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Old 12-23-17, 09:28 PM  
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I finished the Complete Workout today (minus the abs---I don't do dedicated abs, but that's another, unrelated story)

Here are my impressions, since the format of the workout has already been so well describe upthread.

Initially I thought I was going to hate it, for these reasons. 1) I detest anything called the "Boomer" workout, just on principle. That term is meaningless to begin with, and annoying to me as the spread is across such a great number of years as to eliminate all but the most basic commonalities among its members. As also noted above, there isn't any further reference to it being called the boomer workout after the beginning of the DVD. 2) After the first cardio section, which has been called a pony among other things, Jari reacts as if this is the hardest thing she has ever done. Me, not so much. I had barely broken a sweat. I was ready to Joni O it at that point, since that level was not what I was expecting at all. However, I decided to keep going, obviously, based on my first line. Her reaction struck me as a bit condescending, since clearly she is in great shape and wouldn't be winded at the end of the very first section, and one that really wasn't killer hard, IMHO.

The more I did, the more I actually got to like it, and didn't notice any similar reactions from Jari further along. The workout moved more quickly than I expected given the repetition within each cycle. Since she rotated between cardio and weights, it was easier, at least for me, to be ready for the switch between formats. I can see that the weights only "premix" would be too fast for me to change weights. I switched between 5 and 8 pounds for the weight segments. There were way too many reps for me to use 10 lbs

Since I mentioned premixes, I would have like to see one (or more) mixing up the segments or at different lengths. I realize I'm spoiled with the availability of premixes from other instructors, but this single DVD is pricey IMHO for not having many options to choose from.

Jari says she thinks this is the hardest workout she has created. I'm not sure about that, but I definitely felt worked out at the end. The bell didn't bother me particularly, although I would have preferred it be less frequent. Maybe halfway through and at the end would have been better.

I will do this one again since my overall opinion is positive. I plan on doing the previous #1000s to do my own comparison in terms of intensity. I also didn't burn anywhere near 1000 calories with this workout, but I didn't expect to!
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Old 12-24-17, 10:30 AM  
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I did the weights-only premix the other day...I didn't find the transitions too fast.

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Old 12-29-17, 06:32 PM  
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I did the full workout the other day -- my thoughts are similar to everyone else's here. Just okay, music better than most, but those bells dinging are just useless as she doesn't use them for anything! What the heck?! A bit too boring for me, with repeating all the same four rounds of the same exercises, but I did burn 550 calories, so that does offset the boredom factor for me.

I'm really missing premixes with this one. Did she suddenly lose the ability to count reps? The person off camera shouting things seemed really unprofessional.

I also had a hard time keeping up with getting weights after cardio, even though I only used 5 and 8 lbs. Great ab work at the end, but why did Jill do that and not Jari? Confusing.

Not my favorite...
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Old 12-29-17, 09:19 PM  
Betty Boop
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Originally Posted by Lori_Michigan View Post
. . .Great ab work at the end, but why did Jill do that and not Jari? Confusing.

Not my favorite...
I noticed that Jari would stop in the middle of an exercise, then go to the modification -- looked to me like she didn't have the stamina.
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Old 12-31-17, 09:01 AM  
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Originally Posted by Lori_Michigan View Post
Great ab work at the end, but why did Jill do that and not Jari? Confusing.

Not my favorite...
If you notice in most of Jari's workouts, her ab section is nothing compared to her weight work. I don't think she can do most of the ab exercises effectively. She can't last. That's my observation anyways.
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jari love

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