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Old 07-29-14, 04:09 PM  
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Question about props for Classical Stretch & yoga (esp. Jill Miller)

I am trying to fill out my Amazon cart so I can get free shipping on Jill Miller's Corgeous.

I have two Pinky balls in my cart, but I'm wondering about the larger "squishy ball" that's also used. I have like three playground balls that I use for P57--the flimsier one that came with the QVC set, plus a couple others. Is this the right kind of ball? Today at Target I saw some Pilates balls that looked completely different (not a stability ball; a little thing like this), so I figured I'd better ask!

Also, on Classical Stretch, Miranda sometimes sits on what she calls "risers," so you can sit up straighter while stretching the hips, etc. I can't tell what they are, though--are they like yoga bricks? ("Yoga Riser" brought up zilch on Amazon!) I do have the short, textured Gaiam foam roller, which sort of works (unless you do something where it rolls), but it's not ideal.

Is there anything else I should consider?

I am adding more yoga, alignment, flexibility, and core into my rotation, and if there is equipment that will substantially improve the experience/results, I am OK with investing in something. I just don't want a whole HOUSE full of extra paraphernalia, though!! I'm sure none of you can relate.

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