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Old 05-08-11, 04:41 PM  
Lucky Star
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I think a missing piece of info regarding people's experiences and results is: if they consider(ed) themselves overweight and by how much.
~ Gina ~
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Old 05-09-11, 04:34 AM  
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Thanks for your input Erin. I'm also petite (5.2, on a good day.... ) and heavy bottomed. The last thing I need is a heavier bottom!
Gina, yes, I think often testimonials leave out important information.
I'm active, bmi-wise not overweight, but I don't like the layer of fat and bulges in places like my belly, thighs and butt. They need to go, even if I'm theoretically "healthy".

No, I haven't made up my mind yet, but if I decide to buy, I will look at P57's Amazon shop and see if they indeed do ship to Germany for a reasonable price. $12 is very reasonable for 3 dvds

I'm taking some time off now. I need to clear my mind a bit. Just being on here this morning (just to get someone's address from a PM) has lead me to reconsider barre, whehter I should not just stick to Pilates and circuits...
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Old 05-09-11, 02:36 PM  
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I am a petite (5' 1") person, over my ideal BMI range, with hourglass type proportions (my chest, hips and shoulder measurements are pretty much the same and my waist usually 10-11 inches smaller). I would like to lose a little all over but the only "problem area" I have is lower belly pooch (though my waist is defined and have a good waist to hip ratio). I would guess myself an endo-mesomorph combination as I have fairly strong muscles and seem to respond well to strength training and also have curves (tendency to hold onto body fat in certain areas). I am short enough I'll never look like a "long, lean dancer" despite the fact that I do dance a lot. So I don't have the typical barre body type..

For a while the only fitness dvds I dad were P57 v 1 set and 30 day shred. I did a lot of cardio but mostly p57 for strength 3 or 4 days a week and I used 5 and 8 pound weights as that is what I had. Sometimes I did 30 Day shred and only 2 days of P57. I had lost weight before I bought P57 and plateaued. But while doing them I gained a little weight but decreased an inch in each thigh and in the waist. I really liked the fitness results and was not dieting at the time (I lost the previous weight through exercise only and just being more mindful of desserts, junk food or drinks no calorie counting or dieting). I felt good about my results from P57 considering my diet but maybe the extra cardio was key for me. I only did them exclusively for about a month as the vidiot bug then hit me. I still use P57 but mixed in with a lot of other things. For me I seem to get good weight/inch loss a few weeks after I start something new so I keep changing things.
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