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Old 05-22-12, 09:31 AM  
Join Date: Jul 2005
Fluidity - Results? Different from other Barre?

I watched the HSN presentation of Fluidity last night (mighty good price, I might add at $329 - but I already have it...paid more on Ebay for a used one!!). Anyway the befores and afters were absouletely STUNNING!!! The most impressive I've ever seen. Is this only because we've never seen another barre infomercial or is their specific magic to Fluidity.

I'm getting my barre out as soon as I'm done typing and trying my Fluidity 3 in 1 dvd for the first time.

Would love to talk about this!

ETA: oh, and one thing in particular, is Fluidity's upper body better, as one of the before and after's had her arms appear as though she lifted weights high reps and were super defined, just awesome!!! That's the look I'm going for small, compact, defined and lean!!!! and then more definition!!! can never have enough!! LOL
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Old 05-22-12, 01:25 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2010
I don't have fluidity, but am curious even though I don't have the space for one. I am taking a live class right now that is a mix of pilates and ballet barre (not necessarily like the barre type workouts but using a barre). The barres in the class are wall mounted ones and we do some exercises that involve hanging from the barres or looping resistance bands around the barre for different upper body and full body exercises. I would imagine the fuidity barre looks quite stable so there is the potential for these types of exercises. For my barre dvd's, I use my sofa and they suggest a chair, obviously this limits exercise choice as it looks like they do similar exercises in pictures I've seen of studio barre classes. I have a bit of fluidity barre envy at the moment! Do the dvd's include any upper body exercises that make use of the extra gravity or resistance you can get using the barre?

Saying that, I do think some barre workouts can provide a very challenging upper body workout and the instructors of these look very defined. I am thinking of Squeeze Stronger and Ballet Body Upper dvd. Both are challenging in different ways to me--more so than moderately heavy weights. And both Tracy E and Leah S have very defined upper bodies. I am not sure about trusting before and after's though, especially since it could likely be that the success stories are also doing something else or just have a different body type.

I am curious though, but it might just reinforce my fluidity barre envy (which is currently confined to the equipment not the workouts).
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Old 05-22-12, 01:30 PM  
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Location: TarHeel country
...Is this only because we've never seen another barre infomercial or is their specific magic to Fluidity.
I don't feel that Fluidity offers much more than any of the other barre dvds out there. I think if there was an infomercial for Bar Method or Pure Barre or Ballet Body, you'd be able to pull together folks with equally impressive "results".

The one plus that Fluidity has is that awesome barre, but one generally can find that quite reasonably priced on craigslist. (I bought my 2nd one for $15. )
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Old 05-22-12, 09:24 PM  
Join Date: Jul 2005
anyone else care to comment? Anyone have great results from Fluidity or barre in general. They were actually showing one before and after of a girl that was a "gym rat" and then did Fluidity and I was floored with how great she looked.
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Old 05-22-12, 11:00 PM  
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Location: Northern California
I hated the videos, and the bar was huge and heavy. I donated them to a secondhand store a few years ago. FWIW, I prefer circuit training and yoga over Pilates or barre work.
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Old 05-22-12, 11:44 PM  
Lucky Star
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Well the difference in Fluidity upper body work is that they use resistance bands, right? So you can feel the work on both the concentric and essentric movements. Whereas with other barre workouts you use light dumbbells. You may be advised to feel as though you're lifting heavier weights, but I don't think you can really feel the same intense squeeze when you're lowering only 2-5 lbs.

ETA - I just checked on HSN and it looks like they're selling it for $240, not $329... (am I missing something?)
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Old 05-23-12, 06:32 AM  
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I don't love Fluidity. It is a solid barre program but I don't think it produces better results than other barre techniques and there are some factors that make the workouts tedious for me (like the music!)

I posted a review and breakdown of the initial set here:

I also posted breakdowns and impressions of the Real Class set in this thread that has several reviews:

I did a one-month rotation with Fluidity RC back in March 2010: I did each class once a week (3 days) and alternated with either a dance class or a dance-based workout like Ellen Barrett, Jen Galardi, etc. (3 days).

I saw some improvement in my core strength and my glutes looked pretty good (round, toned, lifted). However, I lost flexibility and felt very tight - strange since there is a lot of stretching but I don't find the stretching sequence in Fluidity particularly effective. I was also completely bored with these; the music is awful and the pace is so slow that I did not get the "cardio" effect I usually enjoy in other barre workouts.

I have not used the workouts since... guess that says it all for me!
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Old 05-23-12, 07:25 AM  
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Florida
Many of us here bought Fluidity off Craigs List for much less. I got the entire set for $75. Personally I would never pay $300. I didn't care for the DVD's but the barre is nice to have if you have the room for it.
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Old 05-23-12, 09:10 AM  
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Location: Southern California
I bought the Fluidity Bar set years ago and used it off and on. I recently discovered why I couldn't stand doing the dvds- the instructor's voice. Honestly, I just couldn't "click" with her, you know?

I got much more out of the actual bar from P57 and other barre workouts than I did with the Fluidity workouts.

That being said, I'm interested by the fact that HSN is also carrying the Real New York 3 in 1 dvd as well...

I had been interested in buying that DVD or trading what I have for it, because I was hopeful to find another barre dvd to put into my rotation, but was hesitant because I was worried that I'd be as disappointed as I was with the original ones (those I sold on ebay, and was able to get a good price off of them).
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Old 05-24-12, 11:04 AM  
Join Date: Jul 2005
okay I guess, what I'm "getting" from this thread is that "any" barre work will yield the results I saw in the before and afters in the Fluidity commercial, yes?

I have P57, Pure Barre (is that the name?), Core Fusions and the Grace Lazenby ones, as well as more that I can't think of right now.

I guess the infomercial "hoodwinked" to speak....LOL!!


Oh well, I'm still gonna try to get "teeny tiny" as TA would say with a combo of TA, barre, Tonique, BBL, Ballet Body and an occasional JNL or other weight cardio circuit thrown in for variety, as I need to lose 30 pounds.

I don't need anyone to mention, etc., as I'm gonna start a food journal I've been in "fight or flight" syndrome at work for the past 7-8 months due to a horrid situation where I've been abused/humilitated and harrassed, and that is about to come to an end.....cuz I'm transferring, so hopefully the Cortisol I've been storing due to stress will back off and help me lose the humungous (word?) pounds I've gained.

Thanks ladies..................You are all so awesome and motivating for me. Sometimes I wish I could talk to some of you in person.

Speaking of that --- Margaux ...if you read this thread, please call me.....I have DVDs I want to give you.. You can come see me at work.

Thanks ladies...and gents...........what would I do without you all (and my furrie friends -- can't leave them that's true unconditional love).

Love all of my VF friends...............lora
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barre, fluidity, pilates band

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