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Old 07-09-12, 07:51 AM  
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Classical Stretch Men's workout?

My DH, being of a certain age, (mid 40's) is developing increased aches, pains and other assorted discomforts. I'm wondering if anyone knows a man who has done the Classical stretch men's workout and what was their experience.

TIA, Cindy
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Old 07-09-12, 08:56 AM  
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there used to be a Classical Stretch workout for Men, but I think, unfortunately, it's out of print. It's a really good workout for anyone - lots of focus on hips and shoulders.

To be honest, it's hard for me to imagine most of the men I know doing it - though in her clips Sahra mentions training male hockey players, and several male athletes show up in both the classical stretch and eccentric workouts. And of course their poster boy Alexandre Despatie is still planning on competing in London.

But I'd like to hear from anyone that knows *everyday men* who are doing and benefiting from the workout.

be as relaxed as you can be, as you do what you gotta do.

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Old 07-09-12, 10:49 AM  
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I just received mine via ebay. It was 16.99 plus postage.

Be aware not all venders are honest. The first vender I ordered it from on ebay did not send it out, but gave me three dates he shipped it out. The fist date was Feb. I ordered the workout in May. Ebay promptly refunded my money from the first vendor who sold it for 19.99. He did have shipping numbers from all three dates he shipped out which is curious considering the first date was Feb. which again is 3 months before I even considered ordering the workouts.

Besides that I did most of the workout. It starts off with a gentle cardio workout that is more intense than her typical workouts. Then she goes into some arm works which fried my arms. Then she moved into shoulders exercises. I was getting annoyed at that point because it felt like more of a workout than something to help with pain. Then she does the window washing segments of Tai Chi. This part of the workout was 18 min. Then she did barre work using a chair for 10 min. The barre work was focused on stretching the hamstrings and the hip joint. It felt soooo good. This is where I ended the workout.

What I liked is how she explains in detail why she does the moves and how it helps to release what is causing pain. She does compare frequently the difference between men and women and there work or exercise and how it tends to cause pain. Her cluing was a bit off as normal. The workout though is easy enough to follow along.

After maybe a half an hour my upper back felt so much better. My shoulders felt very loose. I have been experiencing lower back pain for months - It was greatly decreased. I am able to get around much better than before. It feels like my inflammation is decreased which is unexpected. I like it better than the back pain workout for effectiveness of pain control.

I did order the workout for my husband to use when needed. So far he has not as he is not a DVD guy. It doesn't bother me since I love Miranda's workouts. It is worth having. I have to say it was very effective for hitting my needs. It is filmed out on a beach for the first segment. The second segment is in a resort.

There is more to the DVD. I think it runs 40 min. or more. I would have to check the case.
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Old 07-09-12, 10:59 AM  
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Yes - my husband likes the new Essentrics! He's only done them a few times, but feels that they immediately relieved the tightness in his hips and upper back, just as Sophie says. However, he does prefer the ones with the guy (Pier Luc, I think) in them. The women are too flexible and balletic, and he once said in frustration, "I can't make those shapes with my body!" . Although Pier Luc is more flexible than my husband, he's still easier for him to follow.

But my husband also likes Ellen Barrett, so maybe he's not that typical (although he would prefer if she had male backgrounders, too). I notice that when he does these videos, it looks more athletic than flow-y, and sometimes I worry that he's pushing himself too vigorously and will pull something, but it seems to work for him.
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Old 07-09-12, 06:29 PM  
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Who was the ebay vendor you bought from. Is it the same one that has it listed for 16.89? There are 2, 16.99 and 19.95
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Old 07-10-12, 09:36 AM  
Join Date: Apr 2004
The bad vendor was j.m. media. I never received the order from this guy. I disputed it with Ebay as the vendor was not cooperative. I received a full refund.

The good one was purviss-half for 16.89 and 2.99 shipping.
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classical stretch, workouts for husbands, workouts for men

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