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Old 04-10-08, 07:56 AM  
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Enviga Calorie Burn Series on Exercise

I got an email about this series and checked out some of the clips...They look good and you dont have to down load them all..You can pick and choose. I especially like the bootcamo with kendall and the abs one with cindy. Im getting ready to travel for a coupld of weeks and looks like these might be good since they dont require much equipment.

Has anyone tried these workouts yet? Any opinions?

Here is the link:
Enviga Calorie Burn Series on Exercise TV

I have a question - When you download these workouts, its in mp4 format - is there a way that I can convert it to DVD format and burn it on a DVD so I can use it in a player instead of my computer?

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Old 04-10-08, 10:21 PM  
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Need DVD authoring software to burn to a DVD

Hi R.,
These do look interesting. You need to have DVD authoring software to burn these workouts to a DVD:

I have both Roxio & Nero (as recommended on the site) and I couldn't burn them on a DVD - I downloaded the free Cindy Whitmarsh abs one that was offered in Shape magazine and could not import the file so I could burn a DVD - it requires newer software upgrades I don't have yet.

Good luck! Let us know if you figure out an easy way to do this...
Dawn P.
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