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Old 08-09-10, 08:47 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2008
Ab Ripper X 2 - New One on One

Ok boys and girls. I received this month's One-on-One workout which is Ab RipperX 2. It comes with "fancy" dog tags. Woo-hoo!

I am previewing now and will update with moves.


It is actually raining in LA where Tony lives. Our man is in black Nike shorts, a red P90X shirt, and shoeless.


Banana Two Crunch: two tight crunches then extend arms and legs out straight; Tony does 20 reps

Scissor Twist: kind of like bicycle crunch but legs are straight (hence the scissor); Tony does 13, then takes a break, comes back for a total of 20

Oblique Roll Crunch: lay on hip, legs extended, hand behind ear; crunch up into side "V", roll to other side and repeat; Tony does 20 reps

Side Arm Balance Crunches (Tony says it comes from 10 Minute Trainer): in full side plank, crunch top arm and leg in; Tony does 20 reps on each side

Bug Bicycle Crunch: knees come in like a bicycle but legs come in and out straight and arms reach over same leg; Tony does 30 reps

Row Your Boat: up on butt, act like you are on a rowing machine, arms go back, knees come in; Tony does 30 reps

Scissor Clapper (on your back or butt): legs come up in scissor, hands clap under thigh; Tony does 40 repos

The Abronome: I call these Russian Twists; lay on back, legs straight up, arms out, drop legs to each side; Tony does 30 reps but he seems to count incorrectly or something...

Draw Bridge Lift: I know these as a reverse crunch except legs go back to ground (close) with each rep; lay on back, legs straight out, raise legs up and lift butt off ground; Tony does 20 reps

Phelan Twist Lift: sitting up, legs out and above the ground, arms crossed, reach with elbow to each side; Tony does 25 reps

Elbow to Knee to Toe Double Crunch (or something like that): crunch up, touch elbows to knees, hands to toes, elbows to knees, feet do not touch the ground; Tony does 30 reps

High Low Open Close: shoulders off ground; legs out straight, legs go out, legs come in, legs come up, legs go down, repeat; Tony does 20 reps

Corkscrew Crunch: sit up, leaning back on upper butt, knee to elbow (or elbow to knee); Tony does 14 on each side

One Kick Two Kick V-Crunch (In Boat Pose): in boat pose with knees in, right leg out, left leg out, both legs out; Tony does 21 reps (each leg out is one rep)

Roll To Boat: roll from back (knees to chest) up to boat pose; Tony does 25 reps

Superman Banana X: superman (on stomach, arms and legs out straight) rolling to back, arms and legs out to make an X

The Tornado: on back, arms out to the sides, legs go round and round (making a circle); Tony does 15 each way

Next move was supposed to come before Superman Banana X and The Tornado but Tony missed it the first time around and realized it here.

Banana Roll-up Toe Grab V-Boat: roll to boat pose, grab toes, take legs out to a "V"; Tony loses count on number of reps and so did I since I was busy typing!!

Through the Legs and Round the Back (uses 4 pound medicine ball): up in boatish pose, ball under each leg and then around the back; he renames this one "The Magic" for Magic Johnson.

Bicycle 100: the name says it all, 100 bicycles.

This looks like a GREAT ab workout; extremely intense. I don't think I would do it as a whole thing because (for me) it is ab overkill. However, I will definitely do it in 10-15 minute chunks. The workouts is about 45 minutes total. I think all you core workout junkies will love it (I'm looking at you, A-Jock!!)!

Next month's workout is Shoulders and Arms. I have decided I will wait and get one workout for each body part and then probably cancel my auto-ship. I also reserve the right to change my mind!

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Old 08-09-10, 10:13 PM  
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I just caught a snippet of this on the P90X FB page. Yie!
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Old 08-10-10, 12:23 AM  
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That breakdown confirms my long-held suspicion that Tony is completely mad.

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Old 08-10-10, 05:18 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2007
I previewed this too and wondered why Tony didn't use any plank moves for variety.

Joan (JP44)
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Old 08-10-10, 08:16 AM  
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Now that sounds like my kind of ab workout!! If anyone wants to do a (permanent or temp) trade, please contact me!
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Old 08-10-10, 08:40 AM  
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Originally Posted by JP44 View Post
I previewed this too and wondered why Tony didn't use any plank moves for variety.

Joan (JP44)
Yeah, what's up with that?
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Old 08-10-10, 10:12 AM  
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Originally Posted by JP44 View Post
I previewed this too and wondered why Tony didn't use any plank moves for variety.

Joan (JP44)
I wondered as well. It will be interesting to see what makes it into the workout. I will say though that the workout seems very focused on the entire core, not just the abs. Tony says in the interview included on the disc that the original Ab RipperX was "ab" focused and this is more focused on the entire core. After seeing all the boat poses and turns from front to back, I believe it!

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Old 08-10-10, 10:20 AM  
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45 minutes of this stuff??
I like the idea of doing it in 15-minute chunks, though. Ab Ripper X is great, but it gets old when you're doing an X rotation. Seems like you could sub any 15 minutes of this one.
- Laura

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Old 08-10-10, 12:36 PM  
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Thanks for sharing the breakdown of the workout. It is very long for an abs workout, the idea of using short portions of the workout at a time is smart.
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Old 08-10-10, 03:00 PM  
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Carrie, thanks for posting this thread and the breakdown. I love Ab Ripper X so I had to have ARX 2. I don't have any of the One on One workouts. Which other ones are good?
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one on one, tony horton

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