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Old 08-09-11, 11:03 AM  
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Originally Posted by Gams View Post
I would just ask for them back - tell her you want to use them.
I agree.
Have you asked yet? She might have forgotten all about them. Time often passes faster than we think, so she may not realize how much she's inconveniencing you.

Tell her you plan to start using P90x again next week (or a specific time) and that you need them back.
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Old 08-09-11, 11:15 AM  
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I had this problem with my neighbor. She is pretty overweight and wants to start exercising and actually had gotten a good start last year and lost some weight. I borrowed her a few pilates dvds because she was really interested and curious to try it along with her treadmill workouts. Well, then she stopped working out due to a life stress situation and has since gained the weight back (maybe more). I really want to help her as we are good friends but I never got the original dvd's back..and like so many of you I feel so weird bringing it up! Luckily they weren't too expensive like P90x...I definately would follow up if it was that!

Also, she is expressing interest in trying to start working out again so I figure maybe she'll use them now! I'm not going to borrow anymore to her though. I thought I might gift her with a few beginner dvd's through collage video since they are having a hard time financially (another reason I hate to ask for them back!). I did this with my sister a few months ago when she expressed an interest in trying to do some yoga dvd's. I just can't part with my own dvd's anymore. I told my husband that they are my "Crown Jewels"!
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Old 08-09-11, 01:30 PM  
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I wouldn't lend my dvds either. Maybe to one of my sisters who lives nearby, buy only because she would lend me anything I needed. Even money.
Don't get me started on people who borrow (without giving you enough time to think it through) and then don't give back.

I'd rather pass dvds I'm done with on to people who are going to use them rather than someone who will just put in on a shelf. Workouts need to be loved (That's something that only fellow vidiots understand)
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Old 08-09-11, 01:36 PM  
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Originally Posted by cpcathy View Post
I don't lend DVDs, I donate or give them to friends when I'm "done" with them. I got my Zumba Exhilerate, realized that I wanted my Zumba Transfirmation back, so I asked my friend, whom I'd given it to, to bring it back!
You gave it to her and then asked for it back? Did I read that correctly? Did she mind that you did that? Or do you do that all the time and so it's no big deal? My sister has a friend who "gives" her stuff and then months or years later will mention it and then ask for it back. My sister is always annoyed, I'm annoyed by my sister who accepts these "gifts" knowing this person will probably want it back. I can understand she didn't know the first time, but after the first two or three times, you'd think she'd learn. LOL

I posted once about my BIL asking to borrow P90X, well my sis asked for him, I said no. It's P90X! It's expensive. Ok, truth be told, I don't think I'd lend out S90, and that was cheap. I'm dvd greedy. They're mine and they're not going to leave this house unless I'm giving them away.
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Old 08-09-11, 01:39 PM  
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I know it sounds horrible but since I gave them to her she has been doing Turbo Fire and I asked her if she was still doing Zumba. Turns out she never did them. We've been friends forever so I just said lightly, hey, I could use them back.

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Old 08-09-11, 01:47 PM  
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It doesn't sound so bad once you explained the situation. I confess, I've taken back dvds from my own mother! They were just sitting there, for about a year, so I asked if she thought she'd use them, she said no and now they're mine again. I'm a shameless vidiot.

I was just wondering how your friend reacted b/c of my sister and her friend's give-take relationship.
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Old 08-09-11, 01:49 PM  
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I''m shameless as well as obsessive. As soon as I realizedhow much I like Exhilerate, all I could think of was how I shouldn't have let Transformation go!

Nobody Said It was Easy.... --The Scientist
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Old 08-09-11, 01:54 PM  
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Well, I'm glad it worked out. (no pun intended)
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Old 08-09-11, 01:58 PM  
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Yes Id ask for them back too. its been 60 days. I lend out only those dvds that I KNOW I wont be using and I tell everyone that I lend a dvd to that they have ONE WEEK to do AT LEAST one of the dvds. And they usually dont even do one within one week. I usually take them back the next time I see them and tell them they had X # of days to do JUST ONE and they didnt. Im mean

Someone saw the Firm Express infomercial, wanted the set, asked me if I had it & asked to borrow my set and I said no. LOL, I knew I would want to use them at least a few times and I was pretty sure they would not get used.....

And theres wear & tear....
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Old 08-09-11, 02:14 PM  
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Originally Posted by CarlaVeg View Post
You are NOT selfish. You already lent the DVDs to her, which makes you a very kind person. Honestly, if I were you I would nicely ask for the DVDs back. Tell her that you really want to do the program again and that you miss your DVDs a lot! I am sure she'll understand!!!!!
i have heard of people giving the owner a bad time about returning videos loaned out. i hope that she does so willingly.

the 2 people i've loaned videos to returned them, and those 2 people i trust a lot.

on a side note, this man i work with recently asked to borrow my Harry Potter DVDs. i never followed up with him because his reasoning was that his granddaughter was coming to hawaii for a visit and wanted to watch them.

that afternoon, i told my other co-worker i'd never let him borrow them because i'm not sure if i can trust that my DVDs would come back in 1 piece. fortunately, he never asked about it.

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lendings dvds, loaning dvds

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