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Old 09-04-05, 03:48 PM  
Vintage VFer
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Question Kathy Smith's WalkFit (and other walking audios)?

The only review I've read of Kathy's walking audiotapes says that the music isn't too great. Does anyone use these? Is she fun or annoying? (We know that Kathy can go to either extreme. )

I see that Collage has walking music. Does anyone have recommendations for walking tapes - with and without instructor voice-over? I know I could just play music, but I'd like audios where I can know the bpm.

This is for outdoor walking, not the treadmill or elliptical.

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Old 09-04-05, 05:14 PM  
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If I had an mp3 player, I'd rather put together my own playlists, but I enjoyed the one WalkFit CD I have. It's the one that came free with Special K last winter. The music is nothing special. There's no vocals, and Kathy doesn't talk the whole time. She IS perky, but not annoying perky. After a while, though, I was wishing for an audio-only option.

I remember a couple people posting that they liked the music in the Gaiam walking CD better.

I thought someone posted a link to some site that gave the BPM of songs (or would calculate it?)--I wonder if that link could be located again. Seems that would be ideal for people with ipods.

Is Cardio Coach appropriate for outdoor walks? I keep hearing how wonderful it is . . . (not that the weather is appropriate for such activities just yet).
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Old 09-04-05, 06:25 PM  
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Alta, I was pleasantly surprised at how good Kathy is on both her Steady Strides (part of the Project:You package) walk cd and her Lean Walk System Walk Fit (what a name!) cd. She's upbeat, but not annoyingly perky. She constantly reminds you about your posture, keeping your jaw and shoulders relaxed, tips to help you walk faster and more safely. The music is pretty good on the first workout to the Walk Fit cd, I didn't care so much for the second one (they're on the first cd), but maybe I need to give it another whirl. I'd love to get some other programs with other instructors or check out the music from I don't get bored. Now that it's cooling down here, I hope to be doing more walking

I also walk treadmill, but I like getting outside, asthma or no
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Old 09-04-05, 07:50 PM  
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I have the WalkFit CD's and used them a lot for outdoor walking before it got too warm here in the desert. There is one track with jazz on it that I liked a lot, and two of the CDs had intervals that made me feel like I got a pretty good workout.

One advantage to them, as another poster said, is that she frequently prompts you about your form, using your arms, etc.
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Old 09-04-05, 07:58 PM  
carole r.
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What they said. If you like Kathy, you will probably like the Walkfit audios. I like the Shape audios. They got me through my marathon training!
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Old 09-04-05, 08:13 PM  
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Oh, one thing I forgot, but it's important to me...Kathy has wonderful diction and I love listening to her talk. She'd make a dynamite radio announcer!
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Old 09-04-05, 08:19 PM  
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If you have the store Ross near you, they have a Madeleine Lewis Walking kit that includes a walking cd, hand weights, and a video for only $8.99. A few people have raved about the walking cd that came with this set. I haven't tried it (yet).

Take care,
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Old 09-05-05, 02:51 AM  
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Kathy will be coming up with a new intermediate/advanced walking video. For next year's release.
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Old 09-05-05, 09:55 AM  
Vintage VFer
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Thanks all for the advice and suggestions!

Kerry, I have all the Cardio Coach workouts. They are great for my elliptical. But, they won't work for the hilly terrain I'd be walking.

Lydia, I plan to give Kathy a try. I had no idea tha she had a walking CD in the Project You set!

Deb, do you ever walk on scorpions in lovely Arizona?

Carole, I have been checking out the Shape walking CDs at Amazon.

Sherry, I tried to find that Madeline Lewis kit (at either Ross or TJ Maxx) and it was not to be found. I might see if it is still on sale at Gaiam.

Rockstar, do you mean a waliking video or a CD? I'd love for Kathy to ut out a new walking video!

Again, thanks very much!

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Old 09-05-05, 10:24 AM  
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Location: Ontario Canada
Kathy Smith's Steady Strides walking cd

here are some comments for you concerning kathy smith's steady strides walking cd:

there are 2 audio power walking workouts on the 'steady strides'
cd. the cd is a part of kathy's beachbody 'project you' kit. you can also purchase this cd separate from the P:Y kit at beachbody...they sell it for $10.
i enjoyed both of these workouts very much and highly recommend them if you are interested in outdoor power walking. (power=fast and very vigorous!)

the first 30 min workout was solid state cardio... while the warmup was
pretty quick, an even faster pace is maintained for the middle of the
workout. a cooldown phase is also provided and kathy talks alot, providing
alot of form tips and asking you to check your perceived exertion rate and
being encouraging. kathy's tone of voice is really great during these
workouts, by the way. i found her voice to be very pleasant. the music
is also good and they have made it easy to follow with strong beats. this
workout is at a faster bpm/pace than the 'walk fit' disc 1 workouts are
(those are also audio walking cds by kathy smith which are also fabulous)
so i was a bit surprised at first but once i got into the groove after the
warmup, i was left feeling really good by this workout!

after that i feeling good enough to do another 30 mins of power walking! the 2nd workout on the cd is tougher because it is cardio intervals and kathy says that you must master the first workout before doing this one. a warmup and cooldown are provided along with three intervals of 3 mins each (very fast for 3 mins, slower for recovery for 3 mins -- repeated 3 times) and then
two anaerobic intervals (extremely fast) for one min each (with one min
recovery). i did manage to run for part of those two anaerobic
intervals! again, kathy's words and her voice are very pleasant and
effective. again, the music is good and has a strong beat... obviously the
music was designed especially for power walking. there are also interval
workouts in kathy's 'walk fit' cd kit so im expecting that they compare to
this 'steady strides' workout.

i was very impressed by these workouts and highly recommend them. not for
absolute beginners though because one will need a fitness base in order to
keep up to the very fast pace.

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