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Old 05-24-11, 05:53 PM  
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I think the value in any workout is more than the calorie burn and anything measuring burn is giving an estimate. According to my hrm, I burned about 250-350 for p57 classic (v.1), express was more intense and had a higher heart rate but is 1/2 the length so not as high a total burn. My hr doesn't get that high so I never get a very high burn so I would think some people might get 500 or so for the hour. Not bad. I did try to mod up and usd as heavy weights as I could, did some of the moves without the barre to test balance, did some extra arm moves on occasion, went low when she said, did as many strait legged push-ups as I could, etc. I haven't worn my hrm for v.2 though. Booty Barre "burns" similar for me as does Cardio Barre. But I don't fully do Booty Barre as I don't do the weights part (I've been into other strength since I had BB) so it might not be a fair comparison. A lot of the fast paced barre do emphasize their calorie burn so that is perhaps a fair point. But I agree that is the least of their benefits. I admit I don't care for some of the marketing talk some barre instructors use as some of it sounds like they are spreading misinformation about long muscles, spot reducing, etc. However, I do feel I get good fitness and aesthetic gains from barre and a lot of others do as well so it isn't all bad.
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Old 05-24-11, 06:13 PM  
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Originally Posted by JP44 View Post
However, I do Barre workouts for the toning/strengthening/flexibility benefits, rather than the calorie burn.
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I guess any form of exercise will burn calories, but if I want to burn off calories and work up a good sweat, I'll do intense cardio.
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Old 05-24-11, 06:29 PM  
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slysam, I just have to say that I love your goals....and congrats on your progress so far!
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The author is certainly entitled to her opinion. But I did barre workouts exclusively and lost a lot of weight and many, many inches. So, as my grandmother used to say, the proof is in the pudding for me.
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