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Arrow Just The Workouts~FEBRUARY 2019~*Everyone Welcome!*


Still checking out the LITE workouts and including Cathe Live, yoga, and whatever this month. So far, I am loving LITE!

1 - Shovel Max (30 min.); Winsor B&T; Mimi's DS (Hips/Legs; Neck/Shoulders)
2 - LITE Rev'd Up Rumble; RUR Calorie Crush; BW&B Calorie Crush; Body Beast Lucky 7; Lucky 7 abs; stretch I will definitely need to try RUR again to learn the combos...Combo 2 was more fun than Combo 1 which didn't flow very well, IMO, but may be different once I learn it. Even w/ the intensity drills, I found it really hard to get my HR up and to me, this workout seemed to be the easiest of the bunch. Even w/ gloves and jumping, I think it would be hard to know how to intensify no matter how well you learn the combos. That's where it's easier to make weight workouts harder - just use heavier weight, and therefore, I'm liking the LITE weight workouts more so than the cardio ones. Adding on the two Calorie Crushes boosted my calorie burn, however, as well as Lucky 7, so a good calorie burn today. It just took me awhile to get there, LOL.

3 - NEOU Yoga The One With Bird of Paradise (Britney); NEOU Base Mobility Take 30 (w/ Blake) Not bad! The 45 min. yoga class was pretty decent with balance challenges in a nice flow. I enjoyed it. Blake's class was superb!!! Love her! A fabulous hip opener with great music....will definitely do this one again, as I favorited it. I was checking around the site - it looks awesome!
4 - LITE Metabolic Blast (w/u only-this one is great!); NEOU Rippedism 30 Min. Progressive Plyo; NEOU 5 Min. Abs; NEOU 10 Min BASE Hip Mobility Sequence; Stretch LOVED the RIPPEDISM class!!! Loved the instructors, loved the music, loved the moves, everything! This all-bodyweight workout includes 4 blocks of 2 sets of plyo-type exercises with recovery moves that is very HiiT-like with heavy core focus. I used the step to place my hands on and my HR was up the entire workout (even during the recovery times). The moves were fine for my knees (w/ the step) and I really enjoyed it. Forgot to mention, one of the moves is snowboards! First was the ‘step-it turn w/ no jump’ snowboard, then the actual snowboard exercise. Loved! Not much in the way of w/u or c/d, but I'm used to that by now. Now I'm interested in RIPPEDISM!! (rolley-eyes) Added on their 5 min abs and Blake's hip mobility sequence, which I didn't care for at all. With my hip issues, I found the exercises very compromising and painful. You mostly lie on your stomach in frog variations. They just didn't feel right so I didn't push it to do exactly like she was doing. My stretch felt so much better to me doing IT band stretches (on my back!). This one did have great pop music though but won't be repeating it. Overall, fabulous workout today! ETA: 50 min. yard that the snow is melted, all the pokey balls are visible!! At least the temp wasn't bad (51*) and I got done before the misting started in. Crazy weather temps - going from -13 to 51* in less than a week!!
5 - Rest day
6 - Cathe Live Strong Express Upper Body; NEOU 30 min. ABP (Amanda); NEOU SymobioPT 15 min. Upper Body Mobility (Mike) Cathe's class was so fun and what an UB fryer!! First off, she fries the shoulders then your arms are like mush for the rest of the workout! Tough to go heavy - I had to drop to 12's by the time the chest exercises rolled around. It ends with 5 sets of p/u's and sit ups and I was behind a beat until the last couple of sets when Cathe slows down. Fantastic UB workout that packs a BIG punch in a short amount of time (35 min). Hearted! Amanda's NEOU pilates-like class was pretty good - I'm not a fan of pilates but I wanted to try this one b/c of all the firewalker band creativity. She puts the band around her thighs, ankles, bottom of feet, and wrists. Loved the variety and took up the boredom factor (for original pilates-type moves) to make it more fun. I was glad to see some PT-like work for my hips in this one using the band. She did seem a little "green" as an instructor and the music was good. Mike's class felt awesome after all the upper body work today. Just simple stretches for the neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists - very PT-like which these classes act like excerpts from PT classes. Ended with cat/cow and child's pose and has great music playing.
7 - LITE Metabolic Blast (TS Premix 4: Standing + Calorie Crush, minus stretch); NEOU Warrior Asana 30 min. (Sarah); Winsor B&T; MB stretch/extra stretch I liked this MB premix more so, I think, without the floor work included and is a great length (42 min.). Just love the CC, doing jump variations for 3 of the exercises on my rebounder (which get my HR up higher - esp. on the jump front/back/front & run back exercise). I do 8 reps of air jacks, tucks, air jacks, tucks and is timed perfectly for the duration, then get off and do (both) handed/legged burpees. :-) But the dang music!!! Ugh. It is so frickin' LOUD esp. during the wouldn't be an issue if I actually liked the music! I made a note to change up the audio next time. Sarah's class was a yoga fusion of mobility, flexibility, and major core strength. Some of the moves my body just isn't capable of, LOL. I wish they'd include older instructors on this site; they're all so young and haven't experienced joint issues yet. Oh well, I modify where I need to.
8 - MYW My Favorite 30 Min. Sequence (Kim Manfredi) This was nice; not much of a flow just mostly stretches.
9 - LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets: Lower; NEOU 30 Min. Bootcamp HiiT Cardio Flex (Jen Widerstrom); NEOU 30 Min. Base by Blake stretch (1/2=15 min.) Loved SBSS even more today! Very easy to heavy up - and my HR was up the whole time - just like a PHA workout - love it! Used 12's thru 30 and I had to cut the static lunges short - using too heavy weights with all those dang pulses! Cardio Flex was an awesome lower body finisher. She does include some upper body work but I kept it all lower body focused since this is a lower body day. Love how she sneaks in core work too. Liked Jen a lot. Blake's stretch was great but my w/o was getting long enough so I only did 1/2. Feeling great!

