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Old 08-10-10, 12:41 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Puerto Rico, for now...
Can I buy P90X Shoulders & Arms DVD ONLY??

I have been doing some searching here in the forum trying to find whether or not I can buy p90x shoulders and arms alone, but I haven't found anything yet. I did buy my P90X set, and have the rest of the DVDs... but last week, while visiting me, my boyfriend (who's living in a different country for now for work reasons) loved this particular workout. I didn't have the heart (silly me ) to say "no" when the day before his depart he asked me if he could take Shoulders and Arms with him. You know, he's been doing Leslie's walks for more than two years now, and the fact that he liked this DVD gave me hope that I might end up working out with him to Tony one day He never showed that much interest for any other of my workouts, sooooo, I let him take the DVD. But now.... I need to get it somehow, so I can continue with my P90X schedule... (in the meantime I will do the workout using the exercises listed in the booklet that came with the set, but you know, it is not the same ) So.... do you know if I can buy only this one? I look at BB's website, but couldn't find anything, plus they also give you the option of putting the whole set in the shopping cart, not individual DVD's... Oh, man, the things a girl has to do in the name of love and exercise
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Old 08-10-10, 12:59 AM  
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definitely amazon or ebay has these singly.

beachbody used to sell them in singles, but i couldn't find it on their website. you could e-mail them and ask, and they'd be happy to direct you to the right webpage.

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Old 08-10-10, 06:01 AM  
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There was a time that you could buy individual DVDs from Beachbody directly. The price was pretty steep IIRC but it was available.
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Old 08-10-10, 06:12 AM  
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Man, the things we do for love. I hope this guy is worth it !!!!! He better use the darn thing.

Hopefully a coach will be able to help you.
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Old 08-10-10, 06:58 AM  
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Originally Posted by Sancho View Post
Man, the things we do for love. I hope this guy is worth it !!!!! He better use the darn thing.
That was my reaction too. I don't even let my husband use my dvds.
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Old 08-10-10, 09:24 AM  
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I agree with Sancho and bearcatfan- I'd never let my boyfriend break up a set! If he really, really wanted it, I might convert the DVD to an avi for my computer first, though, let him take the DVD, and then still have the avi in case I needed it. I know it's a legal gray area, but as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with making an electronic version of my own DVD for my own personal use.

That said, Jenny, he's a very lucky man that you would do that for him .

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Old 08-10-10, 09:40 AM  
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Maybe you could post a "wanting to buy" thread at the YaYa's. Or perhaps someone may offer you a temporary loan or trade.
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Old 08-10-10, 12:03 PM  
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You can find it on the Swaps or trade lists here occasionally & definitely on Amazon. If it's not listed now, you will eventually find it there. That was nice of you to give it to your boyfriend!
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Old 08-10-10, 12:26 PM  
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BB does allow previous customers to purchase replacement DVDs from programs, but the price is steep. I believe that it's $29+ shipping & handling which is about a 1/4 of the price for buying a new/ an entire P90X program. So, I think you should look at the YaYa swap, VF exchange or Amazon to find the workout for much cheaper (Ebay has too many bootleg copies, so I don't recommend there, unless you know the seller is legit).

ETA: here's the contact information for BB in case you want to inquire about it

1 (800) 470-7870
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Old 08-10-10, 07:38 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Puerto Rico, for now...
Thank you all for your suggestions! And for saying it was nice of me to give the DVD to my BF Yes, he's worth it I wouldn't have given it to just "any" boyfriend, LOL... He said he would make a copy for himself, but I don't think he can. You know, all that encoding whatevers... I do agree with you neatski... as long as one does not sale the copy of a DVD one owns and have paid for I believe one is not doing anything illicit.

I sent BB an email, and they got back to me in a few hours. They say I can only buy a DVD replacement from them if I originally bought my P90X set from them. Well, I did buy it from QVC, so I guess I would have to wait and keep hoping to find an authentic copy to buy from Amazon. Don't thrust ebay, and I am not a member of Ya-yas... And yeah, will keep an eye around to see if it hits the exchange forum here.

Anyway, thanks again everyone!
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