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Old 08-09-11, 07:47 AM  
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Lending out DVDs

I am posting this here as only a true vidiot can understand my predicament. I have a very large collection and have been exercising with DVDs for years. I shudder to think how much I have spent on workouts & equipment over the years. I must have owned thousands of workouts. There are some workouts that I will never part with and P90X is one of them. I bought the system when it first came out. Have used the workouts over the years and still reach for them. I like having them around, so if I feel like doing Core Synergestics one day I can just pop it in the player.

As you know P90X has become very popular in the last couple of years with the mass population. Those informercials are on constantly and even though I have owned the workouts since 2004, I still find myself watching them. My sister-in-law saw the informecial and found out that I had it and wanted to borrow it. Well I lent it to her over 2 months ago and even bought her S90. She has yet to do a workout. So there sits P90X in her basement unused... Meanwhile I have been getting an itch to do PlyoX, Yoga X and Core synergestics and I can't! She belongs to a gym and goes often, so why is my P90X sitting there and getting dusty, when I could be using some of those workouts!

Can anyone relate to my dvd selfishness?
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lendings dvds, loaning dvds

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