10- DYP Intermediate Balanced Flow (Vytas) I liked this 63 min. class for a Sunday morning when I have more time but liked the 2nd half more so with all the balance work. In the first half, the poses were held so long (with very little balance work - if any), and it seemed a little tedious to me. My arms/shoulders are feeling really fatigued from being in DDog so much (in the first half). This could easily be made into 30 min.... ;-) I think that's why I don't pull these and UY classes out as often...too long! That's where Yoga30For30 really shines for me.
11- Cathe Live PHA 3; 3 sets of 10 of tricep k/b's and laying overhead triceps; stretch Just love these PHA workouts so much! I was huffing/puffing my whole way thru. I added on the omitted rear delt flyes in PHA as well as extra tricep work. I upped my weights on a few exercises since last, tough stuff! [Nicole isn't in this class which is unusual and Kate is in camera range which is nice for once! She always has great form. I didn't even hardly notice Jen as she wasn't in camera range as much. Liked this set-up!] T2B, don't let one person stop you from signing up for Cathe Live!!! You would LOVE it, I'm sure!
12- Cathe LITE Metabolic Blast (w/u only); NEOU Rippedism 20 min ABmirer Valentine's Day Class; Yoga30For30 Stamina (Lauren); Michelle's Yin Yoga This was really supposed to be my rest day, but they ended up canceling my church nursery duty b/c of the ice storm, so I had extra time this morning. Yay!! Another Rippedism workout!!! They sure pack a lot into 20 min....and what an awesome quick paced core focused class that is HiiT-like with very little crunch work! It didn't feel good doing the turning crescent poses at that quick pace, so I went slower; otherwise I found the exercises very doable for my knees. GREAT AFTERBURNER! Lauren's class is just gold....challenging with BOF during plank and jump switches; great balance work. Really like this class. I did feel like I needed to stretch more, so Michelle's class left my hips feeling so loose and fabulous! Need to do that one more often....feeling great!!
13- Cathe LITE PHA 2; stretch Doing this one after PHA3 Live is still fresh in my mind, I REALLY enjoyed the Live versions so much more. I don't know if it's the exercises that include the step, not getting my HR up as high, but it IS definitely the music(!). Anyway, I didn't like this workout near as much as Monday's workout....I have another PHA scheduled for this week...not sure if it'll be a dvd or a Live yet (even though I know which one I should do to enjoy my workout, LOL). Maybe I'm just missing that rest day that was skipped over and I'm just cranky. Bah humbug.
14- HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! DYP Gentle Balanced Flow; Winsor B&T Feeling better mentally today. Just one of those days yesterday! I just needed some stretching today and this was great....feel very relaxed now and in a better state of mind. The sun is out, supposed to hit around 45*(!) which will melt all this ice (until more snow on Sunday). Spring, think Spring!
15- Cathe Live Hearts On Fire; NEOU 20 min Kick It Valentine Class (Eliza); NEOU Movement Culture 5 Min. Jump Start Your Core (Mark); my own stretch Great k/b & Valentine focused workout today! Cathe's Valentine class was so much fun! It's a 44 min. class with 20 min. k/b punches/kicks, followed by 10 min. HiiT work and 10 min. High/Low cardio followed by a c/d stretch. Some of the cardio moves were LITE-like and I used my JS during the j. jack frenzy around the 35 min. mark that goes on for awhile. Cathe also uses a yoga mat (as a prop) for some of the cardio and optional gloves. I really liked the combination of k/b and hi/lo in this class. Added on NEOU's k/b class which was a great k/b cardio finisher! Be warned, though, it has a heavy squat and another j. jack heavy segment! It was pretty excellent to keep my HR up throughout but then she adds in 2 min. of core work at the very end where you're laying on your mat - my HR was sky high....why not just have a 2 min. c/d and stretch?? I waited until my HR came down before proceeding. (Things like this is another red flag about these young instructors). Other then that, I liked the workout and Eliza (although she could have kept up with us--sometimes she just stands there and waits till we finish the move). I added on Mark's 5 min core class - you'd think we wouldn't get much accomplished in 5 min....but he sure packs in A LOT - doing crunch variations, pilates-like hundreds (but not as boring), bicycles, leg crunch variations and plank variations - all in 5 minutes! It was EXCELLENT and with great music, so it was favorited as a good one when wanting to just get in a little ab work. Liked Mark too. Feeling like I got a great workout today!
16- LITE RUR Calorie Crush (no c/d & cutting w/u short); S&S PHA Training; stretch According to my notes, I haven't done this PHA since May of '18(!) and was quickly reminded of its' awesomeness!! It's not a Live, so therefore, not as fun but oh my, it is just as crazy hard as the Lives and I think it's my favorite PHA dvd. It was so nice to work out with Amanda, too. Starting with a Calorie Crush, though, I think, made me worn out by the time PHA was finished especially matching Cathe's weights. I might not be doing that again, LOL. I absolutely LOVED this idea of doing PHA's this week, getting a total body workout 3x; however, I'm feeling pretty beat up right now and definitely feel like I need that complete rest day (I omitted) to start fresh next week....

