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Old 09-15-18, 07:50 AM  
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Need Advice on Planning Health Fair

I am helping a local community center put together their annual wellness expo that will occur in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the person we had targeted for handling the fitness/exercise part of the health fair can't participate this year.

I was thinking this morning that I could put together some information/print out some articles that people can take away with them that gives them some helpful hints about how they can exercise at home, inexpensively and easily.

This is a very low-income neighborhood, so the ideas that I put together have to take into account the fact that gym memberships and lots of expensive equipment are not realistic for any of the people who will attend the health fair. Working out at home would be the perfect solution. So my questions are:

1) Does anyone know of an organization that donates DVDs or sells them at a severe discount? I was ideally hoping that I could have some DVDs to give away to people or at least point them in the right direction to getting affordable DVDs. I know I can point them to Goodwill or other thrift stores, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a place where I could get donated DVDs to hand out. I'm looking for ones that are beg-int, don't require much (if any) equipment, don't take up a lot of space (think Leslie, Ellen, Jessica Smith)

2) Does anyone have a good beg-int paper workout that I can hand out to people? You know, typical workout with squats, lunges, maybe jogging in place or jump roping for which people could use canned goods, water bottles in place of weights?

3) Any other free online sources of workouts other than Youtube that I tell people to use?

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Old 09-15-18, 09:26 AM  
Laura S.
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I've never done it, but I've read a lot here about the Couch to 5K program. There are a lot of resources on this site.

This Huffington Post article has a lot of free online exercise resources.

Good luck! It sounds like a good thing you are trying to do.

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Old 09-15-18, 09:50 AM  
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Try contacting some of our favorite instructors via their websites - I bet some of them will be happy to send donations. The first person who comes to mind is Ellen Barrett.

Here are some printable workouts from Pop Sugar:

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Old 09-15-18, 11:17 AM  
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You can recommend YouTube free workout videos.
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Old 09-15-18, 11:29 AM  
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Both Silver Sneakers and the National Institute on Aging have great articles you can print out as well as videos. You have to register (free) to get access to the Silver Sneakers videos, but the National Institute on Aging has a youtube channel.

You didn't mention the ages of your target market, but if they are new to exercise, then these are both good places to start.

BTW, I would ignore MOST of the Silver Sneakers diet advice.
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Old 09-16-18, 03:04 PM  
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Had another thought -

I used to participate in walks for arthritis. They'd have pamphlets out from The Arthritis Foundation on exercise, nutrition, etc. Local businesses donated samples of Ben-Gay and stuff like that.

It might be worth it to contact the various disease foundations. Guaranteed there'll be people in the target audience with diabetes, arthritis, etc. They might have packets of info to send along. At one of the RA walks I did there were CDs with arthritis exercises.
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Old 09-16-18, 07:17 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2013
Thanks for the all the ideas. The age range of the attendees will be broad, 20s through to seniors.

One of the raffle prizes will be a small set of hand weights, resistance band and a yoga mat. I was thinking about Cathe's Travel Fit and one of Jessica Smith's walking DVDs, so I might contact them this week to see if they would donate a copy.
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Old 09-16-18, 07:24 PM  
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The Washington Post newspaper has a poster called Washington Post workout at work. You can Google it. It's a paper workout.
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Old 09-17-18, 05:28 PM  
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Just happened to see this in my Google feed:
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Old 09-17-18, 09:28 PM  
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you could probably create a display of smart phone apps that are free.

I know you mentioned the income of the neighborhood, but many people still have a smart phone.

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free dvds, health fair, paper workouts, wellness programs

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