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Old 07-29-14, 04:09 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2013
Question about props for Classical Stretch & yoga (esp. Jill Miller)

I am trying to fill out my Amazon cart so I can get free shipping on Jill Miller's Corgeous.

I have two Pinky balls in my cart, but I'm wondering about the larger "squishy ball" that's also used. I have like three playground balls that I use for P57--the flimsier one that came with the QVC set, plus a couple others. Is this the right kind of ball? Today at Target I saw some Pilates balls that looked completely different (not a stability ball; a little thing like this), so I figured I'd better ask!

Also, on Classical Stretch, Miranda sometimes sits on what she calls "risers," so you can sit up straighter while stretching the hips, etc. I can't tell what they are, though--are they like yoga bricks? ("Yoga Riser" brought up zilch on Amazon!) I do have the short, textured Gaiam foam roller, which sort of works (unless you do something where it rolls), but it's not ideal.

Is there anything else I should consider?

I am adding more yoga, alignment, flexibility, and core into my rotation, and if there is equipment that will substantially improve the experience/results, I am OK with investing in something. I just don't want a whole HOUSE full of extra paraphernalia, though!! I'm sure none of you can relate.

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Old 07-29-14, 05:44 PM  
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That is the ball I bought for Coregeous. I use Mexican blankets for risers if I need it, but yoga blocks, phone book, or folded mats will's just to elevate you. The only things I am super glad I have are yoga straps and good cork blocks snd good foam blocks. I find cork more stable, but foam is more comfortable. YMMV

eta: My Fluidity, Barre3, and various Beachbody balls ARE too hard.

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Old 07-30-14, 01:33 AM  
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Jill uses a yoga brick/block in Coregeous so it's a good idea to have one of those. The Spri ball works well for the abdominal massage section. I haven't worked up to the last section of Coregeous, but she uses a stability ball for that. It's a great program and will really improve your core strength.
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Old 07-30-14, 08:26 PM  
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Thanks, you guys! Both Miranda and Barbara Benagh use straps, but I've found that one of the gazillion leashes we have everywhere (I have six dogs) works great for that. Can I make do with one brick, or do I need a pair?

The Spri ball looks enough like my collection of various balls that I think I'll hold off on that for now.

I meant to ask about mats in my first post. I work out on carpet so I generally never need one--but there are some moves that really bother my hips (like side planks, or side lying leg lifts--anything where I have to lie on my side). We have a memory foam bath mats that is not quite thick enough to cushion that area. I know good yoga mats are expensive, and wonder at what point I would really "need" one. I have not done enough yoga yet to know when I would benefit from having one (vs modifying or skipping moves in a bodyweight workout).

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Old 07-30-14, 10:26 PM  
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Gem, a mat can prevent slipping and provide extra cushion for poses on the hands and knees, etc. I did yoga for years with a pretty cheap mat, but there are so many options these days that you can get decent quality ones fairly inexpensively (maybe $30 range).

One block is enough for Coregeous; two are definitely useful if you plan to get more into yoga, especially if you need to modify and/or will be doing restorative postures. Like Stephanie, I use firm blankets whenever I need a "riser," either in CS or to sit on for forward bends/other yoga poses.
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Old 07-31-14, 01:45 AM  
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For part of Coregeous you use the mat as a prop on its own; you pull the mat away in order to activate the muscles of your upper back. I don't know if that section (Get Coreganized) would be as effective without a mat.

I love my Manduka mats, but they can be pricey. I have had a daily yoga practice for decades, though, so it was a worthwhile investment since I was buying cheap mats every 6 months or so because they wear out. If you don't have a regular practice, you can pick up a mat at Target or a discount store and it should suit your purposes here.
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Old 10-30-14, 03:59 PM  
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Question about Coregeous

Is Coregeous appropriate for someone with lower back issues? I have a slightly bulging disk at L4-L5 which precludes me from doing any forward bends at least at the moment.
Would this DVD help with back issues? I hear the focus on the Psoas muscle would be helpful but I wonder if there was anything else that would be therapeutic (or not).
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Old 10-30-14, 05:34 PM  
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I use my Bender Ball for Coregeous. I inflated it when I got it (7? years ago). It has become soft and flabby and is perfect for the Coregeous work.

Someone earlier mentioned that the Fluidity and P57 balls are too hard for Coregeous. Yes, I concur. They are too hard.

The risers are suggestions only if you need them. I have a throw pillow in my workout room, but I find I never really need the risers, so that pillow has been collecting dust.
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Old 10-30-14, 06:43 PM  
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In Classical Stretch Season 10 Miranda occasionally uses a donut-type cushion under her hip when lying on her side. Maybe that would help?

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balls, bender ball, classical stretch, props, risers, yoga

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