17- Rest day
18- Cathe Live HiiT & Sculpt; Michelle's Yin Yoga Wow, this one packs in A LOT of reps! It starts out with 10 HiiT blasts and then high rep upper body exercises with 5#. (I started with 8# and quickly dropped to 5's when she starts in with lateral raises!). Five pounds ended up very heavy with all those dang reps (and pulses)....esp. those triceps---owie! Upper body is then followed with unweighted lower body exercises done on the mat. Some are Squeeze-like and has a PT flair as well. One move is propping your foot on a DB then lifting other leg for many reps. That move totally made my hammies scream (and they're still screaming!). Then she ends with about 5 min. of core work. Great UB/LB fry sessions along with the HiiT work...if this one doesn't burn the fat off me, I don't know what will!! This class would be super easy to make into 2 30 min. segments - do the HiiT work, then choose either the upper or lower body. Done as one workout is tough stuff! :-) Felt great to add on another stretch as Cathe's didn't cut it for me. Feeling great!
19- Rest day Winsor Buns & Thighs
20- 40 Min. Shovel Max; Cathe Live Rock Bottoms & Core; Michelle's Yin Yoga Word on the street is that this is an easier Live and I concur. :-) It consists of standing lower body work, using light weight, discs and a FW band. I don't mind the sliders when she works only one leg at a time...those are ok for my knees. Loved the FW exercises. Core work uses the stability ball doing outer and inner thigh work and core. No, not more hamstring roll-ins! My hammies are STILL sore from Monday!! This workout was perfect and not too taxing after Shovel elbow flared up from the shoveling, so I was glad no heavy weights were used. I appreciate these easier classes in Live, too!
21- Rest day (sick during the night due to something I ate)
22- Yoga30For30 Even Flow Perfect as always! <3 Feeling so much better today but still not 100%. Ran tons of errands for nice out today...even cracked open my sunroof! :-)
23- Cathe LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets: Upper (Mishmosh Scrambled #2 Premix: Abs Mixed in after Rounds 1B and 2B); Extended Stretch#2 I esp. enjoyed this premix - getting the ab work done all at once. If I didn't like the ab exercise, I'd do my own thing. (I got enough "ab work" throughout the night on Wednesday, haha). My L delt is talking to me right now, though....I wonder if it's that unusual Lateral U Raise or the Dumbbell Front Squeeze & Press? Not fond of either but I applaud Cathe for trying to be creative with the moves. I added on the Extended Stretch which was nice (once the sun sals were over). I don't know why Cathe didn't just make one a yoga-inspired stretch and one an athletic stretch?? I would have loved an updated Cathe Stretch Max-like stretch!

