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Old 01-10-16, 01:38 PM  
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I finally got around to doing this one again today; I did the combined workout without swings (don't have a KB) and used a 10 lb for heavy and 7 lb for light (but there's only I think twice for light weights in this premix?). I liked it better than just doing the first workout, but I still find myself thinking how much longer until moving on. I watched the clock the whole time again...but I sure do like the step bonus!
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Old 08-10-16, 11:33 PM  
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Originally Posted by PrairieGem View Post
This is where Your Best Body got me; I did like the old-school, basic moves but there were. so. many. reps. and. sets. I only did it once.
I did YBB a few times, but I dreaded it each time, so I traded (sold?) it. I recently borrowed S&S from the library and I've done each workout twice. Yes, there are 3 sets, but the reps aren't high, so I don't dread it. So far.

And I LOL when Sam rolls her eyes at Kelly during the workout 1 cooldown and when Kelly says, "She's been making faces at me all day" at the end of workout 2.
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Old 08-11-16, 05:22 AM  
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I traded Strength and Stamina without even trying it, hope I don't regret that later but I am not a huge fan of repeats. I am "meh" on Body Shop for the same reason. I have Plateau Buster and like it but I do the one set premix. I really liked YBB years ago when it came out but wasn't a huge fan of some of exercises, so I unloaded it. Aside from PB, I really like Cardio Pump and Lean Body Circuits, those are the ones that I use from her most often.

I didn't order her newest one, too high impact for me.
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athletic conditioning 2, kcm, kelly coffey meyer, strength and stamina

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