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Old 06-29-07, 07:23 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Nova Scotia
Thrift Store Find & Lateral Thigh Trainer workout question

Hi there,

I was at my local Value Village today where I discovered a lateral thigh trainer type device made by a company called Body Break. It was practically brand new and comes with a calorie/step counter. Well, a while ago, I had bought the "airclimber" and the actual piece of equipment turned out to be a piece of poo. However, the workouts that come with it aren't too bad. (It comes with 4 workouts). So, tonight, I did one of the airclimber workouts with my new lateral thigh trainer and got a pretty good workout.
So, here is my question:

Are there are other workouts I can buy that I can use with this piece of equipment? For example, I am very interested in acquiring the actual lateral thigh trainer workouts (I've heard there are a couple- is this true?). However, the lateral thigh trainer has been discontinued so I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get them.

Anyway, any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!
I am excited about my new piece of equipment and wanna use it!!
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Old 06-29-07, 11:09 PM  
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Location: Virginia Beach
There are 2 Lateral Thigh Trainer workouts, as far as I have seen in all my time of aquiring & selling workout videos through Ebay. There is the Lateral Thigh Trainer Powerhouse workout & the Advanced Lateral Thigh Trainer workout. I have only ever seen them on VHS but maybe they are out there on DVD? I think Amazon or Ebay is going to be your best bet for finding them quickly (I have the first one listed on Ebay right now) but if you're patient & visit often, I bet you'll find one at the thrift store eventually. Glad you are enjoying your equipment!
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Old 06-30-07, 04:12 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: NJ
Pump & Sweat

There is also the usually very hard to find Richard Simons Pump & Sweat vhs which uses an air pump stepper identical to the air climber. It has moves similar to the lateral trainer workouts, some using light hand weights, but is much longer so feels more like a real workout IMHO.

Barb S
who bought an air stepper called a *Stair Climber* for just $5 several years ago at a garage sale and cannot believe the price of the new infomercial's airclimber!

ETA: I suggest trying the VF Exchange to get the Lateral thigh trainer workouts (somebody is bound to have them and more than willing to trade or even SASE them)
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Old 06-30-07, 07:43 AM  
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Location: TN
I got this machine also at a yard sale around a month ago. Someone on another fitness board was going to send me her VHS for free but I never got them. Would have been nice but I'll start looking again myself. My 9 yr old loves this thing. She can do if better than me.
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Old 06-30-07, 07:53 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Nova Scotia
Thanks so much, you guys, for all the helpful replies! I am going to look into the two thigh trainer workouts and I had NO idea about the Richard Simmons one..I will definitely look for that as well.
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Old 06-30-07, 10:40 AM  
Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Nova Scotia
By the way, would anyone know where I could get the Richard Simmons Pump and Sweat workout??
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