24- Cathe LITE Cardio Party (sans stretch); LITE RURumble (TS#4 Combos Only); Yoga Short & Sweet #2 I thought some "ungloved" boxing moves would help get the kinks out of my delt...and this was the ticket--it worked! This was a fun combo; both workouts went better today - I really enjoyed doing the Combos Only in RUR. CP seemed long to me today - I think it was b/c I did the whole workout - first time, I skipped the 9 min. w/u since I added it onto another workout. I like having some fun low impact workouts in my collection, but I think I sweated more during the yoga class! S&S is just GOLD since it moves fast and getting the balance work in as includes awkward airplane--it's been awhile since I did that, or this dvd as well (May '18!) & I was reminded how much I LOVE it! Wish Travis would put out another Short & Sweet dvd...
25- Cathe Live Bun Burners, Barre & Ball (Treadmill during the Barre segment); Yin Yoga This was a nice breather when not wanting to use weights for legs. It consists of standing leg work, barre, and stability ball floor work for legs. Instead of the barre segment, which is sandwiched b/t the standing floor and floor work, I used my TM for 1.2 miles of intervals during the duration of the barre work. :-) The stability ball segment was tough after that! Cathe is a hoot in this class---it's St. Patrick's Day ('16) and she makes all these St. Patty's references! Fun class!
26- Rest day
27- MYW Low Back Stability (Tim Senesi); Winsor B&T This class was perfect and took the kinks out of my lower back due to trying to find the right pillow! Going to go out and do yard work now...brrr and only going to get colder....(ETA: 40 min.)
28- Cathe LITE Pyramid Pump (1 set only premix) Still not feeling great (I got sick thru the night again on Monday)...not sure if it's the flu or something else?? The good news is I lost some pounds, LOL.
Currently doing a strength rotation with various workouts along with yoga
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1 Dog Walk - 35 minutes
2 Leah Sarago - Prenatal Physique: Warm Up & Upper Body Cardio Sculpt - 20 minutes & Bariatric Fitness Rx: Yoga - 21 minutes
3 You V2 - Move Your Body - 28 minutes; PBL - Kickstart Your Pilates - Day 12 Putting it All Together - 15 minutes; Winter Challenge Stretch - 20 minutes, & Office Desk Stretch - 11 minutes
4 Dog Walk - 40 minute; Leah Sarago - Bariatric Fitness Rx: Yoga - 21 minutes
5 PBL - Bridal Arm Workout - 14 minutes & Bridal Leg Workout - 19 minutes; Dog Walk - 40 minutes
6 Unplanned Rest Day
7 Unplanned Rest Day
8 Debbie Siebers - Dynamix: Tone & Walk - 12 minutes; Leah Sarago - Bariatric Fitness Rx: Standing Mobility - 24 minutes
9 Debbie Siebers - Dynamix: Cardio Walk - 20 minutes; Suzanne Bowen - WW 4 Week Targeted Workout Plan: Upper Body Sculpt & Active Stretch - 20 minutes
10 Leslie Sansone - Walk 15 - Mile 1 & Cooldown/Stretch - 22 minutes; Leah Sarago - Bariatric Fitness Rx: Yoga - 21 minutes; PBL - Standing Stretch - 15 minutes
11 Walk 15 - 2 Mile Walk - Mile 1 - 15 minutes; Suzanne Bowen - WW 4 Week Targeted Workout Plan: Lower Body Cardio - 10 minutes; PBL - New Zealand New Legs Workout - 18 minutes
12 Unplanned Rest Day
13 Walk 15 - 2 Mile Walk - Mile 2 & Cooldown and Stretch - 20 minutes; Leah Sarago - Bariatric Fitness Rx: Upper Body & Core I - 18 minutes
14 Dog Walk - 40 minutes; PBL - Just 5 Minutes More: Legs with Band, Just 5 Minutes More: Arms with Weights & Just 5 Minutes More Stretch with the Band - 15 minutes
15 Unplanned Rest Day
16 Walk 15! - 3 Mile Walk - Mile 1; Kathy Smith - Rejuvenation: Healthy Abs & Back - 10 minutes; WW 4 Week Targeted Workout Plan: Lower Body Sculpt - 10 minutes; Barre Amped - Strengthen & Stretch - Relaxation Stretch - 13 minutes
17 Dog Walk - 30 minutes; Jane Fonda - Trim Tone & Flex - Upper Body - 20 minutes; Suzanne Bowen Fitness "SBF" - New (and Improved) Pretzel Target - 13 minutes
18 Walk 15! - 3 Mile Walk: Mile 2 - 15 minutes; SBF - Upper Body & Core Circuit - 31 minutes; Daily Om - Chair Yoga # 1 - 10 minutes; Jane Fonda - AM/PM Yoga for Beginners: Energy - 10 minutes; SBF - Reset Stretch - 5 minutes
19 Suzanne Bowen - Flat Belly Barre: Classic Barre - 30 minutes
20 Dog Walk - 30 minutes
21 SBF - Cardio Barre 2 - 32 minutes
22 Walk 15! - 3 Mile Walk: Mile 3 - 15 minutes; Jenny Ford - Total Body Weight Workout 1 - 30 minutes
23 SBF - Butt Lift - 27 minutes; Caroline Sandry - Beginners Pilates - Introductory Workout - 22 minutes; Debbie Siebers - Slim & Limber - 15 minutes
24 Walk 15! - 4 Mile Walk - Mile 1 - 15 minutes; PBL - Sculpt & Shred Arm Workout - 15 minutes; Debbie Siebers - Body Dynamix 2 - Stretches with Chair - 24 minutes
25 Jessica Smith - 30 Minute Fusion Strength
26 Pilates By Lisa: New You Lying Leg Workout - 16 minutes, New You Redefining Upper Body Workout - 11 minutes, Just Five Minutes More Stretch with the Band - 6 minutes
27 Debbie Siebers - Body Dynamix 2 - Upper Body Blast Workout - 30 minutes; Pilates By Lisa: Graceful Flow Stretching Routine - 17 minutes
28 Stationary Bike - 10 minutes; Pilates By Lisa - Neck Friendly Workout - 21 minutes & Everyday Essentials: Clam Workout - 10 minutes

