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Old 01-08-11, 02:46 PM  
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Combat Kettlebell Systems

So far, I've only had time to preview the tutorial (23 min) which consists of the MMA moves, both with and without a kettlebell, and Workout 1 (11 min) 3 X 3 minutes.

I did Workout 1 today. I liked it. The only move with which I wasn't familiar was the snake move. They made it look easy but I'm not sure I did it quite right. There was a move called rocking chair which Cathe does on a couple of the Shock Cardio dvds. They did two versions, one where you just come up to your knees (like Cathe) and one where you stand up. I was a beat behind them for both exercises. Cathe must move more slowly than they do because I can keep up with her.

I can tell from watching the tutorial that there are moves that will stump me (rolling around on the floor, mostly) and I'll probably be behind them on those as well, if I'm able to do them. But they looked like fun and I am game to try them! I can see that I'll need a very light bell for the moves where they are rolling around on the floor.

There is a paper insert with the exercises for each workout and suggestions for how to put this dvd in a rotation. This is apparently for MMA students.

I didn't find the menu user friendly. To choose a workout, you have to click on the arrow a few times to make the menu options "scroll" to the side. I'll get used to it, but I think it could have been done better.

Here's the breakdown for Workout 1. Each move is done for thirty seconds and there is a one minute rest between circuits.

Workout 1: 3 X 3 Minutes

Circuit 1:
Jab drill (left)
Jab drill (right)
Goblet squat
Rocking chair

Circuit 2:
Flow drill (left) this is just a jab/cross
Dead clean (right)
Flow drill (right)
Dead clean (left)
Snake move

Circuit 3:
Alternating cleans
Shoe shine (left) this a flurry--uppercuts
Goblet squat/curl/press
Shoe shine ( right)
Alternating clean and press
Rocking chair get up

Workout 2 is 4 X 4 Minutes and workout 3 is 5 X 5 minutes.
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Old 01-08-11, 03:08 PM  
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so you're the first for this one eh?

wondered why no one talked about it.


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Old 01-08-11, 03:11 PM  
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DeDe, Thanks for the breakdown and your thoughts.
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Old 01-08-11, 03:28 PM  
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Originally Posted by tytbody View Post
so you're the first for this one eh?
I suppose I'm the first to post a breakdown or review, but it only came yesterday. I don't know that I was the first to order it. I was able to tell enough from the preview clip that there were new moves to experiment with. Unlike someone else who will remain unnamed.
Jumping for joy is good exercise.
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Old 01-08-11, 03:29 PM  
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lol. I know who you're referring to.. lol


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Old 01-08-11, 10:38 PM  
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I received this yesterday as well, but only had time to do the first workout so far. I really liked the different exercises. I don't have an MMA background whatsoever, so I know it will take me a little while to get those moves down. I'm hoping to get to the other workouts tomorrow, so I will post more after I do those.

I also had difficulty with the menu. I ended up having to fast forward through the instruction to get to the workout. I will fiddle with the menu more tomorrow because that was annoying!

I think this will be a fun workout that I will reach for often. I'm also really liking Lauren's new workout. I was so sore the next day!
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Old 01-09-11, 11:02 AM  
Debbie S.
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Thank you for the breakdown. This one sounds very interesting!
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Old 01-11-11, 09:20 AM  
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I don't normally post, but I read and get enabled often. I had to delurk for this one. I have done the 3 and 4 minute workouts and really enjoyed them. I do have a MA and KB background so I found it to be a nice mixture of the 2. I like that they added some drills that I've only done in MA classes before.

I also have to add that the company went above and beyond for me. There was a mix-up with Paypal and I didn't think my order went through, so I ordered again. When I received 2 DVDs, I emailed and asked if I could send one back and get refunded for just the DVDs price. I got a very nice email back from them telling me that he had refunded the complete price, and to give the extra DVD to someone who would appreciate it. I've never had any company do something like that before.
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Old 03-03-11, 12:32 PM  
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This has been out for a while, are there anymore reviews, those that have it and have been doing it for a while do you still enjoy it
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Old 03-03-11, 06:08 PM  
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Hmm...looks like the price dropped at $24.99 including shipping. May have to grab this.
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combat kettlebell systems, kettlebells, mark de grasse, mma

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