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Old 03-20-20, 06:13 AM  
Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: Arlington, VA
If you sew, help!

Could you experienced sewers (sow-era not sue-era) give me recommendations
for a good machine for the almost absolute beginner (last sewed in 1980, and not well). I want to make masks for the health care workers. I'm considering this one, opinions please!!
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Old 03-20-20, 08:00 AM  
Join Date: Apr 2009
I sew regularly (mostly quilting) and am a huge fan of Janome sewing machines. This one is suited for beginners.

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Old 03-20-20, 08:20 AM  
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Location: OK
As soon as I saw your question, I was also going to recommend Janome. I've had MUCH more success with Janome than Brother (though Brother has an awesome serger).
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Old 03-20-20, 09:00 AM  
Join Date: Dec 2011
I think I would go with the Janome over the Brother. I have to say, though, you will find both MAJOR improvements over your old one. I was astounded at the difference when I got a new one, and that was ten years ago!
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Old 03-20-20, 12:14 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2013
Check out There’s a forum just about sewing machines. But beware you may end up with more than one and spending more than you first anticipated. Being a fellow vidiot - reading this forum and Pattern Review is how I ended up with several sewing machines and hundreds of workout DVDs.
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Old 03-20-20, 03:07 PM  
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Location: USA
I was almost in your situation when my old Kenmore ceased up. Fortunately, my husband got it working again. I also have an old Brother I got for my summer place. I know the quality of machines has changed a lot since I purchased them. Still, I would not get another Brother if you paid me. The Brother's speed is slow as compared to my Kenmore. Also, the machine won't take a needle size larger than 14, even then it is tough to maneuver a 14 into the slot.

I was told by Sears that my Kenmore was actually manufactured by the Janome company. If I should get another machine, I would definitely look at Janome. Also, if at all possible, I would try to find a place where I could try it.
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Old 03-20-20, 03:32 PM  
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thank you for volunteering to do this.

is there someone who could loan you a machine?

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Old 03-20-20, 03:33 PM  
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Location: Eastern VA
I don't have a recommendation, as I have an ancient Kenmore that I haven't used regularly since maybe the 90s. I dragged it out about 2 years ago to do some repair sewing and was so proud that I could load the thread and the bobbin from memory!!

suzannaerin, I want to give you props for doing this valuable work! I saw a news report that NOVA was looking for people to do this with the right material. Good for you!!
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