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Old 04-15-05, 07:00 AM  
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Multisports ENC200 spin bike--how do you like it?


I have been researching spin bikes here at VF and beyond. Boy, they sure are expensive! The Multisports ENC200 EnduroCycle is the most reasonably priced bike I've found. (I ruled Johnny G's since I read that several of the parts are made out of plastic! ) For those of you with this bike,

how do you like it?
Have you had any problems with it?
Is it holding up well?
Is there any required maintenence?
Do you think there would be any benefits to having the ENC 600 with the 60 lb. flywheel?
Any other thoughts/advice?

I appreciate any info you can provide!


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Old 04-15-05, 11:21 AM  
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I love mine.
I've had it for well over a year, and have never had a problem with it. I've never done any maintenance, but probably should grease the chain or something...
I used it several times a week when I first got it, for at least a year, and now use it every other week or so - depends on what other workouts have caught my attention.
I don't know about the heavier fly wheel on the 600, this one works for me - I can stand, do everything in all the Spinervals...
Someone else will probably be able to help with that question.

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Old 04-15-05, 11:24 AM  
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Thank you, Terrie!
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