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Old 04-03-02, 10:09 PM  
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Question What's the difference btwn Sumo Squats & Plie Squats?

What's the difference between Sumo Squats & Plie Squats? They appera to be the same or at least very similar. Are sumo squats simply wider-stance squats while plie squats look wider and the feet turn more outwards????
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Old 04-03-02, 10:22 PM  
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I have heard/read the term Sumo more to describe deadlifts than squats, though. I hear plie more with squats probably because I'm a girl, and work out with girls (Cathe, etc.) Guys do not use that (ballet) term. They would rather say Sumo!
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Old 04-03-02, 10:27 PM  
Caroline Kim
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The knee lift?

Hi Gibbee,

I've only done the sumo squat in the context of two videos - Kamikaze and Mindy's Strength Express. In both cases you do a wide plie squat and then lift one knee when you come up. I thought that was the sumo element but I could be wrong...
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Old 04-04-02, 06:22 AM  
nancy c
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Same here....

I've seen it used in videos during some of the cardio type of drills that Caroline mentioned. Terri Reeves uses it as well...I guess that's why I seem to associate it with cardio....that, and the alternating knee up part of the move. Not sure if that would be involved in a heavier plie type of strength squat?

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Old 04-04-02, 07:57 PM  
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sumo squats...

I think Minna Lessig also does a move she calls "sumo squats" in her Strength & Grace video. It is very similar to a plie squat, except that she holds the squat position, leaning forward and resting the forearms on the thighs. This actually feels more like a strech to me...
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Old 04-08-02, 12:29 PM  
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To me, a sumo squat is one that you HOLD for a long time, whereas plie squats are more of a traditional up/down movement. That's just my experience, I could be way off. I think Connie is also on the right track with her theory about men prefering a more masculine term like sumo, as opposed to a ballet term like plie.
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Old 04-08-02, 12:54 PM  
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agree that sumo and pliet stance are same

I have seen people on weight lifting sights refer to doing squats in a sumo stance. What they describe for sumo stance is the same as pliet stance. I don't think it has anything to do with whether you lift your leg during the squat or how you lift the weights. Those are just squat variations.
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Old 04-08-02, 01:39 PM  
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think the main difference is upper body position

Plie with upper body erect and Sumo with the upper body bent over with a flat back and arms resting on legs with forearms even pushing the legs further out. Also think the Sumo squat's emphasis is on the down position while holding and Plie has a more equal emphasis on the down and up movement.

Barb S
who has seen the Sumo squat mostly in martial arts type of workouts
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Old 04-08-02, 06:53 PM  
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Oxygen magazine

The reaosn I even mentioned the question is that I saw in Oxygen (April 2002, page 68) the sumo squat again - it looks like a squat with your legs forming a 90' angle and using a dumbbell like Cathe does in Slow & Heavy. In a recent issue of Muscle Media they also described it like a squat only with a wider stance, but it doesn't look like a plie' squat (I do mine with the feet and knees pretty much out to the sides). I am just curious if it is any different than a wide-legged squat or plie' squat. In these photos, she looks like she's leaning slightly forward at the lower end of the squat. Anyway, just a curious question.
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