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Old 09-19-15, 11:41 AM  
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Originally Posted by FirmDancer View Post
I'm now 59. I am a HUGE morning person. Like I can wake up at 3:30 am, sit on the deck and count the stars while drinking coffee, and then start piddling around the house. I have tons of energy and am mentally alert, but weirdly, I can no longer "workout" in the morning. I do try to get 20 minutes of sustained movement, but I can only handle something like CS other gentle calisthenics, or a stroll outdoors. Getting my heart rate into an "aerobic" zone just exhausts me for the rest of the day.
Oh my! What time do you go to bed at night? I get up at 3:45 one morning a week for a 5:10 Bible study and that about kills me.

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Old 09-19-15, 09:49 PM  
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Speaking of mental fog or whatever it is ... .

For the last few years I've been sleeping in short pajama pants because the long ones are usually just too warm.
I haven't been finding any new shorts to replace the ones that are wearing out, but had plenty of long ones.

I guess I've been feeling better lately because it finally dawned on me that I could just cut some long pajama pants off at the knee and sew up the hem on my sewing machine. I got busy and trimmed and hemmed three pairs today. Tah-dah!

Where's a rolling eyed smiley when you need one?

On the plus side, I am feeling lots better, and have been walking 30+ minutes every day this week. Starting Monday I'm going to add back in some Classical Stretch and see how it goes. I need to limber up again.
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Old 09-20-15, 06:54 AM  
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Originally Posted by maitai View Post
I realized when I read the quote of mine why you laughed, haha. It read like someone with brain fog, or bad writing skills, wrote it. What I meant was I used to think, "what the heck is brain fog? Makes no sense." Then I got it. And you can't even begin to explain it to someone, can you.
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Old 09-20-15, 07:22 AM  
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Still LOL!
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Old 09-20-15, 09:29 AM  
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Wow, I love this thread!

A bit of background on me - I am 55 and I've been doing some form of exercise since I was 18.

Another morning exerciser who is finding it harder and harder to get up and going in the mornings like I used to. Unfortunately, I know if it doesn't get done in the morning, it won't get done at all (I work full time and just do NOT have the energy to get a workout in at the end of the day....besides having a new puppy in the house who needs my attention as soon as I walk through the door! )

So my workouts these days are generally the 30 minute ones a la Jessica Smith or Ellen Barrett. Throw in some weight work here and there, and pilates also. When I compare it to the workouts I used to do in my 20s, it's not even close. But hey I have to respect the fact that this body is now over 50 years old and needs more recuperation time than it used to. I also generally push the envelope on the weekends and will work out for 90 minutes or so. That's how I justify it all to myself anyway.

I look around at work sometimes and I see other women in their 50s who barely can make it in from the parking lot to their despite the fact that my workouts are less and less, I figure I'm still at a pretty good place (plus I take 2 15-minute walks a day with the "younger" crowd lol).

Brain fog? All the that off with my September allergies, and I'm a mess!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Crap happens in bunches - Beth

Just 'cuz I want to be a hermit doesn't mean I don't get lonely - DonnaB

What the head makes cloudy, the heart makes very clear - Eagles
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Old 09-20-15, 10:07 AM  
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Originally Posted by Terri1222 View Post
I look around at work sometimes and I see other women in their 50s who barely can make it in from the parking lot to their despite the fact that my workouts are less and less, I figure I'm still at a pretty good place (plus I take 2 15-minute walks a day with the "younger" crowd lol).

Brain fog? All the that off with my September allergies, and I'm a mess!

Same here, although there are plenty of men where I work who aren't in the best shape either. That's what spending a lifetime sitting in front of a computer and then going home and spending even more time sitting in front of the TV will do. I just turned 49 and when I look at them, I get scared! But it is a good wake up call. I try to take a 20 minute walk at lunch and a 10 minute walk around 3:00 when I'm at work. It depends on how busy I am so it doesn't always happen, but at least it's better than nothing. If I don't get a walk in during the day, then I do it after work and then do my usual workout.

And ditto on the allergies and brain fog. I take OTC medication for the allergies and that helps, but only contributes to the brain fog since it makes me a bit drowsy. Ah, oh well...
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Old 09-20-15, 10:18 AM  
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Originally Posted by Pratima View Post
I'm 42 and most likely perimenopausal, but it's tough to know. I had breast cancer a couple of years ago and have been on tamoxifen, which is an estrogen blocker. I get various side effects such as hot flashes, tiredness, achiness, face breaking out, etc. due to all the hormonal stuff going on.

All that said, I'm getting up earlier than ever and working out harder than ever. I trained for and successfully finished my first and second half marathon last year and am getting ready for two more in the next year.

I live in metro Phoenix, where the summer LOWS are in the high 80s, so if I want to be outside, it has to be at or before the crack of dawn. I did early morning runs through the summer.

I work full-time, have two young children, and a husband who works overnights, so I'm on my own every week for a few days at a time. I do get tired, and I do need more days off than I used to, but I know that if I don't work out, I'll feel worse.
I'm in Phoenix too, and I had to get up at 5:00 a.m. this summer to walk the dogs around 5:30. I'm 55, but I had a harder time doing it this year than I did last year. I don't think it's menopause though, as I went through that at age 50. I do have more stress this year, and I think that's affected my sleeping.

However, I do my workout after that, around 9:00 a.m. If I had to work outside of the home, I'd probably do my workout in the evenings in the summer. In winter, I'd probably switch, and walk the dogs in the evening and do the workout in the morning.

I know what you mean about working out keeping you sane. But I'm still impressed that you are able to do marathons with your schedule!
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aging, menopause

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