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Old 10-24-20, 12:27 AM  
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How has the pandemic affected your exercise and life routines?

It’s very interesting to see how the pandemic has affected people’s routines. How has it changed your daily routines and exercise? Are you exercising more or less? Differently or the same as before? Are you more or less motivated? How’s your sleep?

My sleep is a mess. I am very sensitive to bad news, and I read too much news, which affects my ability to sleep. The bad sleep decreases my energy. As a result, I have been exercising less.

My way to destress is to cook. I have gained weight and am trying to lose it. It’s really challenging to be motivated, though. I usually sing and perform in shows, and that keeps me motivated to maintain my weight. I had to cancel my scheduled concert in June, and don’t know if or when I will ever perform again. On the positive side, I've become an excellent cook and baker!

My DH helps motivate me, because he’s been working out regularly and lost weight (eating the same meals as me, and not eating the evening snacks).

Before the pandemic, I started playing tennis, and taking lessons. That came to a grinding halt, with the tennis clubs closed. Now they are open, but I'm not going because I’m nervous to be around strangers indoors.

What has your life been like?
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Old 10-24-20, 07:09 AM  
Joni O
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The pandemic actually hasn't affected my workouts at all. I'm still on track to hit 365 workout days this year, walking mosts days and doing a DVD workout and/or Essentrics every day. My best year ever!

I lost a bunch of weight last year and have maintained since then. No more sugar binges/lots of reading and crossword puzzles. I'm a homebody anyway and hubby and I aren't social butterflies, so we've really had few cutbacks in that area - and I'm happy to participate in a short Zoom meeting on holidays versus a loud circus-like celebration with hubby's family.

If I had any stress, it would be taken care of by my volunteering and hanging out with cats (away from customers) at our local PetSmart 2-3 times a week for a couple of hours.
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Old 10-24-20, 07:43 AM  
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Before the pandemic, I was working from home 2 days a week. I would workout in the morning on the days I worked from home and in the evening on the days I was in the office. Since March I've been fully remote, so I almost always workout in the morning, and I must say I enjoy it. It's nice to get it done early and get on with my day and it also presents the opportunity to be more active throughout the day since I sometimes add another workout later or go for a walk. I really like working from home and hope I can continue doing it even after the pandemic is over--whenever that may be!

My sleep was messed up early on because I was focusing on the news too much, which is always negative. Now I only read local news and occasionally watch the news on TV just so I have some idea what's going on, but honestly, I find I'm better off staying away. So much of it is inaccurate anyway.

I have actually lost weight since this started. I used to eat out A LOT and I have done very little of that since, so that plus the increased activity and less reliance on news/stress has led to a healthier lifestyle.

I am not real social by nature so not much has changed as far as that goes. I've seen family and a couple of friends, but we wear masks and are careful. I used to travel quite a bit, both for work and for fun, but that's not happening now and I do miss it.
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Old 10-24-20, 08:53 AM  
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With time off early in the pandemic I had more time to exercise and had the luxury of trying different things/piecing together my workouts. That has stuck now that I'm back at work. Also with buffboy home I no longer feel I have to be at the breakfast table with him and get to prioritize my morning workout.
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Old 10-24-20, 09:02 AM  
summer breeze
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Since I haven't been working since the pandemic started, I have been walking daily and adding weights or pilates several days a week. So that is more exercise than I was doing before. However I guess I've been eating a little more being home now and having food available all day. And overall my activity is much less now because I had a very active restaurant job, getting well over 20,000 steps a day which isn't doable now. So I have gained maybe 5 ish lbs. Sigh. So I've been exercising 7 days a week but also eating more and being less active overall.
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Old 10-24-20, 09:17 AM  
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Started working from home mid-March. I miss my work walking buddies immensely. We walked about four days a week at lunch. I am a social person so I miss my regular interactions with my grocery employees when they check out my groceries. I pray that they are ok.

My exercise class was canceled so I miss my classmates. Some of us have been exercising together 30 years with the same instructor.

Thank goodness I started using dvds in the mornings a few years ago. So I workout in the morning, walk at lunch and right now walk with a friend after work a couple days a week. Hubby and I walk also.

Eating too much. Gaining weight. Addressing that starts today. Sleep and a positive attitude takes work now. I am thinking of creative ways to stay connected with family and friends.
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Old 10-24-20, 09:46 AM  
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When the pandemic first started back in March, I broke my foot. I couldn't believe it. My one form of stress relief gone. But then I found ways to modify...doing chair cardio, floor workouts and weights for upper body. Sitting around all day led to much more snacking than usual. I've definitely gained the quarantine 5#.

I have always worked out a few days at hone and then several classes at the local Y. My daughter and I enjoyed our cycling classes together. We won't be returning until safe and I miss that special time with her. We will occasionally go on long walks together or practice softball, but she is definitely less active.

So now I workout exclusively from home doing mainly Cathe rotations. The positive is that I'm saving money and adding weight workouts much more these days. I do miss the social aspect of the gym and my favorite instructors, but I feel lucky that I had all my equipment in place before this started.
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Old 10-24-20, 10:11 AM  
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It hasn't affected my workouts at all. I am teaching 4 Zoom and 2 in person classes weekly. I don't have as much time for doing my other workouts I like though.

With winter setting in here in MN, I may have to get more creative as far as meeting up with friends. It's too cold to meet in the parks; I did find a coffee shop that is open and fine with people staying longer to visit.

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Old 10-24-20, 10:42 AM  
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My motivation to workout has been suffering since the pandemic started. I'm thankful for this forum because my check-in buddies have been a source of support that I appreciate. I have ongoing problems with insomnia. I have to minimize my exposure to the news because the news depresses me.
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Old 10-24-20, 10:48 AM  
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Im actually working out more. I was working out a lot when the pandemic first started and then got into a slump, still working out but only doing my most beloved workouts that I have been doing almost every day for over 2 years (YouV2)

What changed since the pandemic was my official workout time and some habits that were not motivating to me.

Working from home was new for me. So I took advantage of not having to drive in to work by sleeping in. From March - August, most days, I was rolling out of bed 15 minutes before I had to start work. I would do my workout sometime during the day. Working from home during a pandemic is different than a normal WFH situation, or maybe it is my manager that is not making this a great experience. I work more and harder at home than I did when in the office (and I was very productive in the office). Sometimes I got so busy I barely had time to take a break. This led to burnout and lots of snacking, which was my downfall. Managed to gain 15 COVID pounds.

So in September, I started back exercising first thing in the morning. Instead of getting up at 4 or 4:30 pre-pandemic, I started getting up between 4:45 and 5:00 so that I could start my workout no later than 5:30 or 6 (gotta have my coffee first). My workout has to be done by 7am.

One of the great things about working from home at first was lounging around in sweats, t-shirts and/or capri tights. Starting in Sept, I started wearing jeans, a belt, a nice shirt, and with cooler weather, a cardigan, for my work hours. Doing this has made a huge difference in my mindset and in being motivated to stay fit.

So going back to working out first thing in the morning and limited snacking, and no ice cream, Ive lost 9#s

Still working out a lot. I do my main workout first thing in the morning and 1 or 2 short, easy walking workouts during the day, and and depending on my step count, a walking workout after my work is done for the day.

Also I am not a summer person so now were getting into the seasons where I am at my best as far as working out and being motivated.
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