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Old 07-08-11, 02:33 PM  
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Location: TX
Do you guys consider High & Tight and Bum Bum from BBL barre?
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Old 07-08-11, 03:05 PM  
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My lower body looked great when I did barre exclusively. Since switching to more traditional weight training my legs still look good, but my upper body is more toned and defined. I don't think it has to be either/or, it's all good!
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Old 07-08-11, 03:35 PM  
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I agree with the pps. It all depends on what results you want, your body type, and what you enjoy. I have a love/hate relationship with barre. It hurts and I find traditional workouts easier -- even when I work really hard. But every time I go back to the heavy weights I miss barre and come back. A few weeks ago I realized that I was making the wrong comparison -- barre to weights. Instead, I've started thinking of barre as a practice, like yoga. As a long time practitioner of yoga (though currently lapsed as yoga over stretched my IT and has caused some problems) I find that it's the precision and discipline that makes barre work for me.

In terms of noticeable results, the only major change for me is that my arms are smaller. For me, this is a good think. 20+ years of heavy lifting did bulk me up, even though I never believed the whole "bulking" thing.

For me, the only way to really change the way I look is the dreaded di*t.
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