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Old 04-24-13, 07:00 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2007
Suggestions for easy FUN workouts?

Well, I can't believe it, but after pestering my mom for years, she has finally agreed to come workout with me. She's quite obese though. I would love workout suggestions that she could do with good music. Are there any easy dancing ones out there. I'm thinking she would enjoy that. Step is out of the question, so basically looking for fun right now.

I hope to get some suggestions here. I'm so happy for her, and pray that she can and will do this!

Thank you in advance!
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Old 04-24-13, 07:35 AM  
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Richard Simmons! And the music will probably be from her era, so it'll be extra fun for her. He's over the top, but he's so sincere and caring.
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Old 04-24-13, 07:38 AM  
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If you don't mind my asking, what age group is she, and about how slow do you think she needs to start?
I'm so excited for you and your mom! I have been so happy since my mom began working out with me!
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Old 04-24-13, 07:38 AM  
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I have one of the Sweatin to the Oldies dvds (still sealed). I have to check which one. If you'd like it for your mom, I"d be glad to send it to you. Please pm me.

Please warn her that he doesn't really cue that much. If she wants to have fun music to follow along in her own way, then Richard should work for her.

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Old 04-24-13, 07:47 AM  
Laura S.
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What a great development for you and your mom. I can understand wanting to get the "right" workouts for her.

Check out Jessica Smith's YouTube channel. She has some dances, some dancey walks, and even a cardio and strength workout in a chair.

Richard Simmons is a blast and has GREAT music. And, there is a mix of people who back him up, which is nice to see. But, you have to be able to tolerate Richard's personality which is very upbeat.

Cardio for Beginners by Petra Kolber is really good. It has several segments that you can choose from and includes some dancey options and more athletic options.

Billy Blanks, Jr. has some easy to follow dance DVDs.

If your mom is into disco (or was), Cheryl Burke's Disco Abs is a fun workout. But, it might be better for later when she's looking for more of a challenge than absolute beginner.

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Old 04-24-13, 09:01 AM  
Join Date: Nov 2007
Wow, thank you for the suggestions! My mom is 63 years old. Her health is declining rapidly due to her being so overweight. She's struggled her whole life and went on diet after diet. She's normally successful for awhile, to gain it back later. Well, this time, there has been NO success for some time, and she keeps getting bigger and bigger. I'm certain she will be wheelchair bound if she doesn't stop. I have tried talking to her a million times, I've tried to encourage her. I've tried to just give her tips. FAIL. I used to do personal training on the side and have my own gym at my house.. or I call it a gym. It's a very large room in my husband's shop. I have a wall of mirrors in there and it's set-up very nicely. I've invited her here many times (she's 10 minutes away). I'm so very happy that she has finally agreed to it. Her and my sister are planning on coming. I'm so hoping this is the "ticket". She's also got some depression going on to, that she doesn't want to take meds for. I'm certain the exercise will help with that to.

Thank you again!!
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Old 04-24-13, 09:08 AM  
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I also suggest Leslie. Not really good music but great for beginners.
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Old 04-24-13, 09:24 AM  
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Originally Posted by muddjeansgal View Post
I also suggest Leslie. Not really good music but great for beginners.
I suggest Leslie as well for someone starting out. She is probably the most un-intimidating "coach" out there - if you start with her slower 1 mile walks. If she is close to being in a wheelchair, I HIGHLY suggest Leslie first. I have no real experience with Richard, so he mau be good as well. The main other one that comes to mind, that is about as slow/easy as Leslie is Ellen's Weight Watchers walking set. It has 4 workouts on 1 DVD, and comes cheap. 2 of those workouts are 10 minutes, 1 is 20 minutes and 1 is 30 minutes. To me they have slightly better music, and slightly more unique moves (I say slightly, lol). Some that I really like, but may be a tiny bit more difficult (atleast they are for my mom) is the George Foreman/Petra Kolber workouts. Those are such happy workouts!!
I think of what she has tried, my mom likes Jessica Smith's walking DVD the best becasue of music, etc, but, with the shape she is in, she only last about 10 minutes with this one.- but it has really happy music!
Hope some of that helps!! I am so excited for you and hope this really goes well for you and your mom!! (I would say to go really slow at first so she doesn't decide its not worth the challenge)
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Old 04-24-13, 09:38 AM  
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I agree with Leslie. After being sick a lot the past few months, Leslie is the person that motivates me to workout. I think it's easy to develop good habits with Leslie. At times Leslie talks to people who have done her program who have lost a lot of weight. That could encourage her.

Jessica Smith walks in youtube. They are good as well.

Bellyfit Elements (just the cardio portion) is fun. I'm not sure how beginner it is. But I think it's somewhat easy to follow.

Good luck!
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Old 04-24-13, 09:39 AM  
Debbie S.
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The only thing that I would add is to make sure that your mom does not do any of the side lateral movements. Even though these moves seem innocuous, they are very hard on your knees and hip joints when first starting out.
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