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1. PBL Summer Ready Workout, Everyday Essentials Back Strength, Teach PCW 1, CS 1229
2. PBL Redefine Your Outline, Fast and Firm Upper Body workout, Essentrics Core and Abs with Meg, PBL 5 Min More Stretch
3. PBL Classic Series Lower Body, Sunrise workout, 5 Min More Legs, BB Mat Stretch
4. Barre3 Bounce Back, PBL Butt Blaster, Essentrics Muscle Release
5. PBL Spring Into Summer Leg Leg Sculpt, Posture Plus and New You Redefining Upper Body, Teach Mat Pilates, Essentrics PM Stretch
6. Essentrics Posture Workout, Quad Stretch with Amanda, Express Butt workout with Meg
7. Essentrics BSS Calorie Burning and Lower Body Sculpting with Gail, BSS Ab Flattening and Waist Sculpting
8. Essentrics Waist Toning with Gail, Leg Toning Express with Amanda, Barre3 Ballet Fit, BB Mat Stretch
9. Barre3 Cupid's Class, PBL 5 Min More Stretch, BB Daily Dance Stretch
10. Barre3 Slim with Sadie
11. Barre3 Interval Strength, BB Mat Stretch
12. Essentrics Class of 2012, PBL Trim and Slim Lower Body
13. Barre3 On the Go, Essentrics BSS Arm Blast and Posture Boost, SIM Upper Body and Hamstrings
14. Essentrics BSS Total Core, Legs and Butt with Meg, Leg Toning with Amanda, Butt Toning with Meg, PBL Everyday Essential Abs
15. Essentics SIM Total Body, BSS 1 Ultimate Leg Sculptor, PBL Badlands Butt
16. PBL New You Abs with Band, Reformer on the Mat Leg workout, Essentrics Express Waist Toning with Gail
17. Rest Day
18. PBL Spring Into Summer Core Heat, Bridge the Gap workout
19. PBL Ab Attack, Total Trim Down Leg Workout, Essentrics Muscle Activation
20. Barre3 Ballet Body Blast, BB Hip and Thigh Extensions
21. Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout
22. PBL New You Total Body with Weights, Poise and Strength Upper Body workout, Badlands Butt, BB Ballerina Legs, 5 Min Abs, Arabesque lifts
23. PBL Crunch Time Workout, Lean Legs workout, Everyday Essential Back Strength
24. Ballet Beautiful Sculpt and Burn DVD - Mat workout, PBL Graceful Flow Stretching Routine
25. PBL Scuplt and Shred Arm Workout, Ultimate Ab Burner, Barre3 Studio Shape
26. Barre3 Twist, PBL Leg Firming workout with Ankle weights
27. PBL Everyday Essentials Arms with Weights, Spring into Summer Stretch and Release, BB Ballerina Legs, Teach PCW1
28. PBL Complete Body Mat Workout, Trim and Slim Lower Body, PBL Central Park Stretch
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Valentine's month
2/1: sinus inf
2/2: 2 mile dance walk
2/3: rest
2/4: 3 mile treadmill walk, trigger point inj
2/5: rest
2/6: rest stupid cold
2/7: 2 mile treadmill walk
2/8: rest
2/9: 4 mile treadmill walk
2/10: 2 mile walk
2/11: 2 mile treadmill walk; Firm Aerobic Butt Busters
2/12: rest
2/13: 2 mile treadmill walk; half of JS 4 mile power walk
2/14: rest
2/15: 3 mile treadmill walk
2/17: 2 mile treadmill walk
2/18: 2 mile walk; Firm Cardio Sculpt
2/19: 2.5 mile treadmill walk
2/20: 2 mile treadmill walk; Firm Transfirm Your Trouble Zones
2/21: 2.5 mile treadmill walk
2/22: rest
2/23: 1 mile treadmill walk; last half of JS 4 mile power walk
2/24: stomach flu
2/25: ditto; 3 mile treadmill walk
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1 - Winsor Power Sculpting; Schiffmann's Beginners for lotus prep, shoulder openers and savasana.

