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Old 01-20-16, 04:16 PM  
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I think Cathe is definitely best for form, and her workouts have basic straightforward moves. My only complaint about the Cathe weight workouts is that most of them are very long whereas KCM's are only 30 minutes.
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Originally Posted by desderata View Post
I agree - there is no better instructor for someone new to weight lifting than Cathe. Her form and her instruction are impeccable. I don't have ICE but have a lot of her older stuff, Xtrain, LIS, etc. and all of the strength workouts are good. My absolute favorite for form tips and instruction is quite old - Maximum Intensity Strength.
Agree! Cathe always demonstrates great form, but in some of her recent offerings, like Ripped with Hiit and ICE, she doesn't give pointers at all on new-ish moves. Moves like the discus throw, bear crawls and that weird slalom plank thing (all in ICE), fast forward lunges when you're bending down to the ground, and some of the pivoting lunge moves could all benefit from verbal form pointers, not just the implicit "copy what I'm doing". Max Intensity Strength has all the basic weightlifting moves AND form pointers: she gives one general pointer at the beginning of each body-part segment, then gives more for each exercise during the workout.
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I was surprised to see the lateral raise with the thumbs down in ICE total body metabolic conditioning. I thought that was an exercise that has been considered unsafe for a while (pouring a pitcher of water, also)?
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