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Old 12-31-10, 01:23 PM  
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I very much deep deep deep dislike this move. I don't know they use it so often in one Video. This lady must do at least 5 of them in a row. Then she keeps your head down there so long you feel you'll pass out.

How do you all do this yoga stuff like this? This is what makes me not like Yoga. I know it's something you learn but how can I learn it if I don't like it

And that other one: Both feet at the front of the mat: Then you step one leg back, then the other and then they want you bring them to the front between your hands. I can't do it.

I hate when i can't physically do something. (( mad: Mad: mad:


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Old 12-31-10, 01:39 PM  
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Which one is chatarunga? Is it low or high cobra? I too hate when I cannot do something. I also get bothered by tons of sun salutations, that's why I don't do power yoga. I'm picky on yoga, I don't like to go too fast, but holding poses way too long makes my mind wonder....which it will do now and again!

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Old 12-31-10, 01:43 PM  
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me too. I don't know all the names but I think this is what she said once and I said I was going to remember that word because I don't like it.

i think it's coming into the High Cobra. I think the yogis will help me on this. I don't know if I should try again or SASE-it.


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Completed Pilates 7 day Challenge 2019

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Old 12-31-10, 01:52 PM  
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Oh, Cheryl, I got your PM. I hate chaturangas, too. In fact, I don't think I've ever really done one for more than a second.

On a note of encouragement, take a look at your signature line. I know that when I decide I'm going to master something, I go ahead and do it. We gain in strength when we push ourselves (big talk for a girl who won't do chaturangas, eh?).

I absolutely hated T-Tapp Twist. Loathed it. Would stop the workout and not finish when we came to them. Now I crave them. If I go a week without doing a t-tapp workout and the requisite T-Tapp Twist, my body starts to scream at me.

Not that I think your body will ever scream and beg for chaturangas.
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Old 12-31-10, 02:20 PM  
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I think chaturangas are basically yoga pushups that go into updog. It took me a long time to master the move. Lots of yoga practice and for a whole year yoga was basically all I did with a little bit of cardio thrown in. Ironically enough I ended up having shoulder problems and now couldnt' do a chaturanga to save my life.

They are different than a regular pushup in that the arms are held closely to the body and not out. It's a hard move and I've seen even the heaviest of weight lifters not be able to get it right away.
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Old 12-31-10, 02:32 PM  
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Yes, chaturanga is like holding the bottom of a military pushup -- hands close to the ribcage. I couldn't do it for about the first year I did yoga. Two modifications: (1) Just like modifying a pushup, put your knees on the floor, keep the rest of your body straight. (2) Instead of going into chaturanga, lower yourself all the way to the floor -- keep your knees up, your body straight, lower slowly and in control, but go all the way to the floor so you're on your belly.

Either of these modifications will help you build up strength toward a full chaturanga.

When you're stepping forward to the front of your mat from a plank or down dog, if you can't step all the way forward, just take two steps, or grab your ankle with your hand to help it forward.
- Laura

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Old 12-31-10, 02:34 PM  
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I am not a huge fan of chaturangas. However, after going to classes they are at least bearable after getting some tips. First, have you tried going onto your knees; it's really not cheating and will help you focus on keeping your core engaged. The second tip which to me was the best was - as you begin lowering yourself shift your weight slightly forward so your center of gravity is more at your chest than your stomach. It's easier to stay balanced and lower more slowly. Of course, if you experience any pain in the move, then don't do it. There are many many other yoga videos that do not have chaturangas that are challenging. Hope this helps.
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Old 12-31-10, 03:02 PM  
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Nothing makes me madder than not being able to do a move! Which usually means I either become obsessed with it and work it until I can do it, or in more rational moments I figure out why I can't do it. If the reason is a joint issue, I decide to forget that the move exists. If the reason is weakness in an area, I target that and then go back to the move.

I found this kind of yoga much more approachable after I developed upper body strength (especially back and triceps) from doing strength training. I find it difficult to progress in yoga from modifications to the harder version, because the modifications usually don't help you build the strength you need.

The thing with jumping your feet up requires a lot of core strength, flexibility and power. Seeing people do it on dvds like it's all easy never fails to annoy me!
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Old 12-31-10, 03:08 PM  
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Due to an elbow issue full chaturangas or triceps / hands narrow push-ups are painful for me. So I modify, substitute, or skip. And if a workout relies on them, I think very carefully about whether or not the rest of the workout suits my needs. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I don't stress about it. My body is my body, and everyone is much happier if I work with rather than against it.

There are so many forms of yoga that do not rely so much on the chaturanga. In general power, ashtanga, and other vinyasa schools flow or even hold the chaturanga more often than others.

Oh, yeah, jump throughs are another. I've finally decided my arms are short in relation to my torso and legs, so even when - if? - I master this move it won't be the beautiful float through people with relatively longer arms can do. Another thing I don't stress about.
I listen to my body and respond compassionately. - sankalpa from Jill Miller's Yoga at Home level 1, month 5 practice

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Old 12-31-10, 03:43 PM  
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Yeah, I can't 'jump my feet up' and when they say 'better yet, float them up' and then they do it, I'm like "WHATEVER!" I do think that move must be easier for men, with their center of gravity in their chest, not hips.
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chaturanga, jumpthroughs, yoga

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