2 - GYM for recumbent bike and my own physical therapy and yoga; 4,050 steps.

3 - My own yoga with a large round bolster during the pre-game show; 2,703 steps.

4 - GYM for recumbent, weight machines for chest, back, inner and outer thighs; Hala Khouri's Yoga for Back Pain; 3,613 steps.

5 - Lee Holden Qigong for Energy; RaviAna Yoga Beauty Body; 6,458 steps.

6 - Very tired - my own back therapy yoga and relaxation; 5,493 steps.

7 - Essentrics AM Workout; Svaroopa class; 5,618 steps.

8 - Lee Holden Qigong for Healthy Joints (short); 5,507 steps.

9 - GYM for weights and 20 minute recumbent; Yee's original AM Yoga; 6,900 steps.

10 - Essentrics Total Body Pain Relieving Workout; 3,009 steps.

11 - RaviAna Fat Free - Start Your Engines, Fight Fire With Fire; Kathy Smith Fat Burning Pilates for Abs; 6,235 steps.

12 - Lee Holden Healthy Joints (long workout); 5,035 steps.

13 - CS 1214, Spine Strength; Margaret Richard Home Improvement; 5,241 steps.

14 - Svaroopa class; 4,857 steps.

15 - CS 1227 - Shoulder Strengthening; 4,397 steps.

16 - GYM, full body weights; RaviAna No Impact Aerobics; 7,088 steps.

17 - Lee Holden 7 Minutes of Magic - PM Extended version; 3,867 steps.

18 - Winsor Pilates Back Workout; 2,836 steps.

19 - Essentrics Total Body Pain Relief (no chair); Margaret's Body Electric Workout (minus hamstrings and glutes); Fat Free Life Is In Your Own Glands; 5,142 steps.

20 - Rest day; 5,077 steps.

21 - Svaroopa class; 5,744 steps.

22 - Nothing formal; 6,265 steps.

23 - GYM for 15 recumbent bike and 30 minutes lower body, back and chest; 5,684 steps.

24 - Blissful Yin class at yoga studio 15th anniversary open house and 4,805 steps.

25 - Nothing formal; 6,138 steps.

26 - Essentrics Shoulder Release; Gentle Renewal Flow (Kreg Weiss, Gaia); 5,124 steps.

27 - Nothing formal; 4,651 steps.

28 - Svaroopa class; 4,156 steps.
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Challenge: 1 barre, 1 heavy, and 1 body weight or high rep workout a week
cardio: whatever looks good

1. Jari Ripped & Chiseled - lower, back, shoulders, and biceps
2. Jessica Smith Interval Mix - from WS1, used a BOSU for the plank exercises, which to me is a little more challenging than on the floor.

3. Pure Barre Pure Results Abs - I should have done my ego a favor and left this dvd at Goodwill. My butt bone was uncomfortable (even using a ball behind me) and I've never modified and rested so much. This one was tough. And I didn't even use a band for extra resistance! I'm now afraid to try PBPR Seat.
4. car accident - hit a wet spot, lost control, hit a parked car that hit another, which scratched another. No one was in the cars, thankfully.
5. rest
6. walk around neighborhood for about 20 minutes
7. 1 mile leslie
8. 1 mile leslie
9-17. nothing.

