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Old 12-31-18, 10:36 AM  
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Cathe LITE update

I hope it is okay to copy and paste this:

The replicator has now finished the production of all of the LITE DVDs and overnighted us over the weekend a few samples from the production line so that we could review them for any problems. By receiving advanced actual production copies it lets us know that the correct DVDs are in the 7-pack DVD bundles and also in the individual DVD cases and that all of the DVDs work and play as expected. This also saves us time as we will not have to spend any time checking the DVDs when they finally arrive by truck here in Glassboro.

The Replicator still has some packaging to finish and still has to get everything boxed and on pallets to be trucked to us. This will not happen until after the holiday as they and all of the trucking companies we normally use are also closed until after the New Year. This means we should have LITE DVDs in stock next week. Our best estimate at this time is that we "hope" to have LITE DVDs in stock and to begin shipping them to you on or about Jan 10th (plus or minus a few days). Bad weather and other factors can always change this, but hopefully, things will go smoothly.

IMPORTANT: If You Have Moved Since You Pre-Ordered - Read This!!!
If your address has changed since you pre-ordered any of the LITE videos you need to contact our customer service department at and let them know so that we can send your order to the right address. YOU CAN"T DO THIS ONLINE. Changing your address online will only affect future orders, not your pre-sale order. So make sure to contact us if you have moved ASAP.

We're still working on getting the new workouts ready for Cathe OnDemand and continue to make good progress, but with over 100,000 data entries and a bunch of other work, this just takes a long time to do. The earliest the new workouts will be released on Cathe OnDemand is sometime after the DVDs begin shipping and after we finish all of the work that we need to do.

We hope to have some more good news soon! If you're planning on pre-ordering LITE make sure to do it ASAP as the Pre-Sale will end Jan 10th and will not be extended. After the pre-sale ends, you will have to pay the normal retail price to order LITE. | pre-order now|
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Old 12-31-18, 11:35 AM  
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It's interesting that it states this process saves them time so they don't have to check the final DVDs when they get them. Wouldn't the sets already come shrink-wrapped?

I think they missed their own deadline of getting these out before the end of the year. While I'm disappointed to not getting them before then myself, I wish they would start total production earlier in the year.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to getting them.

Happy New Year to you all!
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Old 12-31-18, 12:34 PM  
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The estimated shipping date was late fall/early winter so technically, they are not late but they are later than last year. Last year, they sent the DVDs around December 28.
They added the "early winter" deadline since the last presale (or the one before that), ever since they narrowly missed a deadline of late fall! By doing so, we can't complain that they are late!!!
I too wish they would fim earlier so we would get them for Christmas!
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Old 12-31-18, 01:15 PM  
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Thanks for update!

On the plus side, we are getting 7 DVDs! That’s a lot. I had forgotten it was that many until the clips started coming.
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Old 12-31-18, 02:04 PM  
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I don't care how long I have to wait (ok within reason) I am happy with what I see so far with this set, and I have not bought anything since the ice series. I am excited that this will be a set I can actually do.
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Old 12-31-18, 02:38 PM  
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Originally Posted by hypnomoon View Post
It's interesting that it states this process saves them time so they don't have to check the final DVDs when they get them. Wouldn't the sets already come shrink-wrapped?
I used to manage a department that had software cd production within it. I think that what she means, and maybe it was somewhat awkwardly worded, is that the manufacturer sends out an advanced copy to be checked before they make all of the copies. Truth be told, the way this is worded, to me she is trying to make it seem like she will get them to us sooner, but in reality this is just the way this type of work is done. And big disclaimer, I could be completely wrong, but knowing what I know, this is my theory.
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Old 12-31-18, 02:42 PM  
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Wasn’t there a messsge from Cathe in the Fall, that they had just finished a major upgrade in their filming equipment? And as with any project it takes longer than planned. I don’t remember if the equipment upgrades were for just for filming online workouts or for DVDs, or for both. So, maybe there is a good reason for this set being later than usual.
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Old 12-31-18, 04:24 PM  
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I Iove cathe. I own everything she does. On a personal preference i would have liked the dvds when i finally had a little time off to workout. And have some excitement for me. That being said she is still awesome and i am glad she continues to make dvds. Thats important

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Old 01-03-19, 09:07 AM  
Kathy G
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*From Cathe's Facebook page:

LITE DVDs Are On Their Way East! - LITE Project Update 1-2-19

The Replicator just informed us that the LITE DVDs have been loaded on FedEx Freight trucks in California and have begun their cross-country journey to us. If bad weather doesn't cause any delays we should start shipping on or before our estimated shipping date of Jan 10th. We will have more information on Monday, but for now, we at least wanted to let everyone know the trucks are on their way. Lastly, if you haven't preordered LITE don't forget that Jan 10th is the last date to do so. After Jan 10th normal retail prices will apply.
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Old 01-03-19, 03:01 PM  
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I wish that they’d post the workout guide early in the process, before shipping. It would give those waiting something to peruse and those on the fence more info to use to decide.

I’m probably asking for way too much but seeing how Cathe schedules her workouts helps me have a better idea of what other WOs to pair with them so I can create my rotation.
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cathe lite

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