlebell strength workout.

Happy Tuesday!! :music:

Malinda 03-10-21 12:30 PM

Jules and Linda - I LOVE Core de Force. I did the rotation (almost as written ;)) when I first got BOD. The workouts are a wee bit repetitive, especially the "spike" moves to get your heart rate up, but it's only 30 seconds x2 per round, so I can live with that. The format is you do Rounds that consist of a Combo for 60 seconds, a 30 second spike, then repeat the Combo and the spike. So it is SUPER easy to switch sides for the second go-round of the Combo. I have no idea why they didn't do that when they filmed the workouts -- it just seems like a no-brainer to me. I really like Jericho and Joel - they are corny but pleasant and they give great form pointers and encouragement. Everyone kind of goes at their own pace, which may be bothersome to some people, but I don't even look at the screen once I get the combo down, so that's never been a big deal to me. I don't even notice the music, so I guess it's not great or terrible.

Today's workout was MBFA Day 9, Core Circuit. I continue to like these workouts. This one really kicked it up a notch - I and my workout room floor were sweaty messes at the end!

You ladies keep on kickin' booty! :)

Jules 03-12-21 11:06 AM

TGIF! I am going to get my first Covid vaccination this morning. I think it will be the Moderna vaccine which is what my parents got. They were fine after their first shot and felt pretty yucky for a day or so after the second. I don't have time to work out this morning but I will see how I am feeling after work.

I did a couple of extra workouts this week just in case I don't feel like working out today or tomorrow. Wednesday was an hour of spin from Studio Sweat, the step portion from Cathe's Intensity and Yoga 30 for 30: Gentle. Yesterday I did Cathe's Athletic Training, a 45 minute spin from Studio Sweat, and Travis' Short & Sweet #1. :sun:

Malinda: Thanks for your thoughts on Core de Force!

Linda: Have fun mixing things up!

Waves to Kim and Kate. Have a great weekend! :)

fanofladyvols 03-12-21 11:27 AM

Jules wow a spin class and Cathe's athletic training? Yowza! I hope you tolerate the vaccine well!

Malinda thanks for the CDF thoughts. You confirmed my cursory review of them. I'm sure I'll like them!

Yesterday was a mobility workout and Erin o'brien strong body ageless body. Had fun with it esp. since my daughter joined me. Today did CS #615 stretch and strengthen.

Happy weekend wishes to you guys!!:heart:

KateTT 03-12-21 01:07 PM

OMG you busy this week I never even checked in. And everyone is doing so well...I like to read your posts.

So just a quick recap.
Mon: MetaShred Extreme MetaGainz Upper.
Power Yoga Steve Jones - Mellow Out

Tues: Cathe P30 HiiT Mix 9.
Gaia David Magone 3 Week Toning Challenge

Wed: MetaShred Extreme MetaGainz Lower
Mix of stretches

Thurs: Cathe LITE Cardio Party Mix 5
Gaia Bernie What Stops Us? Yin

Today: Cathe LITE Body weight & Bands Mix 7
Yoga pending.

I'm really enjoying Cathe's LITE workouts. I just bought the last 3 I needed to complete the set. Totally easy to increase the level and lots of fun moves. More to come next week plus more MetaShred Extreme.

Hey, I got my covid vaccine on Wed!! No reaction but my arm was actually pretty sore yesterday (good day for just cardio). I am feeling greatly relieved.

Hope you all stay well and strong. Have a great weekend!

Mickey12 03-15-21 06:51 AM

Kate congrats on getting the Covid vaccine. My husband gets his second shot on March 25. I'm getting mine as soon as I'm eligible. We booked a trip to Gettysburg for June and I'm very excited. I've been pretty down lately and planning a little vacation has helped.

Jules or anyone else, do you have Inner Dimensions streaming? They have a 40% off sale currently and I'm considering it. I already have LevelUp 108 and Flexibility and Beyond. I want to do more yoga (not that 2 and 1/2 shelves of yoga DVDs and other downloads are not enough, ha!).

Saturday I did Petra Kolber PK Step. This was new to me as I got it at Mary's sale not long ago. I like Petra but I prefer more athletic choreography. I found the workout low intermediate in intensity, it was all low impact and mostly dance based, so it didn't get my heart rate up too much. It will be good for a low energy day though.

Yesterday I did the first practice in Travis's Yoga 30 for 30. It was a free download for signing up for the Inner Dimensions email. I liked the practice, 30 minutes of yoga comes and goes before you know it.

Hope everyone has a great week! :sun:

Malinda 03-15-21 02:47 PM

Jules - Yay on getting your first shot! Any side effects? Way to go, getting those workouts in ahead of time just in case!

Kate - I'm glad you didn't have any side effects from your shot. I hope you have a less busy week!

Linda - That's nice that your daughter worked out with you. Does she do so often?

Kim - I'm glad that planning a get-away helps you feel a little better - We're planning a work-cation at the end of the month.

Texas opened the vaccines to everyone ages 50-64 today, so I spent most of the morning frantically trying to find appointments for us, without success. I finally had to take a step back and just trust that one of the many places where we are on waiting lists will call us soon for an appointment. I was getting a bit obsessed about it.


Thurs - MBFA Da 10 Upper Body
Fri - MBFA Day 11 Core Circuit
Sat - Core de Force MMA Shred
Sun - MBFA Day 12 Total Body
Mon - MBFA Day 13 Power Ignite

I got a bee in my bonnet this weekend about P90X2 -- I read a lot of reviews, previewed one of the workouts, and am considering trying a rotation of it next. I saw some familiar names in the old threads about it, and y'all seemed to like it. I start the last week of MBFA tomorrow.

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