I'm going to give formal exercise a try. Nothing hurts, so I should be good to go.
18. Barre3 Standing Slim + 10 minute legs and arms from Burner
19. Leslie Walk Blasters - 40 minutes - Light Walk, Walk, Kick & Jab, Tummy Trimmer, Short & Sweaty, and ended with the last 5 minutes or so of the Flexibility Walk
20.Jessica Smith Barefoot Fusion Sculpt - from a Walk Strong set. For some reason I don't mind workouts that have 3 sets of one exercise (KCM comes to mind) or even ones that repeat the entire circuit (circuit burnout), but I don't like when Jessica does. Or maybe I don't like how she does them? Followed that up with Leslie Sansone 10 minutes Walk off Fat Fast
21.Kari Anderson Center Floor - standing center floor challenge; 1 mile leslie
22. 23 minute walk around the neighborhood at a quick pace because it was eerily quiet with no people outside or cars going by. I wanted to get back to a busy street as quick as I could. haha
23. Ruah Warrior - the 30 minute lower body segment and about 4 minute stretch, followed by Strong Stride glutes from program 2. My upper body is weak! I got tired of being on my hands after just 2 minutes, went down to elbows, then back to hands.

24. Barre Amped Cardio Fat Burn - Extreme Fat Burn workout - more moves in plank! I did it all, though it wasn't so bad since she had quick stretches in between. Gorgeous Core - Metabolism Bootcamp
25. 21 minute walk - same route as 2/22, but I beat it by two minutes, it must have been the new, somewhat uncomfortable shoes I was wearing.
26. Sadie Lincoln - Barre Conditioning Burn and Firm followed by a 10 minute timesaver from her Prevention Inches Off dvd
27. Powerfit Harmony - Speed Burn and Power Up, both are cardio workouts - Where's the speed? Where's the burn? The first was boring as hell. I was wondering if I should take it out and do something else, but I had nothing else in mind, so I stuck with it. Since I had planned on doing two PFH workouts, I made myself do Power Up. This wasn't as bad as the first. I liked the "step" part since it made me think, and it made me remember that I'm a klutz.
28.Jari Love - Body Rock Weights and Abs - this was new to me. I recently bought this dvd from ebay just for this workout and I liked how the time flew. I went light on the weights (8s for everything but shoulders, where I used 3s to be safe). I did a quick view of the hi-low cardio and it looked like something I'd do, whereas I'm pretty sure I'll never do the dance workout. Overall I'm happy with this frugal purchase ($3.49 shipped,sealed) 25 minute walk - walked around the neighborhood again, but tried a different route to get in a couple more minutes
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Location: Maryland, USA

