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Old 07-25-13, 11:18 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2002
ZCUTs--How are you using them??

I bought both the Strength and Cardio set. How is everyone using these?? Following the calendar? Alternating Strength and Cardio? Doing both in one day? Other ideas?

I'd love to do only these short workouts daily but not sure if that's enough???
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Old 07-25-13, 11:37 PM  
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I've been using the cardio ones followed by P57 or TA, I'm finding they complement each other quite nicely actually.
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Old 07-26-13, 12:18 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2008
I alternated strength and cardio with 2 active rest days a week. I lost 9 pounds in 4 weeks. For me the short workouts were enough.
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Old 07-26-13, 04:39 AM  
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I am alternating Cardio and Strength. 3 days of workouts then a rest day. I am on my second week and added in 2 days of light aerobic exercise.. Leslie and Island Girl Hula so far.
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Old 07-26-13, 05:26 AM  
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I combo a Z workout (ZCut, ZWow or ZShred) with DeltaFit. I usually start with DeltaFit and then do a Z workout. I'm also going to be comboing with TFocus 25 for further variety.

I also reserve 2 rest days esp. with school starting back next week.

We have a check-in if you want to 'check us out' called Strong Warrior Z.

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Old 07-26-13, 08:05 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Ontario, Canada
I also bought both Cardio and Strength ZCUTs. I'm starting with Cardio and following the calendar. I've been adding in extra cardio in the form of running and elliptical because I also wonder if these short workouts are enough on their own.
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Old 07-26-13, 01:42 PM  
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I like combining Zcut cardio workouts with Turbo Fire. I do TF first, then add on one or two workouts from Zcut.

I like the strength one too, but seem to reach for the cardio ones more. They have a lot of body weight stuff, so you still get some strength work.

I have only done the yoga one (or several chapters of) I think twice? I need to get back to that one. I would have liked a play all option though. Or a remix or longer chapters or something.

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Old 07-27-13, 06:09 AM  
Join Date: Feb 2002
I'd love to record the list of exercises and times in a notebook, but thought I'd ask if these workouts have any worksheets already online or that someone has been kind enough to compile???
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Old 07-27-13, 09:16 AM  
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Tugger, could you post a link for these DVD's?
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Old 07-27-13, 09:33 AM  
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