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Old 08-01-09, 12:38 AM  
Join Date: Apr 2007
Should I get Fluidity or Cardio Barre?

I cannot continue using my dining room chairs as a barre. Among other things, using the chair makes it too difficult for me to see my feet and check my form!

I am considering purchasing either Fluidity (likely via or Cardio Barre to use for my barre workouts.

I have room to wall-mount a barre, but I won't be able to see the mirror from that location, so I need a mobile alternative.

What are the pros and cons of Fluidity and Cardio Barre? I'd like to be able to use it for all barre workouts, for pull-ups and for general stretching. I'm not so concerned with the media that comes with the different sets (though great workouts are always appreciated!).

My first thought is that Cardio Barre is a bit more expensive (since I would have to order online) and possibly less stable, but more easy to move and store.

It appears that I can easily purchase Fluidity through, and it looks like a sturdier piece of equipment, but definitely heavier and more difficult to store.

All opinions are much appreciated! Thanks!!
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Old 08-01-09, 12:46 AM  
Lucky Star
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I have both the Cardio Barre and a wall-mounted barre (which I attached around a wall mirror). So I can't advise about the Fluidity Barre, which I personally don't want as it's too big and heavy for my space and needs.

The Cardio Barre is lightweight but sturdy and completely portable, and can definitely be used for pullups. As far as using it with the bands for Fluidity upper body work, you'd have to weigh down the base with a couple of dumbbells (or just use the bands with both hands).

I know most people here will rave about Fluidity and I'm sure it's very well-made, but bear in mind how big and heavy it is. There's a good reason so many are getting rid of theirs inexpensively. If you can get it for a good price and space is no problem for you, then go for it. Otherwise, know that the Cardio Barre is perfectly fine.
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Old 08-01-09, 07:13 AM  
Join Date: Mar 2006
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I agree with Lucky Star. I don't have Fluidity. But I've heard that it is very heavy and unless you have a lot of room to just leave it up then it can be a big hassle. I have Cardio Barre and it works just fine. Love it actually. I have it up in the attic at the moment because my exercise room is being used at the moment but as soon as it is empty it will come back down!!

I think it's one of the best exercise purchases I have made. JMO!!
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Old 08-01-09, 07:20 AM  
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I have a Fluidity barre and it is my favorite piece of equipment. I agree that it is heavier than portable barres and it does take more room but I like the extra stability it provides for pullups, band work and even pliés (it allows you to lean back). The Fluidity barre is also wonderful for straight-back core work.

I use my barre 3-5 times a week and I put it away after every workout - either leaning it against a wall or sliding it under a bed. It takes 15 seconds.
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Old 08-01-09, 08:40 AM  
Join Date: Mar 2002
I had a Fluidity bar. It is heavy and cumbersom to store away, but it is great for doing bar work. I sold it, later bought a Cardio Barre. The CB is lightweight and I do like it better. But, you cannot fold it down to store away.

The Fluidity was kind of a hassel to fold-down and store away, but it took up a lot of space when you left it up. With the CB I slide it aside and it still gives me space in the room I have it in.

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Old 08-01-09, 09:18 AM  
Join Date: Mar 2006
I agree with Fuzzie. I own the cardio barre and while it's better than a dining room chair, the Fluidity Bar allows me to concentrate more on my form. The cardio barre is just not as stable. Also, if you ordered the P57s, you'll love the fluidity bar for those. Lots of times I am too lazy to pull out any barre and end up using a dining room chair but for the P57s, I NEED my fluidity bar.
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Old 08-01-09, 09:45 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Colorado
Another Fluidity lover!

I swear this is probably my most favorite piece of equipment (and I have a lot). It is so sturdy and you can pull your whole body weight back on the bar without it budging.

It might seem large when it's all set up, but it folds up nice and easy. I've timed myself and it takes less than one minute to fold it up. It's on wheels too so you can roll it behind the couch or under the bed or up against a wall.

I could never part with my Fluidity.

I don't have cardio barre so I can't comment on that.

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Old 08-01-09, 10:49 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2004
If you buy one used, beware. I bought mine about 3 yrs ago and it was quite wobbly and the wooden bar slides out of the side brackets rather easily. (IMO) It spins around too which feels very awkward when I am trying to balance on it. After hearing so many raves here about how wonderful and sturdy it is, I called CS to see if mine might be defective.

Well, it's not considered "defective" but they did say that they are made differently now, and there is a screw that holds the bar in place. They tried to explain to me how to fix mine, but there is no hole in the metal base to put the screw in, and I am afraid that if I tried to drill a hole in the bar I will end up ruining it. I realize I bought it a long time ago but all together I spent about $250 on this thing. I shouldn't have to 'fix' it. They obviously realized that it was built poorly or they wouldn't have updated it. IMO, it serves its purpose but the price is NOT justified.
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Old 08-01-09, 03:16 PM  
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I fold my Fluidity and lean it against the wall, behind some other equipment, every time I use it. It doesn't take more than a minute or two. I love the barre and the workouts! I have not tried the cardio barre.
- Laura

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Old 08-01-09, 03:18 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2003
I found a fluidity bar on craig's list for $50 and I am very tempted. I have a question though...It looks as though the legs that rest on the ground would get in the way of doing a wide plie. Does it???
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cardio barre, fluidity bar

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