1 - CS 1229 - Full Body
2 - Essentrics Toning for Beginners - Standing & Barre; Walking On Line Workouts (You tube) - All Mixed Up (20 min)
3 - Essentrics Full Body Toning (the whole thing!)
4 - CS 1221 - Connective Tissue; walk at work; Jenny Ford March Across America # 4 - Las Vegas
5- Essentrics Body Sculpting 2 - Full Body with Gail; Jenny Ford Total Body Weight Workout 1
6 - CS 1102 - Posture
7- CS 1204, Jenny Ford -Step/March Across America # 4 - Chicago (quick version - You Tube)
8 - CS 11?? - Arthritis Pain Relief and Prevention; short walk at work
9 - Essentrics Class of 2012 - Standing and Floor; Up BEat Fitness (You Tube) 90's walk, Class of 2012 Barre toning
10 - Walking Online Workouts (You Tube) Our Journey Continues; CS 1208 Long Adductor
11 - Essentrics Total Body Toning V2 - Full Body with Amanda; Ellen 15 Min Quick Cardio (From 7 day), Ellen Pick Your Level Pilates
12 - CS 1217 - Full Body; Ellen - Grace and Gusto
13 - Essentrics Total Body Toning - Arms & Posture, Ellen - Walk Refresh
14 - CS 1216 - Neck Pain Relief; walk at work, Gina B - '80s and '90s walk, Ellen B - Sleek Side Body
15 - Essentrics Strength in Motion Full Body; short walk at work
16 - Jenny Ford - March Across America # 5 - Hawaii, Ellen B Core Yoga, CS 1123- shoulders
17 - Ellen - Sleek Sculpt Express, Yoga with Adriene - wake up Yoga
18 - Ellen - Super Fast Body Blast, Caroline Sandry - Pilates for Beginners (Intro) Yoga with Adriene - Hips (6 min); CS Aging backwards - Bone Strengthening
19 - Essentrics Ultimate Stretch - Activation; short walk at work, Ellen Barefoot Cardio
20 - CS - Total Body Volume 3 (standing and floor); snow blowing/shoveling, Ellen Power 15, Caroline Sandry Pilates for Beginners (Workout # 2)
21 - Caroline Sandry - FitYess (You Tube) - Pilates for Beginners, Caroline Sandry - Pilates in Motion - Upper Body; Essentrics Strength in Motion Core & Legs (also short walk at work
22 - CS 908 - Hip and Quad floorwork
23 - Caroline Sandry - Pilates in Motion - Lower Body; Caroline Sandry 30 days to total body tone - Total Body (11 min)
24 - Essentrics Body Toning V2 - Core and Legs; Gina B - Dance that walk Disco Walk (DVD) (skipped a few tracks for a 35 min workout)
25 - Essentrics Ultimate Stretch -Release; Ellen Total Body Tune Up
26 - CS 1220; 20 min walk with Leslie (You Tube); Ellen - Lifted and Lean
27 - CS 1115; Gina B - Up to the Beat Fitness - Disco Walk, Ellen - Quick Tone
28 - Misty - Dance Your Heart out - Alive & Strong
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1. Cathe ICE Bootcamp Circuit with Blast - I saw a rotation on the cathe site that I think I might try that started with this workout. I'm not usually one to stick with rotations so we'll see how this goes.
2. Cathe RWH Low Impact workout plus ICE To the mat. Good combo today. Short Hiit cardio and some floor exercises and stretches.
3. nothing
4. Cathe Live Ramped Up Cardio & Weights plus bonus bag work from Cathe's Rockout Knockout and then a 10 minute low back stretch with Vytas.
5. walk 40 minutes
6. Cathe Live LI Boxing workout plus a 10 minute ab add-on
7. walk 40 minutes
8. Cathe LITE Warm-up from Metabolic Blast, then Hiit 73 and Low Impact Hiit and 4 min Abs from Effortless Health. Great workout, sweating buckets. Her workouts are all around 20 minutes long so you can do a couple. I liked the 2nd one more than the first, but she has tons to choose from on youtube. One of the best things about this forum are the suggestions from other people. I'm always interested in what other people are liking right now...
9. nothing - ran errands all day
10. Cathe Live You Can Do Anything for a Minute plus Barlates Pilates Abs - good combo today - the Cathe workout is a good circuit and it felt easier today than the last time I did it - but still challenging. The pilates abs was pretty good - I think it was more of a beginner level and it had a nice flow to it. I felt like I was doing a little bit of mobility work with the pilates abs.
11. Cathe Low Max - I would not have done this workout if it wasn't on the schedule for today, but I'm glad I did it. It was a great calorie burn!! I skipped 2 of the combos to cut down the time (those old Cathe's were soooo long). But I was pleasantly surprised that I could do the combos at all. And the blasts were tough!
12. I was supposed to have a rest/stretch day today, but because of the ice storm I'm working from home today and decided to take advantage of that. I did some brief walking and then Cathe's LITE Bodyweight & Bands with Abs2. I liked the exercises she does in this and that it's not a super tough workout (good for an easier day). The abs were ok. I did skip one of the exercises, but besides that one, I liked the abs.
13. Cathe Low Impact Circuit - another one I haven't done in forever and probably would not think to do if it wasn't in the rotation. But I really enjoyed it! I was able to follow all of the step routines and the strength was high rep, low weight and fun. I did sub some back work when she did biceps and triceps for the second time. So I feel like it was a good overall workout.
14. walking 40 minutes
15. Cathe Live Kick, Box and Bag
16. Cathe Live Total Body Hiit - good workout - hiit blasts mixed with weight moves. I didn't really like the music in this one, but I liked the workout.
17. rest day
18. Cathe RWH Lower Body Circuit with abs mixed in. I tried going heavier on this one and I kept it mostly low impact, and it was a great workout!
19. walk 30 minutes
20. Cathe RWH Upper Body Circuit with abs mixed in. I like this workout but I decided I don't really like the abs mixed in. I'd rather do them at the end. I need to remember this next time.
21. walk 40 minutes
22. Heather Corndorf Kickbox Burn plus slim in 6 abs. Kickbox burn was a good workout - the cover says you can burn 800 calories but I never burn what they say. I did burn almost 500 though so I was excited about that. The abs was ok. I don't like abs but I did it.
23. errands, rest
24. over 10k steps of housework
25. No power all day - no workout
26. walk 40 minutes
27. Cathe ICE Bootcamp plus Winsor Buns & Thighs - I need to pull this out more (B&T). The bootcamp felt really hard today. I don't know why.
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just the workouts

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